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Well we had so much more fun with monster but one of the most vivid memories was are two days away in Blackpool, we set off it was Monday morning he had to throw a sickness day we were lucky got the time off, I daren’t throw a sickness as I had done previously when I spent a day with that married guy I told you about. Anyway we were off when we got there he had it all sorted out and we checked in at B&B it wasn’t one of the best ones I had been in but ok, we had two rooms a double and a single but we spent the whole time in the double we unpacked our bags mine had the normal things you would need hers had all sorts of fucking sexy things she took out her sexy underwear, a basque, suspenders, stockings and something I hadn’t seen before knickers with a hole fit for a penis even her bra had holes for the nipples to stand out, I was fucking blown away they were great we tried them on having fun and feeling each other up dressed like that was hard to resist and I certainly didn’t feel awkward as I first thought I would mine was black and red and frilly I felt fucking great in them hers was purple and and white I think but what ever colour they were, they were a fucking turn on he certainly thought so as he came back with the teas and coffees and lay o the bed watching us, I must admit when he walked in I felt a little strange but soon got over it he asked us to come closer so he could run his hands all over us so I walked over to the bed he ran his hands from my tits down to waist then to knickers moving further down to top of legs and stockings and stayed there for a while just rubbing his hands right the way round over and over again feeling my legs over stockings I stood still just waiting for what he was going to do next then after some time and my twat getting sexed up he moved to the peep hole in my knickers gently poking round feeling my very wet twat pulling him self to edge of bed telling me to kneel down with my legs slightly apart he carried on playing with my twat now getting more than a finger up my hole he had four fingers up and used his thumb to tease my clit and of course he could get to my nipples that were so fucking hard and standing to attention he kissed them licked them he fucking loved licking mind you it felt great then he began sucking one at a time then both together as all this was going I didn’t pay much attention to Sandra until I felt my arse being felt one at the front and one at the back boy it was good as she stroked my arse slipped her hands down my knickers and felt for my arse hole what the fuck I was going crazy it was incredible absolutely fucking incredible she was kissing my back my neck and then my ears I was loving it laying my head back we were all three on our knees and my tits were being sucked and twat was being hand fucked and arse hole had a finger up it he then started to kiss me he only ever kissed using tongues almost giving me one with his tongue wow it was fucking great , fucking hell I wanted to come right there and then but also wanted to hold on to thatawesome feeling I was experiencing mind you I wasn’t alone as they then began kissing then over my shoulder you would think it was them having it with each other they were nearly fucking eating each other and rubbing their bodies close to mine I knew I was pressing against a very hard dick needing to relieve it self of a fuck load of spunk I fucking wanted it but my twat was urging now it wanted to come her tits pressing hard and rubbing against my back, it was so fucking crazy and wild as they nearly fucking ate each other and nearer I got to cum the harder he hand fucked and her finger in my arse I just fucking melted couldn’t hold on to my juice any longer and fuck me I came it felt like it went on forever my hole body engrossed in it as I came I felt every tip of my body enjoy it it was so fucking good being between them they loved it just as much as she came too he wanted to suck out both lots juice so he told us to stand up face each other get close so our nipples were touching and hold each others nipples pressing them hard together making sure our legs were spread wide aparthe got down and sitting down with face towards twat well the bit poking out of the hole in the knickers and he was off sucking like mad me first as he did it she started licking my lips I just stand and enjoyed itbut then when he moved to hers and it sent her fucking wild she was snogging the fuck out of me and it was amazing I wanted it all over again, it was too much to take I started undressing her she returned the favour and before long we were naked and horny and up for it together we undressed him so all three were stark naked and fucking loving it first they both sucked my tits and nipples then me and him to her then us two to his nipples we were both wanting the same thing his dick up our cunts we were rolling round the bed snogging each other in turn his hairy face was a fucking turn on though when he had it between my legs and teasing clit with his sex hot tongue fucking hell wish I was there now, every time I felt his dick near my cunt I almost tried to swallow it up at one point I got it I felt it deep inside I sat up straight on it to get it as far in as I could and rubbed my arse around just feeling it deep inside exciting my cunt forcing my arse down towards it, she then knelt over his face to get her twat licked out or sucked or whatever she was face to face with me my hands were free as she was holding her self up with hers so I felt her nipples twiddled them squeezed them and pulled them towards me she grabbed the opportunity to kiss me and she was hot and up for much more kissing me the very same he kissed hard and fast and crazy and fucking me with her tongue he was really exciting her as I rode his dick begging for his release of spunk shoot right up inside me in the end I won he just went for it and met my ride each thrust was pressed deep down swallowing up his spunk and the bang I cameand he certainly came filling me up it was ace as I felt it deep inside all warm and now fucking over flowing and feeling great , he got me to bend over bed with legs apart while she drank his juice from my throbbing sexy hole I loved it he just sat and watched us both and then getting us to get together on bed and have some fun we rolled round rubbing our tits together and feeling each others nipples arses and twats up hand fucking each other and snogging the fuck out of each other all the time he sat and watched and after awhile he started wanking his dick really going for it and not having any trouble reaching climax but as he did he asked us to lay on our backs with arses up in air so he could get near our twats holding ourselves up with legs wide apart he wanked on then came over us and shot spunk in and around both holes after that we pushed our twats together rubbed them together shared the spunk from one to another and were really getting off and started fucking each other any way we could teasing our clits feeling them touch our twat lipskissing each other and beyond, it was ecstasyfucking ecstasyand us snogging we had a fucking awesome time , the next bit was when we played I know it’s silly but we kind of played doctors and nurses dressing up too but more later hope you fucking spunk you dirty little whorelove you



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