A Wife Scorned Part II


So my wife, Jessie in an attempt to get revenge on me or help relieve some of the pain I caused her, moved out and had given Dean one hell of a blowjob.

Jessie awoke that next morning with a slight headache from the previous nights alcohol consumption. But, all that was really running through her mind was how she had taken another man in her mouth. Was this cheating?We are separated!But, we are still married. This is how he wants it, she thought. So, fuck him!

It had now been a couple of days since the night with Dean. She was ready to see him again. On the phone they laid down the ground rules. Jess told Dean that she is still married but separated and she is not looking for a serious relationship. He told her that they will see where it goes.

Jessie climbed into the cab of Dean's two-toned mid eighties dodge powerwagon. Dean stared at her slim milky thighs that were barely covered by a teal mini skirt that had multicolored circles on it. He was in such a daze he almost didn't hear her ask him about where they were going. He looked up and said whatever you want to do. I sure he was thinking about how he would like to do her. He then looked down and noticed Jess's cleavage exposed from her low cut v-neck shirt.

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  I'm sure he got hard just thinking of how he fucked them tits just a couple of days ago.

Collectively, they decided to go to the pool hall. Once there they got their own table and a couple of drinks. Dean showed my wife his skills of how he could tie a cherry stem with his tongue. She just smiled. But, she wondered what else he could do with his tongue. Jess was playing like she didn't know how to play pool very well. She asked Dean to show her how to hold the cue. Not wasting the opportunity he stands behind her, leans over her shoulder, grabs her hand and instructs her. She can feel the bulge in Dean's pants pressed against her ass. She couldn't help but think about how his cock had stretched her mouth only a couple of nights ago. This made her wet. My wife then turned and kissed Dean with her shiny soft lips. Liking this he pulled her closer to him until he felt her chest against his. Jessie shoved her tongue deeper in his mouth.

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  Dean reached down and grabbed Jess's ass. She pushed his hands away in a teasing manner. As their lips broke, they noticed some of the other people gawking. Making her way back to her drink, Jess noticed the bulge running down the right side of Dean's pant leg. At that moment she realized how much she had turned him on.

After a few games, my wife wanted to make things more interesting. She propositioned Dean with a bet. If she won he would have to show her how he ties the cherry stem with his tongue. If he wins she will give him a blowjob. Dean couldn't refuse such a bet.

As my wife is leaning over the table to rack the balls, She catches Dean staring at her semi exposed breast. He winked at her. During the break, two solids fall in. Jessie already starts off behind. With Dean's next shot, two more balls fall into the pocket.

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  One solid and one stripe. My wife thanks him for the help. Jess's first shot came after his first miss. She is three balls behind. A little nervous she shoots at the fifteen ball and totally misses it. As the ball makes it way around the table, it kisses the eight ball. She curses. Smiling Dean tells her to get ready to pay up. Jessie just snickered. He sunk two more balls before she got another shot. Jessie, now serious, sunk two balls before accidentally sinking the eight ball into one of the corner pocket. Dean wins. Jessie tried to convince him that it didn't count. But, she knew what she had to do.

After about thirty minutes, they decide it was time to go.

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  They settled up their bill and made their way to Dean's truck. Dean had just stuck the keys in the ignition when my wife slide over next to him and started kissing him. She playfully bit his lip. They made out for about five minutes before my wife reached down and rubbed his already hard dick through his jeans. Dean inched his left hand from Jessie's knee, up her already hiked skirt, to her thoroughly soaked panties. He started rubbing clit through her panties. She let out a moan as she bit his ear and squeezed his cock. He firmly pulled her head down to his shoulder. For a brief moment, as she sat there with her face pressing against his body, she thought about me. If he could only see me now. She pulled Dean's hand from under her skirt as she slid away from him. She tells him that she needs to pay up on their bet.

Jessie reached over and unbuttoned Dean's pants. There was no hesitation as he slid them down. My wife stroked him a couple times before lowering her head down.

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  She continued to stroke him as she concentrated on the head of his dick. Dean twitched a few times as her tongue rubbed on it's underside. As she lie there across bench seat her skirt worked it's way up exposing her black satin panties. Realizing this Dean almost instantaneously slides his hand under them and insert a finger into my wife's hot sticky pussy. She let out a moan that vibrated throughout Dean's cock. Now excited, she shoves his dick as far down her throat as she can. Dean's aggressive finger banging forces my wife to swallow more cock than she can handle. She starts coughing. As she raises her head from his massive cock, spit drips from her mouth onto him. She continued to stroke him as her head pointed upward and back arched. His fingers continued to violently fuck her pussy. Gathering her breath, which was now fast and short, Jess shoved his cock back in her mouth stretching her lips as she remembered.

Dean noticed a couple of guys standing outside the passenger side of his truck. He reached over with his other hand and pulled my wife's panties over to the side showing them his finger buried in my wife's cunt. He then pulled his fingers out of her exposing all of my wife to them.

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  She was so into sucking his dick that she didn't even notice the audience. The guys watched for a few minutes before leaving.

My wife could smell her juices all over Dean's hand as he reached down and pulled her hair to the side so he could watch her work his manhood. She sat up and directed him to scoot over toward the middle of the seat. He did as he was told. She slid her panties off, lifted her leg over him and eased herself onto his cock. She only allowed a couple of inches to penetrate her before raising up and repositioning herself. She does this several times before his cock is fully inserted. She bit her lip after letting out a slight sigh feeling her pussy stretch like a tight glove around Dean's enormous cock. Dean flourished with amazement by the tightness of my wife's well lubed hole. Before Jess got too far into it, Dean removed her shirt and bra fully exposing my wife. Jessie grasped the back of the seat as she started her rythmatic motions. Dean firmly grasped my wife's breasts, one in each hand while alternatly biting her nipples. Jessie has now picked up her pace. She was now riding him like a stallion.

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  With every downward thrust, her ass would slap against his legs only to quickly be bounced back into the air. My wife wasn't for sure if she had butterflies in her stomach or if the tingling was from the depth of Dean's cock. Either way, she enjoyed it. Dean with his teeth clamped down on Jessie's nipple, reaches around and starts slapping my wife's ass. With every slap, she let's out a slight "aaahhh" followed by heavy irregular pants. But, she doesn't slow down. Her ass is now outlined with bright red finger marks. The sound and numbness from her ass being harshly slapped sends my wife into a clenching orgasm. Dean knows this because he can feel her pussy tighten even more around his shaft. He bites down harder on her tit as he watches the muscles in her arms flex and her grip tighten around the seat. She now let's out slow deep breaths as pouncing slows to a rocking motion. She whispers in his ear "I want you to cum inside me". He releases his bite, wraps both hands around her ass lifting it slightly, and starts thrusting his cock deep into my wife's cunt like a well oiled machine. He continues faster and faster. My wife screams "cum in my pussy" over and over again.

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  "Cum in my pussy with your big dick, fill it up". "I'm your dirty slut" she yelled at him. Dean buried his face in her chest and let his seed explode inside my wife. His pounding slowed until every last ejaculation was complete. Jess sat motionless on his lap softly biting his neck for a couple of minutes before dismounting him.

They got dressed and Dean dropped my wife off. Before she got out of the truck she gave him a peck on the cheek and said to call her. As she got out of the truck and made her way towards the door, Jess could feel some of Dean's leftovers running down her leg. As she lied in bed that night in her cum soaked panties, bruised ass, and teeth marked tits, she giggled to herself. "This is what my husband wanted, right?".