A Wifely Duty


When the couple finally reached their 30th wedding anniversary, Michael and Marcela were still very much in love. They had bought a house, raised kids, both had steady jobs, and still held hands when they walked down the street. They would walk to the local ice cream store and share a sundae once a week. And in the bedroom, they often had sex at least once a week as well. But admittedly, Marcela was! not as happy as she would like with their sex life. For herself, she had recently bought a large vibrator from online when her husband was too tired to perform. It was understandable, often times she was the one who was too tired to have sex.

She felt guilty that there wasn't something more she could do for her husband Michael. When she was too tired she would jerk off his waiting cock with her hand, but it just didn't feel adequate to satisfy him after 30 years of marriage. . . and dating for years before that! So for their wedding anniversary Marcela had decided to get her husband the perfect gift. She went to store after store to find the one thing that her husband desired above all else. It had to be something that would last him a long time, that he would be eager to use, and would help entertain him when she just needed to go to bed early.

First Marcela stopped at the auto dealer to look at motorcycles, but decided they were too dangerous for her liking. The next stop she made was to sports and hunting store to see of maybe she could replace that hunting rifle Michael had, but nothing seemed better than what he already had.

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   She didn't stop by the jewelers, because jewelry and watches were just not her husband's thing. Then she stopped by the electronics store and saw $10,000 audio entertainment systems, TVs, and computers. Their home office was already mostly set up, so nothing seemed like the right gift there either.

Finally defeated she went back home and sat in the home office desk chair. She booted up the laptop and decided she would check out his book marked pages and favorites to see if she could get any ideas. She checked his wish list on a few websites, but then stumbled upon his internet browsing history and her eyes widened. He looked at so much porn, that she couldn't help but laugh out loud. Marcela liked to watch her fair share of internet porn as well, so she didn't mind in the slightest.

One site in particular seemed to get visited a lot, called Finest Sex Dolls at esexdolls. com. There was a visit to esexdolls. com at least once or twice a day spanning back months. She wondered what sort of porn Finest Sex Dolls offered. So she clicked the link and found herself at what looked like a brothel for sexy escorts, but quickly found that she could buy them and take them home! They were realistic sex dolls. She finally knew what her husband had been desiring for his present.

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Now Marcela started reading his search results in hopes of discovering the one fuck doll which would service her husband Michael the best. His search terms were pretty graphic: "Sex dolls my strange addiction, blow a load of cum in a virgin lifelike sex doll, make a love doll swallow my cum, spread the tight butthole of real sex dolls, stick your finger in the butts of life size sex dolls and fuck their pussy, cum in the asshole of high end dolls, buy real doll to eat my sperm, realistic sex dolls never stop loving my dick, Japanese sex dolls to ride my bulging cock until I fill them with spunk" and even "have the best sex dolls ride my thick man meat while my wife sits on my face and I lick her dripping wet pussy. "

Obviously that last search result was the one that she finally finished masturbating to and had an orgasm. She also got a very clear indication of which to choose for her husband. There was a page bookmarked for a doll named May. May was a budding virgin, and she knew that there was nothing a man who had been married for 30 years wanted to fuck than a tight nubile fresh young virgin. She pulled up the page and read the description for May:

"Maybe May may not look like it from her photos, but she is as fresh and pure as a spring morning and is still a nubile untouched virgin. She certainly knows exactly what she wants, even though she has never had it before. All of our sex dolls are not only the most realistic sex dolls that you can find anywhere on the internet, but May is one of the sweetest. Her soft and life like skin is so real to the touch that you may forget she doesn't have a beating heart under her ample chest. And when you touch her soft smooth lips you will want to give her the sweetest first kiss imaginable. "

Marcela immediately got out her bank card and ordered May, and eagerly awaited her arrival. It seemed like time passed by quickly and before long before she got an email notification for the delivery. May arrived in amazing condition, and Marcela took the time to unpack and set her up all fresh and beautiful. She warmed May up in a warm bath so she would be warm for Michael when he returned home, and then dressed May in very thin lingerie and put her on the big bed.

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   She put some soft handcuffs and an eye blindfold onto May.

Then she wrote a note to Michael before leaving to go for a movie that evening:

"Michael, I think you know my name. . . I'm May, and I'm your forever virgin. I tied myself up for you so that I don't squirm too much while you take me for the first time in my wet sloppy mouth, my velvety soft virgin pussy, or my incredibly tight and clenched butthole. Please give me your cum in whichever hole you want. I want to be filled with your love juices as often as possible. Don't worry, I can't get pregnant and I will always be a virgin for you. One last thing. . . I sent your wife away for the evening. She won't be back for at least 3 hours. This time I want it to be just you and me making love, but maybe next time we can invite your wife in to play with use for a threesome.

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PS: Or we can keep this our little dirty secret, and not tell your wife. It is all up to you, my big sexy man. Take my first time. ".