A weekend of hot bodies


A Weekend Of Hot Bodies
My wife is a dancer at a local bar here in Michigan. I have never thought anything good or bad would ever come out of it. Well this summer SOMETHING very good came out of it. One night here in June I was watching TV waiting for her to get home from work. When she got home she was in a great mood. I asked her what she was so happy about and she told me that some of the girls and her decided to go on a camping trip for a weekend. I said that sounded good and she would probley have a lot of fun. She told me that I was also going. I thought that was cool and must mean other boyfriends or husbands were also going. Well they planned the trip for the following weekend and we packed everything that we thought we need. My wife made sure I even grabbed a camera because I would never know what I might see out in the woods. We ended up going camping near Travis City. We rented a cabin for every one who was going. When we got to the cabin I was shocked to find out it was going to be the 3 ladies from the bar (Becky, Shelly, and Heather) and my wife and I. I was going to be the only guy there. The first night every one had dinner, unwound, we made a campfire, and opened the drinks.

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   When everyone started to go to bed. My wife and I decided to stay out for a little while longer. We held each other taking in the stars, the moon, and the flicker of the campfire for a bit. Then my wife slide out of my lap and got down on her knees in front of me and unzipped my pants. I asked her what she was doing with her friends there and she told me not to worry about it they all went to bed and we were alone. She removed my penis and started to lick and suck on my cock. It felt so fucking great. When she had me nice and hard she pulled down her shorts and pulled off her panties and sat back in my lap and started to ride my cock. I was in heaven starring at the stars while my beautiful wife rode my cock knowing that her friends could possibly catch us if they decided they could not sleep and came back out of the cabin. When I was about to cum I told my wife who jump off my cock and replaced it back in her mouth. She started to suck my cock like there is no tomorrow. She ended up swallowing the whole load of cum with out spilling any. We picked up our clothes and headed to the cabin to go to sleep.

The next morning I woke up to find all 4 ladies at the table eating breakfast and talking. My wife suggested that I go to town to pick up some supplies and look in to canoe rentals and maybe pick up fishing gear.

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   So I left the ladies to tend to the selves and I left. Now this is the information my wife just recently filled me in on. After I left for town the 4 ladies went to the shower together. When they got there they found out it was like high school showers where everyone is together and they decided to go ahead since they see each other naked all the time at work. I guess her friend started to play around and they all got involved and it ended up with all of them kissing and touching and licking each others bodies. After they shower they came back to the cabin and the 4 of them had an all out orgy between them licking, sucking, and fingering each other to orgasm. My wife said that one of the girls made the reply to bad there was no men there this weekend or it would have been a better weekend and my wife said she told them that all 4 of them could just use me. At this point I was just pulling back up.

After I got the supplies put away the ladies said they wanted a campfire for that night too and I knew we would need more camp fire wood. So I grabbed the axe and headed for the woods to cut up some fire wood. What I didn't realize was I was being followed by Becky and Heather in to the woods. While I was cutting up wood they came over to me and started to talk to me. They were telling me how lucky my wife was to have such a good man and how my wife was lucky to have a man that would do anything for her. They told me I looked hot and tired which at that point I was extremely hot. They told me to take a break for a few and relax.

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   So I sat down on a stump near by. The day had to be around 90 degree’s and they were wearing skimpy bathing suits, As I sat on the stump the Becky and Heather started to dance together, as I watched (and started to get aroused) they leaned in and started to kiss each other fully on the lips. They really were going at it, and then they started to undress each other. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was hoping my wife just didn't show up. After they took each others bathing suits off Becky leaned against my legs with her legs spread and her back to me so I could get a great view of her perky tits, while the other Heather laid on the ground with her head between the first ones legs and started to finger fuck her pussy. I didn't know how to react as I watch this show unfold. As Becky was leaning against me, she started to moan and play with her tits, pinching her nipples, cupping her breast. And Heather was rapidly finger fucking her wet pink pussy. As I was watching this she added another finger to her pussy finger fucking and made the other one start moaning even harder. As I am watching this unfold Becky reached behind her and unzipped my shorts and pulled out my penis. I was in total awe as they changed positions Heather got on her hands and knees in front of my hard cock and Becky laid on ground under Heather in a 69 position. Becky started to lick and suck on Heathers pussy in doggie style position, Heather leaned forward and took my cock in to her mouth; while she was sucking on my cock she was fingering Becky's pussy. I was in the heavens as I had these two, hot, beautiful, young ladies in the woods giving me this adventure. After what seemed like forever Becky got off the ground and lined her smooth, sweet young pussy up to my cock and slid it in.

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   Heather was sucking on Becky's tits and playing with my balls as Becky rode my cock back in forth. After what seemed like hours Becky got off my cock and Heather swing her ass around on the grass and to me to fuck her. I got down on top of Heather with my cock in hand and slammed into Heathers pussy. As I was fucking Heather, Becky sat on her face and rode her tongue. As Heather rode my cock and eating Becky's pussy, Becky leaned over and told me to remove my cock from Heathers pussy so she can taste Heathers juices off it. I moved back and forth between Heathers pussy and Becky's wanting mouth in till I felt like I was going to explode. When I felt ready to cum I let the ladies know and stood up the both started to suck on my cock in till I started to cum and them they put it between them and tried to catch it all with their mouths. What ever hit their faces they kissed and licked off each other. We all got dressed and they went back to camp. I cut a few more pieces of fire wood and carried it all back to the camp area.

That Night as all five of us were sitting around the camp fire. The ladies were drinking and decided they wanted to play a game. They asked me if I would like to join them and I asked them what they were going to play. They said they were going to go in the cabin and play some strip poker with each other. (Like I was going to refuse that offer) So I said yeah I would join the four of them and we all went inside.

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   We need less to say we played for a few hours and everyone was almost naked, and the ladies decided it was taking to long for us to finish the game. So they all jumped up and took off the rest of their clothes. I was in shock as I was staring at four beautiful, young, smooth, naked ladies. All their bodies different in different ways. All different in height. They looked at me as I was taking in the sight and I was awoke from my zoned out stage, when I heard my wife ask me what I was waiting for a open invitation to remove my clothes. I quickly got up from the table and removed the rest of my clothing too. The four ladies stared at my naked body, with my cock already hard and asked each other what they should do with me. My wife turned to the other three and said I don't know about you, but I want some of that cock. They all said they did, and grabbed my hands and lead me to the bedroom. When we got to the bedroom they threw me down on the bed and my wife leaned over and kissed my mouth and told me to enjoy. I didn't know if I was dreaming or awake. Shelly and my Wife started to suck on my cock and balls while Becky and Heather sat on my hands so I could finger their pussies and they took turns kissing me and sucking on my nipples. After a little bit my wife turned to a 69 position and started to ride my face, while Shelly glided my cock in to her wet pussy. All four ladies were moan as my cock was going in and out of Shelly, my tongue was all over my wife's pussy, and my fingers were working on Becky and Heathers pussy and ass holes.

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   All night long they kept rotating and taking turns on my face, fingers, and cock. If I came they would suck it up, clean me off and suck on me or play with each other till I was hard again and we would all go at it again. That was how we finished our last night and day camping till we all left to go home. We had so much fun we all decided to do it again and next time see if more girls from the bar would like to go. And Maybe even another guy or two. Another story to tell at another time. For now this is one that I will never forget.


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