A Sexy Swindle


A Sexy Swindle

“ We need this to work now” said Kat
“ Are you ready to do this Molly” said Flynn . I was dressed in a
tight black jumpsuit that was showing off my breasts a bit, my brunette hair tied up in a ponytail and as requested dark red lipstick so that apparently it wouldn’t be too hard to for the other gang to find me waiting for the pickup.
“ Yes” I said gingerly “ Isn’t there any other way to do this” I asked
“ No there isn’t” Flynn told me

10 minutes later we were in the van heading to the spot where I was to pickup the money. “ good luck Molly” said Flynn.
They were going off to do the other part of the swindle.
“ You’ve got 2 hrs and we’ll meet back at HQ”
They left me in the street waiting for the pickup. I didn’t have to wait long when a white van pulled up and a man came up to me and started looking me up and down, then handcuffed me to him and pulled me into the van and sped off.
“ Where are we going ?” I asked.
“ To pickup the case” was the reply I got.

The next thing I knew was that the blindfold was being taken off and I was standing in front of a man who was a burnt blonde and had brown eyes and was dressed in dark clothes. I was still dressed but I had a feeling I knew what was coming next. “ Strip for me” said the man.
So I did as I didn’t want this deal to close and to be responsible for it. I was stripping slowly as I hoped he would give me the case but I was now in my black and pink lacy underwear with my 36 b breasts in full view of the man.

He came up to me and started to caress my breasts through my bra. He was moving his hands up and down my hips and inserting his fingers down the side of my panties.

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   He was taking me closer towards to the bed. He was touching me all over, up and down then he was undoing my underwear then he handcuffed me to the bed and stripped off in front of me.

I was now handcuffed to the bed when he came onto the bed and started playing with my breast and nipples sucking, biting, twisting and pulling making sure each breast and nipple were satisfied. He could tell my breasts were swollen and full of milk. “ When were you last milked bitch” “ I haven’t been for a long while” I replied.
Then he got out what I recognized as a small milking machine.
He forced me into a doggy position because I didn’t want to be milked. He tied me up so that I had to stay there. He worked my breasts first to get them loosened up and ready to be milked. He inserted my breasts into the milking machine and turned it on.

My breasts were leaking milk as I was trying to pull myself off the machine but he came onto the bed and put an end to that. He leaned over the top of me and starting squeezing my breasts and pulling down to get the milk out while increasing the pressure on the machine. He kept pushing me while I was on the machine. I was moaning and he was enjoying seeing and hearing every minute of it. I was getting sore but he wasn’t stopping yet.

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   For the last few minutes he had put it right up to maximum until he was satisfied that he had milked every last bit.

He turned off the milking machine at last and I flopped onto the bed.
    He untied me then put me flat on my back on the bed and put my legs out wide. I was getting tired. I hadn’t planned this.
    He started to lick my shaved pussy. Then he buried his head deep into my pussy and licked my juices and left some for later.
    Then he shoved his cock into my mouth and I licked the head of his cock then I started to suck it. He shoved his cock into my mouth and we started off slowly but he was keen to speed this up. Deeper and deeper he shoved his cock into my mouth. He didn’t stay there for long. He put his cock in between both of my breasts and moved it up and down. I tried to suck the head of it but he pushed my head back and I just enjoyed the pace of his cock rubbing in between my breasts.

    Slowly he dragged his cock down my body and I tried to grab it but he didn’t let me. He was at my pussy now eager to go in.

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       “ You want my cock don’t you bitch” I didn’t reply as I thought he might just enter in but he didn’t. “ You want it don’t you bitch” “ Yes” I said eagerly. So he pushed straight in and started thrusting. I was moaning again and he loved it. He was thrusting and didn’t stop.
    Then he stopped and turned me over. I could see that the 2hrs on the clock was almost over. The team would think I had failed them and would try to come and rescue me, I couldn’t let them see me like this.

    “ Are you spent yet bitch cos I’ve still got a load to give” I nodded no and this time he accepted it. He got his cock and inserted into my back door. He rubbed my ass cheeks and moved his hands up and down my hips. Then he was thrusting again, faster and faster. I was thrusting against him as I knew he was bound to cum soon. I was playing with my pussy when I took my hand and he shot his load inside of me. We were both spent.

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       He told me to get dressed and tidy myself up so I did. He blindfolded me, took me to the car and dropped me off at the same place where my team had dropped me.

    He handed me the case this time and sped off quickly. I made my way back to HQ. “ Where have you been” said Kat
    Everyone looked at me. “ It took a bit longer to get the case than I expected” “ Ok” said Flynn “ At least you’re back in one piece”
    Then we toasted our success and watched the night pass by. .