A surprising visit


A few years ago, I was back in the UK after spending some time away.   I was only there for a few days and had to get an important document to a contact, although he was out of town.   On the phone, he asked me to drop it at his home and I agreed.
It was around 9am when I knocked the door and, after  three more knocks and quite a long wait, it was opened by one of the most luscious women I have ever met.   She was tall, with long black hair, a beautiful face and flashing green eyes.   To make matters worse for my heart rate, she was dressed in a white silk dressing gown, or house coat which she had presumably been holding together but which fell open as she opened the door, revealing a glimpse of good sized breasts and a slim figure before she quickly snatched it closed.   Her hair was wet and she had obviously come from the shower to attend to the door.   She looked more than a little upset.
"Yes.   what do you want?"  She said irritably.
I apologised for the inconvenience and told her who I was.   She immediately looked flustered and apologised in return, saying that her husband had phoned to tell her I was coming but that she forgotten.   She invited me in and stepped back.   I walked down the hall and into the lounge as she indicated and she asked if I wanted anything to drink.   I declined but asked if we might sit down.   I had known her husband for a couple of years but had never met her.

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    I said we should chat a little, if it was ok.
She looked nervous and glanced down at her robe, but she smiled and said ok.   As she sat on the sofa opposite my chair, her silk robe parted to show her long legs almost up to her bottom and she hurriedly pulled it closed again.   I repeated my name and she told me hers was Susan.   We chatted amiably enough for almost an hour and when she had obviously relaxed I mentioned her wet hair and her robe.   I asked if she had been showering.  She laughed and said it was ok, she had just finished when I knocked.   I took a real chance then and gave her my best smile as I told her how wonderful she looked with wet hair and a very revealing robe.   It was make or break time.   Would she like it, or tell me to leave?
Susan looked a little embarrassed but she thanked me and asked if I thought the colour suited her.   I knew then she was playing.   I said she looked stunning, but would look better without it.   I stood up and told her to stand too.   She hesitated but did as I had said.   I stepped to her and took hold of the robe with both hands, opening it and letting go to step back again.

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    She stood there, visibly trembling as I looked her up and down, but she didn't cover up.
She was magnificent, with lightly tanned skin and a lovely body.   Full high breasts with large nipples, a slim waist and, my personal favourite, no pubic hair at all.   Her head was lowered and I knew she had picked up on my tone of voice correctly.   I told her to take it off all together and to turn around, to show me what she really looked like.   As she obeyed, I held my breath.   At the site of her long smooth back and her perfectly rounded firm bottom my erection began to rise and I knew I was going to enjoy this woman.
Keeping her head lowered she dropped to her knees and I understood immediately that she had played this particular game before.   I stepped closer and took and handful of her long hair, pulling her head back so that she was looking up at me.
“The moment I saw you I knew you were a slut. ”  This wasn’t true of course, but a little elaboration helped the mood.
“I’m glad your husband is away, because you’re going to be my whore.   I’m going to make you do things I’ll bet he doesn’t even know you’re capable off”.
Her face was glowing and I was certain it wasn’t with shame.   I let her go and told her to unfasten my trousers.

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    This she did with eagerness and when I had stepped from them I took her hair again and pulled her face to my crotch, rubbing her against my erection as it bulged through my shorts.   I told her to take them off me and I couldn’t resist smiling when she gasped at the sight of my hard cock.   I’m no porn star but it’s thick 9” have never let me down.
I sat back on the sofa and pulled her with me by the hair, dragging her across the floor as she quickly scrambled to keep up.   I pulled her face to me once more and command her to worship my cock.   I know, it’s a silly phrase but that’s what I said.   She began fondling it and kissing it, then she eased back my foreskin and licked the head.   I almost moaned but kept up my stern image.   I closed my eyes as worked, licking and sucking with the expertise of a real whore.
I let her pleasure me for a long time, pausing only to remove my trousers and socks (so unattractive when you’re naked) and my shirt.   Finally, I told her to stop and to stand up. She was slow releasing my cock, but I couldn’t punish her for that and when she was on her feet and told her to masturbate.   She looked at me then, a look of puzzlement and a little embarrassment, which I loved.
“Go on whore.   Wank for me.

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    I want to see you rubbing your cunt!”
My harsh words worked and she began stroking her pussy, sliding a finger between her folds nd working it I there.
“That’s better.   Now sit down and spread yourself wide.   I want a good look”.   Again the nervous expression but she obeyed quickly, sitting back with her legs spread and her eyes closed.
“No.   Open your eyes.   You’re not pleasuring yourself alone.   You are masturbating in front of a man you have only known for an hour.   Put on a show you little slut”.
I allowed her to do it for a reasonable time.   Until she was sighing and moving her body and until I could see she was very wet. Then I stood over her again and grabbed another handful of thick wet hair, pulling her face upwards.
“Good.   Now lick your fingers.

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    Tell me what it tastes like”.
She did as I commanded and made obvious sounds of enjoyment which made my head pound.   She smiled and said it tasted like honey.   Well, I wasn’t going to let her get away with playing with me.   I told her to rub herself again and made her push all four fingers as deep as she could, then I held her wrist and bent down to lick her fingers myself.   I was blown away. She wasn’t lying, it really did taste sweet and thick, just like honey.   I sucked on her fingers then knelt down to push my head between her thighs.   Her sex was open and sopping wet and I pressed my face into her, my tongue probing inside her at her soft and sensitive inner flesh.   She was moaning and lifting herself off the seat, her hands pulling my head hard against her, but I wasn’t interested in her pleasure.   She tasted incredible and I couldn’t get enough.
On and on I licked deep inside her and sucked at her flesh.   I licked her clitoris and sucked on it, surprised by how big it was, rubbing the tip with my tongue.   She screamed and begged me to fuck her but it wasn’t time.   I did everything I knew how, to make her cum, but solely for my selfish pleasure.

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    I wanted to drink from this delectable woman and I wanted her juices to flow.   Finally, I worked my hand under her and pushed a finger into her ass. This, together with my attention to her clitoris, drove her over the edge. She rose up from the sofa and it was only my hand on her stomach that kept her from bucking me off.   She screamed long and loud and her legs tightened around my head.   Her hands forced my face against her and I had to use all my strength to pull away a little and then, as she came, she ejaculated.   I have known only a small number of women who did this and I have adored every one of them.   Susan spurted over my face and into my open mouth and I actually got to drink down her sweet, honey like, cream as she climaxed in a frenzy of thrashing arms and legs.   I kept licking and sucking until her orgasm subsided and it seemed to take forever.
As she became calm again, I stood up once more and looked down on her.   Her eyes were shining now and her skin was covered with the sheen of sweat.   I asked if she still wanted me to fuck her and she answer yes with eyes full of pleading.   I told her to lie back and lift her legs high then I held her ankles, pulling her legs open to the extent of my reach. I looked at her red and wet pussy, still wide open and I resisted the urge to go down again.   Instead I knelt on the very edge of the sofa and leaned in to place my cock between her lips.

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    She was moaning again and trying to move forward to feel more of me but I commanded her to be still.   She looked sulky but obeyed and I put her legs over my shoulders as I pushed forward.   My thick hard cock entered her easily but inside she was tight and burning hot.   Supporting myself with my hands on the back of the sofa, I pushed deeper against the wonderful restriction of her sex until we were completely together.   Then I looked into her eyes.
“How is it that a dirty little cumslut like you has such a tight pussy. Been exercising have you?”
She smiled shyly but her answer made my mind spin.
“I’m glad I please you, Master”.
Master.   Can you believe that?  She knew the rules of the game alright and I wondered who she played it with.   I began moving back and forth, sliding my cock in and out of her hot wet sex as she moaned beneath me.   I went slow at first but built up the speed and the thrusting until she was moaning louder again and rising to meet me.   I could feel her wetness on my balls and for a moment I wished I was behind myself to see how it looked.   Too many porn films I guess.   I was really pounding her now, ramming myself hard and deep as she bucked to meet my every effort.

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    My hands roamed over her and under her, cupping her breasts and squeezing hard, pinching her long nipples and making her cry out.   I knew I couldn’t keep it up for much longer and I suddenly stopped and stood up.   She actually cried out in alarm and looked devastated at the loss.
“On you knees on the floor slut!  Lean over the sofa, I’m going to take you like the bitch you are”.   She hurried to turn around and her as looked wonderful.   I caressed it lightly and then slapped it hard, making her squeal in pain and surprise. I slapped her once more, then took her by the his and drove my cock deep into her without stopping, so hard it made her gasp.   I began fucking her again, slapping her cheeks with each thrust.   She was moaning and her hands clawed the sofa as he began to climax again.   Suddenly her body started shuddering and she began shouting, an unending stream of filth which almost made me cum with her.
“Oh fuck me hard.   I’m cumming again.   Oh God do it.   Use me.   Hurt my cunt.

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    Rape me you bastard.   Aaargh!”
To hear such words in her cultured voice was such a turn on.   If I could get any more turned on.   I redoubled my efforts and was fucking her almost savagely as she kept up a barrage of encouragement and filth.   I was near to cumming myself but there was one more thing I wanted first.   I slowed down and slowly withdrew and she settled a little.   Then I told her what I was going to do.
“You have been such a good little whore that I’m going to reward you.   I’m going to cum in your ass”.
At this she surprised me.   She looked back and said no.   she said that only her husband had ever done that and she wouldn’t do it.   Well I’m sorry, but I was much too far gone for that.   I forced her further on to the sofa and pushed her head down as I pushed my cock at her ass.   She screamed into the cushion as I penetrated her and began shaking her bottom, to try and put me off.

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    I pushed hard and my cock slid past the initial restriction to sink deeper and deeper.   Only when I was in her ass up to my balls did I stop.   Then I let her lift her head up.
“Only your husband and me.   A filthy little cumslut doesn’t say no to her Master”.
I expected her to curse or try to push me off but I was wrong.
“I’m sorry Master.   Please forgive me.   Will you punish me by hurting my little bottom. Oh Master please fuck my ass hard.   I need to feel the pain.   I’m a dirty slut and I will do anything you ask but please, oh please, use me hard”.
A pretty little speech I’m sure you will agree.   And not the first time she had used it I guessed.   But who could resist.


I began fucking her, pounding her as hard as I could.   Really slamming my body against hers and driving my throbbing cock deep and fast and hard into her tender ass.   I grabbed at her breasts again, this time really squeezing and clawing them in my frenzy and she loved every second of it.   She screamed and pushed back at me and her words of filthy encouragement started again, a tirade of sex words that finally lost all meaning and turned into one long drawn out scream as she orgasmed yet again.   This time I joined her.   As she shook and spasmed, I exploded inside her, pumping again and again, filling her with my cum.
We finally subsided and we stayed together for a while, neither one of us willing, or indeed able, to move.   After a while I stood and sat back on the chair and she got up to sit on the sofa opposite me.   My cock was still hard and I liked the way she gazed at it.
“Come and clean me up.   Lick the mess off my cock and balls slave”
She slid off the sofa and came to me on all fours.   Her lips and tongue felt so good as she sighed and moaned her way through her task and soon I was ready to go again.   But there was one thing I always needed to do after cumming.
“Have you ever been pissed on, my sweet tasting slut?  I always need to piss after sex and you can help me.   Show me the bathroom”.

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The house had a downstairs toilet and although it wasn’t large, I didn’t need much room.   I pushed her to the floor and made her look up at me.   I stood over her and held my cock in my hand.   As my piss began to flow she moaned and I knew she wanted it as much as I.   I directed the stream onto her legs and then over her sex and she actually held herself open to allow the hot liquid to stimulate her.   She shuffled to lie back next to the toilet and lifted her hips and I aimed it inside her open pussy.   She was moaning loudly again and shaking a little and I knew she was either having another orgasm or an aftershock.   Feeling my flow about to fail, I moved it across her body to soak  her breasts and finally over her chin and into her open mouth.   She gulped thirstily until I finished pissing and my cock was so hard it hurt.   I fell on her and although we were in a strangely twisted position, pinned between the toilet and wall, we fucked like mad animals, our hands everywhere, our bodies writhing, our minds on fire.   All thought of playing was gone, indeed all thought was gone.   This was two people out of control.   It couldn’t last long and it didn’t. We came together, her screaming and me roaring, our bodies both shuddering and grinding against one another until we were almost one being.   I don’t know how, but as uncomfortable as it was stuck next to the toilet, we fell asleep and woke a few minutes later.

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    We got up and went together upstairs to shower.   We caressed each other softly and kissed like lovers and before long we were on the bed.   This time we were slow and careful and gentle and we stayed there all day.
Susan was so quiet and respectable on the outside.   Very beautiful but not in the least raunchy.   Who would have guessed that behind closed doors she was so driven by sex.   Just like me.   She was a real lady and I loved her for a short time.   I left in the evening to catch a flight out and I have never seen her again.   But I shall never forget one moment of that day.



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