A Wife Scorned


My wife, Jessie, is five foot five and weighs 120 pounds. She has long red hair, but it is hard to tell with all the blonde highlights. The only way you can tell that she is a natural redhead is by the pencil thin strip of hair that runs an inch and a half above her clit. Her breasts are a generous 36 C with pale silver dollar nipples. She is definitely pleasing to the eye.

Please keep in mind, these stories I am writing are true. So, this is how it all started:

I went out to the local bar after work one night with some co-workers. This had become a pretty regular routine. But, tonite was different. Jody, a female co-worker of mine showed up. She was maybe five foot tall with long medium brown hair. Her compact body gave her curves in all the right places. Anyways, she bought me a couple of drinks and I returned the favor. At some point throughout the night, the flirting got pretty heavy. All the joking lead to touching and eventually we were lip locked. She had that gaze in her eyes that said fuck me now.

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At some point, we made it out to her van. She was laying on her back as I laid over top her. Still passionately kissing, I moved my hands up her shirt and squeeze her right breast. I could feel her already hard nipple through her satin bra. I know she could feel my rock hard cock pressed against her left thigh because she grabbed my ass and pulled my hips tighter to her thigh. Getting more excited, I playfully bit her neck. She tossed her head back and let out a deep sigh of enjoyment. I then reach under her and unleash her tits from the restraint of her bra. We fumbled around for a minute getting it removed from under her shirt. She then reached down between us and rubbed the tip of my dick that was now peeking from the top of my pants. I pulled her shirt up and started sucking her tits. About this moment, we hear someone beating on the van window. Oh shit, it's my wife.

I tried to calm down my wife, Jessie, but it is a unattainable feat. Eventually, after a lot of screaming we leave the parking lot and end up at home.

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  Hurt and upset from seeing her husband with another woman, Jessie was not just gonna let this go. She asks me all kinds of questions. How long has this been going on?Did you have sex with her?What's her name?What has the last 5 years meant to you?Tired of all the questions, disgrace, and regret, I couldn't take it anymore. I blew up!It just happened. No, I didn't have sex with her. Jody. I guess the last five years have been a good learning experience. "Is that all the questions you have?" I asked. "If so, I'm tired and want to go to bed". Still pissed Jessie continued to press me. "Do you love me?" she asked. I replied, "I guess not so why don't you pack your shit and leave?". And that's what she did.

And that was it, she moved back to her parents. After a day or two she came to realize she wanted to pay me back for my infidelity.

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  So, she asked her brother if he had any friends that he could hook her up with. He told her that Jason has always thought she was hot. But, Jason was just a skinny pimpled faced 18 year old boy. She wanted a man, someone who could fill her needs and make her forget all about me. Jess's brother told her he knew this guy named Dean and would ask him if he would be interested in hooking up with her.

So, that's what he did. He told Dean that Jessie (my wife) wanted to fuck him. It was a Friday night Jessie's brother had some friends over and of course, Dean was one of them. Jessie still to this day is a light drinker, so after about two beers, she was buzzing pretty good. Dean doesn't drink so he is of sound mind. But, he knows what he wants, my wife.

Like I said, my wife is a light drinker and when she gets drunk she is very flirtatious. She is hanging all over Dean most of the night. She is bad mouthing me. She is calling me a fuck for cheating on her.

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  Dean is playing on this and tells her she should get even. Jess agrees.

Eventually, the make it to the spare bedroom that has a small twin bed, bean bag, and entertainment system in it. Dean sits on the bean bag and Jessie sits on the floor next to him. They can hear the laughing through the hollow door that separates them from the party. They turn on the radio. My wife now nervous sobers up some. She tells Dean she has not been with anyone but me and she is scared. Dean tells her that her husband cheated on her so why shouldn't she do the same. Seeing that Jessie was scared to make any advancement, Dean grabs her head and started kissing her. My wife felt tingling in her belly as she returned the kisses. She could feel herself moisten with his touch. But still nervous, she pushed Dean away saying that she didn't feel right doing this. Dean now hard, told her if she didn't want to do anything that's fine but your husband is probably out with that girl right now. Feeling the hurt and anger come back, she jumps on Dean and buries her tongue deep in his mouth.

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  She then starts rubbing his dick through his pants. She can't believe what she is doing but it feels good. Dean lifts my wides shirt over her head and reveals her red satin bra. My wife works Deans pants down. The tip of his dick has already started emitting some precum. Jess spreads his precum around the head of his dick. Dean barks out a moan before burying his face in my wife's cleavage. Wanting to see more of Jess, he reaches around an undoes her bra. She slips it off and he grasps her breasts and gazes at them. Who could want anything more than these?Jess's pussy has now soaked her panties from all the petting. She wants to feel Dean inside her, but she tells him she can't fuck him but she will give him a blow job for his efforts.

Dean, hoping it will lead to something else tells her it is fine. He then leans back on the black bean bag and my wife pulls his underwear down revealing his stiff cock. Jess's eyes open wide in surprise of it's size. She kisses him one last time before she lowers her head toward his massive manhood.

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  She takes a deep breath shoves as much of his cock in her mouth as she can. She pauses for a moment with his cock still deep in her throat and then precedes to slowly pull her head away. As she slowly raises her head off his cock, she drags her tongue on the underside of his shaft. Before he is completely out of her mouth, she wraps her lips tightly around the head of his dick and precedes to make another downward stroke with her mouth. This time deeper than before. On her knees between his legs, her arms firmly on the floor, she continues this up and down motion for several strokes. Each time deeper than before. Dean just laid there with his head back, mouth open breathing heavy. He would let out the occasional "oh yeah". My wife then grasped his dick with one of her hands and stroke whatever part of his dick she couldn't fit in her mouth. His dick was well lubed with the saliva that was dripping out of her mouth. This made her hand glide frictionless up and down his shaft. Jessie's tits were shaking vigorously as she sped up. Dean was now moaning louder with approval. He reaches down and pinches one of my wife's nipples.

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   He just holds it tight between his fingers. Jess's movements makes her tit tug from his hand. But Dean doesn't let go, he tightens his grip. Oh how he would like to smell her wet pussy. He pulls her head off his dick. She asks him what the problem was. He replied nothing, I want to fuck your tits. Needing a break to relax her jaw, she bent over and started rubbing her 36C's across his saliva covered dick. She then wrapped her tits around his cock and let him thrust her tits. Occasionally she would lick the tip of his dick as it popped out the top of her cleavage. Several times she spit on her chest to keep it slippery. After several minutes of this she released her breasts and took him in her mouth again. This time she wanted to finish him off. She raised up and stroked his cock several times with her hand and told him she wanted him to cum in her mouth. He simply mouthed okay.

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  She then stretched her lips around his cock and began sucking it while using both hands to stroke what wouldn't fit in her mouth. Dean placed both his hands on the back of her head and forced her to take his dick deeper in her throat. Her eyes watered as she gagged on his dick. This excited Dean so much that he couldn't hold back anymore. He told Jessie that he was cumming and he let go of her head. She continued to suck and stroke him as he shot his juice into her mouth. Not stopping to swallow she continued sucking. His cum ran down the shaft of his dick and puddle up on it's base. Once his ejaculations seized, my wife cleaned him up with her tongue. She swallowed every bit of cum that escaped her mouth. Impressed by her skills, Dean was excited to see what else my wife could do.

They got dressed and Jess walked him to the door. They exchanged numbers and agreed to hook up again. As she closed the door, she thought to herself, what have I done. As she lay in bed that night she replayed the night she had.

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  The only thought of me was, he's missing out.