A Very Messy Birthday Present 2


Note: Although this is a sequel, it also works well on its own. Also, while the first story was 100% straight, this sequel is definitely not!

"You remember it's my birthday in three weeks, don't you?" Ayumi my Japanese girlfriend asked over dinner. It was my turn to cook so we were eating lasagne.

"Of course," I replied between mouthfuls. How could I forget when I'd spent the last month planning a surprise trip to Paris for her over that bank holiday weekend and keeping it a secret? I had to make her birthday extra special this year after the treat she had given me four months previously on mine.

Girlfriends are generally happy to fulfil a few of their boyfriend's sexual fantasies, but most would probably steer clear of the more unusual fetishes, and get offended at even the idea of another person getting involved. Not Ayumi. Her apparently limitless appetite for exploring my sexuality (and hers) had not only led her to agree to an "open" relationship within two weeks of us getting together so as to watch me with other guys. For my last birthday she had put on her old school uniform, invited dozens of men to our house, and in front of me and the video camera she had let them fuck and cum in her pussy, arse and mouth. As if this wasn't enough, she had asked them to each donate some sperm to a collective bowl, which she warmed up and poured over herself, finishing with a large amount of custard.

Obviously, this gangbang topped with bukkake (Japanese sperm play) and WAM (wet and messy) fetishes, all fantasies I had long obsessed with, was incredibly hot, and I must have watched the video over and over 30 times or more since. However, it did make me feel more than a little guilty. Admittedly, I had not asked or even suggested that she do it, she seemed to have come up with the idea on her own, possibly inspired by my porn collection. And she had seemed to enjoy it and insisted to me afterwards that she had loved it.

Yet I couldn't help feeling that it must have been humiliating for her, having so many guys, some more than twice her 18 years in age, and most people that she saw regular at university, fuck her and watch her being fucked. I was amazed that she didn't seem at all embarrassed to continue seeing them around in the months afterwards, when surely everyone on her course must now know her as the "gangbang girl" - I know I felt people looking at me differently as her boyfriend.

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This feeling of guilt was compounded by the fact that she had to take the next few days off as after having so many cocks in quick succession inside them, her pussy and arse were so sore she could barely walk. It took another six weeks before she'd recovered enough for us to have sex again, and her insistence during this time on making up for it by sucking me off every time I was hard made me feel even worse. All I could do to give her sexual pleasure was use some ice on her sore areas and in my mouth while I gave oral sex, but it seemed poor compensation to me.

So, in short, there was no way I could forget that it was her birthday coming up.

"Good," she replied, her gorgeous oriental eyes meeting mine across the meal as she took another mouthful. The corner of her mouth was twitching, as if she wanted to laugh but was trying to stop herself. She swallowed and continued. "Keep the weekend after free, please. "

"The weekend after? Why?" I asked, puzzled.

"Oh, I might want to do something," she said, vaguely, her eyes on her plate again.

"OK, I'll keep it free. " I was intrigued, but as it was clear she didn't want to tell, I didn't push it.

I completely forgot about her request over the next few weeks, busy and nervous as I was with keeping her surprise trip a secret whilst not appearing to have been lazy about her birthday and negotiating with her friends and family to make sure they didn't arrange anything. Then there was the shopping for and hiding of the physical presents of a necklace and chocolate. In the end though, the Paris trip was a beautiful success, a wonderful, romantic three days with just the two of us.

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   Maybe I will write about it someday in a separate story - or maybe not, the most romantic moments a perhaps best kept private.

Anyway, I still didn't remember her request when we returned, so it was only luck when the weekend arrived and nothing had come up. Saturday also passed uneventfully, so it wasn't until just before sunrise on Sunday that I was reminded by Ayumi whispering in my ear.

"Darling," she whispered to wake me. We both liked old-fashioned ways of addressing each other. "Darling, your presents were fantastic, but I want one more. "

"Hmm?" I replied half-asleep, yawning. "Oh, yes my love, of course, anything. But the shops won't be open yet. . . "

"I don't need you to buy anything. I just want you to . . .

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   be my slave. Just today, from sunrise to sunset. "

"Your slave?" Now I was waking up. This was not one of my fantasies; this was one of hers, I could see in the twinkling of her eyes, though she'd never told me.

"Yes, my slave. I want you to do everything that I say, all day, whatever it is. "

"Um, OK Ayumi, anything you want. "

Domination and submission were not fetishes I had explored much, even in my mind. But, I thought, I definitely owe her this. And anyway, it was Ayumi, my gorgeous, petite, long black haired, Japanese girlfriend who I loved. How bad could it be?

"Well, I think the sun is up now," she said, grinning mischievously. "So get up, and run me a bath, then go around the house and open all the curtains. No!" She stopped me as I reached automatically for my underpants since I was to open the curtains. "I didn't say get dressed. "


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   Yes, Ayumi. "

"And you will call me 'mistress' today. "

"Er, yes mistress. "

Obediently I went to the bathroom and started the water, then walked around the house totally naked opening all the curtains. I was thankful that it was so early no one seemed to be about outside, but getting a tingle of excitement at the risk all the same. Returning upstairs I found Ayumi in her bathrobe waiting for me in the doorway and giving me precise instructions on which bubble bath and essential oils to add to the filling bathtub. Finally, my bladder could stand no more and I said I needed to pee.

"Then ask permission, Jack," came the smirking reply.

"Please Mistress," I begged, shocked and slightly scared by how readily my usually demure girlfriend had stepped into the dominatrix role. "Please may I go to the toilet?"

"Oh, alright," she said after a pause, giving me a few seconds to worry that maybe she wanted to jump straight to what some euphemistically refer to as watersports, which I wasn't quite ready for, certainly not at that time of the morning.

When I'd finished, the bath was ready, so I opened the door again and Ayumi stepped in, allowing me to take off her robe with an almost royal air. She stepped into the tub and lay back with a sigh, her smooth white skin disappearing beneath the foam. I stood quietly, shivering a little from the cold tiles, until she instructed me to kneel beside her and bathe her.

Picking up a sponge I gently scrubbed her body beginning with her arms, taking each in turn, then around her face and neck. Down her slender back went my hands and up her flat stomach to her breasts, those wonderful C-cups glistening with soap and bubbles that I was sorely tempted to linger on until she slapped me.

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   I went to her feet next, lifting each leg right out to run the sponge around it, using my hand to run through the patch of trimmed pubic hair above and around her pussy. I was not even able to linger here as she slid smoothly on to her front to let me wash her firm round buttocks that she pushed up out of the water.

Her body done, it was the turn of her hair. A bowl she must have placed there before rested on the side ready for me to scoop water up and over her head, running my hands through her thick, silky Asian hair that hung down past her shoulders. I washed it with shampoo, massaging her scalp, rinsed it, and then put conditioner in, nudged along by her orders. Before she let me rinse the conditioner off though, she sat back and lifted one leg up to rest on the far edge of the tub.

"Pleasure me slave," she said. "Give me my morning orgasm. "

Happy to oblige, I plunged one hand into the foam and began stroking her thigh, smooth from waxing and slick with the bubble bath. Once more I ran my fingers through the short black hair of her crotch, taking my time this time, and then ran two of them down either side of her pussy lips. It felt different underwater, but her closed eyes and sighs told me it still worked.

As usual, once I started sliding my fingers inside her, I became aroused and reached down with my free hand to touch myself. Apparently Ayumi's eyes were only half-closed though, for I was quickly told off and ordered to use my free hand on her soapy tits. So slowly, my cock itching for attention, I attended to my mistress, until moaning, gasping and throbbing in the hot flesh around my fingers told me she had cum. I was learning though, as I didn't withdraw from her until explicitly told to do so.

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Bathed and dried, Ayumi ordered me downstairs to cook her breakfast (I was to only have plain toast and water) while she got dressed. When she came down my jaw dropped even more than it normally did when I saw her: somewhere she had bought a full pale-pink vinyl outfit of corset, mini-skirt and thigh-high stiletto boots. To complete the bubblegum dominatrix look she had tied her hair up high behind and to one side of her head, and wore earrings, though she hadn't yet put on make-up.

Of course, I was made to eat on the floor, and had to do all the dishes from breakfast and the previous evening before I was allowed to brush my teeth. She settled on the couch to watch TV whilst I, still nude, was sent around the house tidying and cleaning for an hour. Then the doorbell rang.

"Answer it then, slave!" she yelled.

Nervous, embarrassed, and still bollock naked, I opened the door, doing my best to hide on the other side of it. It was only a minor relief to meet the giggling faces of six of Ayumi's friends standing on the other side. I knew that most of them were aware of my bisexuality and the agreement I had with Ayumi about sleeping with others, but I had avoided even considering getting intimate with any of them because, well, they were her friends.

"Oh, you agreed!" Shrieked Chisato, also Japanese though with short cropped hair and the shortest (and fattest) of the group who pushed past laughing, not letting me shut the door as quickly as I wished.

"I told you he would," said Kea, a local Birmingham girl from Ayumi's university course, of Afro-Caribbean decent and very tall, at least two inches taller than me.

"How did you do it?" asked Arifa, another local girl in this case with family from Pakistan, with very pretty eyes, small breasts and I presumed long black hair though it was always hidden under her headscarf.

"I just asked him," Ayumi said smugly.

I stood bright red in the circle of my girlfriend's friends giggling and pointing at me.

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   As well as the three who had spoken, there was also Miho, another Japanese girl who I'd always thought was very shy behind her thick rimmed, rectangular glasses and bleached ginger hair with its permed bushiness and straight fringe, but now was the first to gleefully slap my bottom; Claire was quite a posh brunette with a big, hooked, though not unattractive nose, her hair long and sweeping across her face to almost cover one eye, and very big boobs; and Nicola, a skinny, freckled, ginger haired girl who was the one I got on best with.

"Well, shall get him ready then?" Suggested Nicola after a minute that seemed like an hour.

"Oh yes, let's!" Agreed Miho excitedly, so I was led upstairs to the bathroom.

"We need to trim him first," Kea said.

"Yes, OK. " Ayumi turned to me. "Slave, stand in the bath. "

I did so, and then yelled as Claire directed a cold jet of water at me: a slave was not allowed the luxury of a warm shower. Wet and shivering, I did my best to hold still as Ayumi worked her way over my body armed first with scissors to trim the longer hairs, and then soap and a razor, cutting everything down to a length they all deemed satisfactory for whatever their evil plan was.

The plan, which I was started to guess at, was revealed once I was rinsed and made to lie on a towel on my front. Something sticky was spread on my leg but I wasn't allowed to peek. They waited a moment and then:

"Aaaargh!" Even though I'd guessed it I still yelled as the wax strip was yanked off, shocking me more than hurting as such, but causing another fit of giggles. I was less vocal for the rest of it, submitting meekly as all hair was ripped from my body, though I was very nervous when it came to my more private regions. I was relieved that here it was Ayumi and Nicola in charge, as I trusted them to be gentler than the others. It still stung though.

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Thankfully they decided to shave rather than wax my face, and then I was made to stand in the bath once more and endure another, longer and more thorough cold shower.
    Finally I was allowed to dry, feeling numb all over from the cold and the waxing.

    "You don't know what's waiting for you, do you slave?" Taunted Chisato.

    I shook my head.

    "Can I give him a clue?" she begged of the others, turning to Ayumi.

    "Go on," my mistress said.

    "You have been a very, very bad girl, and you're going to be punished by everyone who knows how bad you've been. "

    The girl part I could guess from the full body wax, but who was everyone who knew how bad I'd been? The seven girls here? I puzzled over it in my mind while they busied themselves confirming my guess. My cock was taped firmly to one side of the top of my thigh. My hair was styled to look more feminine in a pixie-ish sort of way. And somehow they'd even managed to get hold of a couple of realistic "breastforms" - the fake breasts used by transsexuals and cross-dressers - which were attached to my chest with a special glue for skin.

    "Is he ready?" Arifa asked from the door when she reappeared with a bag she'd left downstairs. Seeing that I was she pulled out some knickers. "Put them on. "

    I held them up.

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       They were pale pink with yellow teddies on at the front. Cute, I thought, are they hers? I pulled them on.

    "Ooh very nice!" Everyone laughed, and I was made to put on a bra, some white socks, and then the rest of what turned out to be the local school uniform: a white blouse, dark green pleated skirt, green and yellow tie, and even some black shoes in my size. They must have been plotting this for months I thought.

    "Right slave," said Ayumi when they had touched me up with make-up and were all satisfied with how I looked. "You wait on the stairs while we get changed. No peeking!"

    The girls disappeared into our bedroom, and for half an hour or more I sat and listened to muffled chatter and laughter. It was worth the wait though: when they came out they were all in different coloured skin tight vinyl or leather, mini-skirts, hot pants or, in Kea's case, a cat suit, and most of them in high heels. Claire had gone for purple hot pants and a jacket; Kea was all in black; Chisato had chosen white hot pants and a halter top that gave her large size an even deeper than usual cleavage; Miho had a bright blue mini-dress; Nicola had complemented her orange hair with a collared green mini-dress that zipped all the way up; and oddest of all was to see Arifa in a bright yellow, shiny headscarf with matching tube top and miniskirt, confirming once and for all in my mind that she was not religious and only wore the scarf as a fashion and identity accessory. They were all very hot!

    But then I saw their faces and got a momentary shock. Every one of them wore a mask covering the top half of their face. Some were just simple and black, others had gone for glitter and sequins, but if I didn't already know who they were I wouldn't have recognised any of them. The riding crop each of them held completed the scary look.

    "Go down then slave," ordered Ayumi's voice from behind a pink mask with cat ears. "We have work to do!"

    I scampered down the stairs.

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       They stood around me grinning spookily from under their masks, and then two who I guessed were Chisato and Miho stepped forward with a short rope.

    "Put your hands behind your back," Miho said, and I put them behind my arse. "No, higher," came the instruction, so I raised them, each hand on the opposite elbow.

    "Here, I'll do it," said Chisato impatiently. I gasped as she yanked my hands up to between my shoulder blades, an uncomfortable position to begin with, but I was going to be tied this way? I had promised though. . .

    While my hands were being tied, a big sheet of plastic was being laid out on the floor and the coffee placed in the middle. I had just seen this out of the corner of my eye when the world went black: I'd been blindfolded.

    "Open wide," Kea said, and the next moment I felt a plastic ball being jammed into my mouth. A strap tightened behind my head and I realised it was a ball gag with holes to let me breathe.

    "For now your name is Lisa," Ayumi whispered in my ear as she led me by the hand until I could hear the rustle of plastic beneath my feet.

    "Start the camera," Ayumi's voice said from further back. They were filming this? Of course they were.

    Thwack! The gag muffled my yell at the sting of a riding crop on the back of my knees.



    "Kneel bitch!" Was that really Ayumi? I knelt immediately.

    "Are you Lisa Watson?" I nodded.

    "And did you fuck my boyfriend? Answer!" I flinched as the riding crop came down on my arms and nodded.

    "You dirty whore! Are you even eighteen?" I nodded again.

    "Dirty sixth form slut. I bet you let him do you up the shitter didn't you?" I nodded again, and was thankful I was not really Lisa Watson, as I would have wet myself with terror by now. There was no way I wanted to get on the wrong side of Ayumi in real life now, that was sure!

    "Well, me and my friends are going to teach you what happens to filthy anal whores who touch my boy. Bend over!"

    I obeyed, and almost toppled into the coffee table in front of me. There was some rustling on the plastic and whispered directions I couldn't hear. Someone put the stereo on and had chosen some pumping techno music - the sort I usual hate but that seemed oddly appropriate. The back of the skirt was lifted up and the knickers pulled down.

    I sensed someone kneel down next to me and then, not too surprisingly - slap! The palm of a hand came down on my left buttock, and then again slap! On the right cheek. Three more for each and then it was someone else.


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