Accidental Contact 02


Accidental contact 02.

By Niteowluk2003

Chapter 2.

Lucy and I spoke to each other every day on the telephone;she told me on the Wednesday morning, "Sir; when I woke up my stomach hurt so bad with cramps and I dashed to the toilet; it wasalmost a disaster as I had to relax my sphincter muscle to extract the butt plug. Luckily I was stood over the toilet as my bodily functions simply flushed from me. I have to confess; Master that I failed for the butt plug was so soiled that I could not bring myself to clean it orally, so I await your punishment. "

I told her, "I will think about a suitable punishment for the next time we meet!"

On the Thursday she told me; "Master my evening seemed so lonely without you there last night; I missed the excitement and especially your touches! I am not saying I love you and want you but I am saying I think I need you!"

I made the usual non committal responses; in fact I felt this was going a little too fast, after all she barely knew me and now was saying she could not be without me. To be honest I nearly backed away from the situation as she was less than half my age; but thankfully I did not.
Lucy asked if there was any special instructions for that night and I told her to stand naked in her bedroom and then taking four clothes pegs; she was to apply one to each breast just below but not touching each nipple and the other two should be applied to each side of her cunt; one on each lip and then she was to put on a pair of full panties; after that she was to put on a thin layer of clothes but no other under wear and you should then go for a jog of not less than thirty minutes.
Upon arriving back at home; go to the bathroom and remove your clothes before shaking your tits fiercely until the clothes pegs drop free. One final task is to pull the pegs from your cunt lips without releasing their grip on your flesh. Excitedly Lucy agreed and we ended the conversation; leaving her with the arrangements that I would see her on Friday night.

When we met on the Friday night; Lucy was quick to announce she had carried out my wishes and promptly told me how she had got on. I stopped her by telling her to disrobe; then she was informed that she was to jog on the spot as she told me how it had felt to be jogging home with the pegs fastened to her tits and cunt and dragging against her thin layer of clothes; she began, "Master, when I first attached the clothes pegs to my tit flesh; they hurt like fuck; but not in a bad way in more of a toying sexually way if you know what I mean! Soon I got used to the feeling and moved on to attaching the clothes pegs to both my cunt lips; it felt weird to have this pressed feeling and my thighs caught against the edges of the pegs; again the feelings soon dissipated. When I put my panties on; wow the feeling of the pegs pressing up against my cunt lips made me jump and I began to wonder how it would feel when I jogged. The blouse against my pegged tits was out of this world; it pressed the pegs down pulling delightfully on my skin. " She confessed "when I actually began to jog; I could not believe the sensations in my tits; it felt as if someone was systematically pulling on my tits and my cunt leaked like a hose soaking my panties and making the pegs on my cunt sting a little but that in itself turned me on even further; I had to stop twice as I jogged home as my orgasm overtook me.

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  " she declared.

"How did you get on with the no contact removal of these pegs?" I demanded I instructed her to pinch her nipples as she told me how she had felt when the shook the pegs from her tits.
"Master; your skill at teasing knows no bounds; for as I shook my tits violently it was just like several people pulling my tits this way and that; I closed my eyes and imagined you there watching me carry out your command! That added to my excitement too; it seemed ages before the first peg worked loose enough to drop off and I was sweating profusely; my clit was throbbing and I could easily see how it was possible to orgasm this way. " She gasped, "My left tit took longer to allow the release of the peg and to be honest I wished it lasted longer because I loved the feeling so much; as for my cunt lips I carefully placed my fingers beside the pegs and pulled them firmly away from my skin they pulled deliciously on my cunt almost catching the clit and suddenly they were gone; like an old friend I missed their contact!" She confided.

My next command was for her to slowly remove her skirt and stand facing away from me with her feet eighteen inches apart then bend forward and grab her own ankles. Excitedly Lucy carried out my request although a little too quickly on removing the skirt for my liking; now her tight full panties stretched over her delectable arse and I could already see the beginnings of a wet patch forming right outside her cunt.

I lightly dragged my finger nail up along the taut hamstring muscle of her left leg stopping at her glutimous maximus before repeating the same routine on her right leg; now I took hold on her panties gusset squeezing it into a thin band and dragging it into the crack of her arse; obviously the front part mow nestled between her rapidly dampening cunt lips; several times it rubbed or brushed against her clit causing soft growls of delight to escape Lucy's vocal cords.

I demand to know what she was and she willingly responded, "Master I am your worthless slut; your two bit whore who would like nothing better than to carry out all your sexual demands; whether for you personally or for your closest friends; my body is yours to command; use and abuse; just as long as I please you and can receive the form of pleasure you continue to give me!"

I smiled as this was far more than I expected; but I also praised her for her response by telling her she was my special fuck slut and would soon be getting the pleasure she spoke of; my next demand was that she reach between her legs with one hand and pinch her clit before pulling it as hard as she could; sharply.

Poor Lucy her cunt was now so wet her fingers kept slipping off her clit before she could get any stretch on her clit; but give her credit she continued to try and each slight success simply caused more fluids to flow from her over excited cunt.

She even began sobbing as she apologised for being such an abject failure; I told her that I would have been annoyed if he managed to achieve my objective; she looked at me strange. "Lucy; my innocent slut, if you could grip your clit tight enough to pull it as I demanded then I no longer turn you on and your cunt would have been bone dry because nature by way of sexual attraction releases these juices in preparation for the mating cycle; it is an attraction pherone and also a lubrication liquid so obviously the more I turn you on the more you produce and the harder it is to grip anything!" I smiled.

Lucy turned her head and gave me an understanding smile as she weakly asked "then why demand I do it, Sir?"

"To show you; that not all tasks I set are meant to be completed or for that matter are possible to complete; but are desirable in their attempts because the attempts themselves offer opportunities if excitement or sexual pain/pleasures. " I responded.

"May I kiss you; my knowledgeable sexy master?" Lucy enquired.

"Yes you may stand up and I will allow you five minutes free time to do as you wish but remember this you may not remove any of my clothing or disturb any to do your thing!" I commented.

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Lucy immediately stood up and placed her hot lips against mine and pressed her tongue against them try to gain entry into my mouth; well what man would not allow this horny but sexy woman that privilege. Instantly our tongues were fight a sword fight for supremacy; I actually trapped her tongue between my teeth with what seemed a good half of it inside my mouth; now I sucked hard on her tongue as if it was her tit or clit. when I released her tongue she stepped back and declared; "that was out of this world; I have never found anything as erotic or such a turn on as what you just did; it was electric and yet so stimulating too!"

"Well when you consider the nerves and taste buds in your tongue it would be a massive disappointment if they suddenly stopped doing their jobs and failed to send the senses information back to the brain!" I announced.

"I am really glad I opted for an older wiser man!" Lucy giggled.

"Have less of the Old!" I told her in a feigned frown. I continued, "Right my little fucking whore; remove the rest of your clothes and prepare for your inspection!"

Lucy quickly shed her blouse and now stood naked in front of me; as previously instructed she was standing with her hands on her head and her feet eighteen inches apart showing me her large tits and shaven cunt. Bringing my hand up against her cunt my forefinger finding easy entry into her hot wet cunt; Lucy was already rocking on my finger as I spoke to her, "Whose cunt is this?"

"Master the cunt that is on your finger is my slutty cunt but it belongs to my generous Daddy and wise Master!" she stated clearly, "My tits are yours and most of all benevolent master your sluts arse is for you to use as you see fit!"

I moved my finger from her cunt and slid it slowly backwards towards her puckered arsehole; I tickled her anal ring until she relaxed and then pressed home my finger tip; she went rigid until I commanded her to relax and then my finger slipped inside her arse to its second knuckle. Without me asking she suddenly said, "Yes Master probe your slut's arse; stretch my anus wide enough to take your cock master; your whore and horny bitch just wants to please you!"

Soon two fingers were buried inside her arse and she was gasping, "Oh my god, Master that feels out of this world; oh god fuck my arse harder with your magnificent fingers!" I quickly pulled my fingers from her arse and held them under her nose telling her to lick them clean; I thought she would baulk at this but she surprised me by immediately sucking both fingers clean.

After watching her closely as she sucked the anal juices from my fingers I knelt in front of her and asked her; "Bitch, what is the biggest thing you have ever had up your cunt?"

Lucy blushed profusely; as she began to reply, "Master I am ashamed to admit that I have managed to get a large thick cucumber up my ever horny cunt!" I asked to show me how thick the cucumber was and she held out a hand making a 21/2 inch circle with her thumb and index finger. I asked her if she had ever been fist fucked and she looked at me disbelievingly. "Master you mean a whole hand up your cunt! Is that possible?" she asked.

"Think about it; Slut; your cunt expands enough to allow a baby's head to pass through so a small hand should be no problem!" I stressed.

"Of course; silly me!" She responded.

With that I began inserting first one finger into her cunt; quickly followed by a second and a third; as her juices flowed I decided it was time to insert the fourth finger and she soon adjusted to that. Five minutes of four fingered fucking had her on the verge of cumming but that did not concern me I was watched and feeling for the moment her cunt muscle relaxed and as soon as she did so; I folded my thumb into the palm of my hand and slipped it into the mix; it slid easily into her cunt and my whole hand followed it deep into her cunt.

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   As I declared that she had her first fist up her cunt she suddenly let loose a torrent of cunt juice; and almost screamed the place down; not with pain but with sheer lust.

She brought her hand down and felt my wrist at the entrance to her cunt confirming that her cunt was full of my hand; when I managed to clench my fist inside her uterus; she again raised her shrieks a notch or two and once more another instant orgasm developed as further spurts of sprayed cunt juices showered from her cunt. Over and over she began chanting my name and begging me to make it last for her.

She confessed it was wilder than she had possible imagined and would love it to continue as long as I could; I informed her that because I needed to do very little I could keep this up for days rather than hours and she almost swooned as my knuckles suddenly hit the entrance to her womb; once more she squirted profusely as he gasped for breath. She began begging me to remove my hand before she collapsed from sheer lust; I Teased her that if I did remove it right now she would have to accept me pulling out from her cunt in the clenched fist mode or if she allowed me to continue then I would slide it out of her as a flat hand!

She confessed she just could not take any more as she had already cum more in the last half hour than she had down at any one time in the last twenty years; She agreed to me pulling it out as a clenched fist. As her cunt lips bulged as my large fist began pressing against the inside of her cunt; she began begging me to be quick as she was feeling as if her cunt would rip open. I quickly told her to pinch her nipples hard and as she did so I straightened my hand and pulled it quickly from her; she instantly seized my hand and like a starving man she devoured my hand licking and sucking every trace of her cunt juices from it.

She confessed she was too sore to have me fuck her cunt and just would not stop apologising for being such a disappointment to her beloved master; I pointed out that she could still accommodate me by taking my cock up her arse; she weakly smiled and immediately dropped to her knees in a doggie position. I could not resist so I slapped her arse hard leaving my clear hand print on her flesh; telling her that I decide when she should assume the position not her.

I told her she had a busy day tomorrow as she was going to be pierced with rings in her tits and the clit hood pierced; I reminded her that she still had to work out how she was going to get the guy who pierced her skin to deposit his spunk on her chest which she had to wear until she had shown me the trophy of her efforts.



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