A Series of Fantasies 2018


This story, dear readers, is but one of a developing series outlining my fantasies. All are about how I envision my first encounters with men will transpire. None of this has yet happened, but I hope it will work in the not to distant future.

It had been long since I first had thoughts of being with a man, such thoughts having started at a very young age. I was so young in fact that later in life I suspected I had experienced some form of abuse in my early life. This eventuality did not, as is the norm, disgust me but rather inflamed me with lust for that elusive older man that may have used me for his pleasure. As such my fantasies have always hovered around the idea of older men. I like the idea of being the beautiful young boy pleasing an older wisher man.

My ideas started small; I wanted to suck an older man's cock. I felt at the time that sucking a cock would be a good middle ground from which to see if I was interested in sex with men. At fourteen years old, I felt that to suck a cock would not obligate me in any way. If I decided after that I did like it, I needn’t feel bad or that I was every bisexual. It seemed a good escape hatch to walk away from the whole situation. Please, dear reader, do not be mistaken, I was nearly obsessed with thoughts of sucking an old man’s cock.
I would lay in bed nights slowly jerking off to thoughts of an older professional man, taking me to his home and undressing me. He would strip me down to nothing, in my visions, then sit down on his couch and pull me on to his lap.


   I see myself in my mind’s eye siting sideways across his lap. He would touch my face, pulling me in, and kiss me deeply.
Undoubtedly, I imagined, I would respond to his attention by wiggling around on his lap. I would squirm rubbing my butt against his growing member. I would wrap my arms around his neck, kissing him and hugging him tightly.

My cock would be, as it was, very hard, and my wiggling would be as much do to my extreme lust as to my wish to excite this old man. After making out for some time, I imagined, his hands would begin to explore my body. I would kiss his neck as he rubbed my back. He would pull and pinched at my nipples, and I would softly bite his lower lip, neck, and ears like a little animal.

I would lay back draped across his lap; back arched painfully backwards, vulnerable, my cock sticking straight up in the air. He would reach out and stroke my cock, and I dangled across his lap. His hands would roam over my body, rubbing my cock, pinching my nipples, placing his fingers in my mouth to suck. He would roughly caress my balls causing me to moan loudly as he pulls at them of softly squeezes them. I am completely open to him, and strangely I want him to hurt me.

His hands would run down my chest, I think as I stroke my cock, his hand resting finally on my throat.

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   As he jerks my cock, I feel his hands tighten around it. It feels like any more pressure from his big strong hand will crush my slender penis, but in reality, I am awash with pain mixed with extreme pleasure. Simultaneously his fingers tighten sharply around my neck. He pulls me up from my uncomfortable position and kisses me hard. I feel his tongue slip into my mouth. I kiss him back, first his mouth and then his neck. I imagined that he would like to play with my ass, so I would tilt myself to one side curling up in his lap, ass out so he could better reach my hole by sliding his hand down my back.

Laying there in my boyhood bed I could see myself kissing his him all over while I am feeling his large hand slide down the length of my back then in-between my ass cheeks. He firmly plants his big middle finger on my tinder virgin asshole and starts to push and rub it softly. I squeal quietly at this touch and push my little ass back against his explorations. This thought makes me shudder and nearly cum in my bed but I hold back; for the truly good part of my imaginary adventure is yet to come.
Feeling my mans need pushing up against me thorough his pants, I decide it is time for me to take control; but only a little control. I would lightly slip from his lap onto my knees on the floor. I would look up at him with innocent lust in my eyes and indicate without words my absolute need for him. I would place my hands on his belt, and slowly undue the clasp.

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   I could see myself stopping there, looking back up at him indicting with my eyes I wanted what was within. He would surely get my signal and pull down his pants, letting me have my first look at another man’s erect penis. Timidly, I would reach out for it.

At this point, I was desperate in my bed.

I would take it in my hand and feel how hard it was, how soft and hot his cock feels in my hand. I would stroke cock gently, all the while looking up at his face to see if he was enjoying it. I imagined how as much as I would want to surrender to my desires and put his cock in my mouth, I wanted him to make me do it more. So instead of bowing to my lust for him, I would act sheepish about it. I would take his big strong hand and place it on my head. I would indicate that I want him to take me by my hair.

“Make me do it” I would whisper.

Then I would show him that I want him to pull my head up to his cock by the hair until my mouth is over the tip of his throbbing cock. I would look down at it, and see my small hand wrapped around his massive shaft. I can see a bead of his pre-cum collecting at the tip of his giant cock. I reach my free hand up to the hand that he is holding me by my hair with and push his hand down forcing me down onto his cock.

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   I would obediently open my mouth and accept him in.

I could almost imagine, in my bed, my tongue sliding down the underside of his cockhead, picking up the pre-cum as he pushes himself into me.
How could I know if I would like the taste, I wondered to myself in my bed. Stopping my fantasies for a moment, I recall looking down and seeing cum running down my cock and through my fingers. With my finger, I gathered up a large drop and brought it to my lips. I remember hesitating before finally opening my lips slightly and pushing my finger in. As soon as the milky white drop of juice hit my tongue, I knew I was addicted. I knew I wanted some that weren't mine.

Now back in my fantasy I am in a panic. I’mon the floor between his legs again, his big hand on the back of my head pulling my head up then pushing it back down. I could feel his cock growing even larger and harder, so hard and big in fact my mouth was tight around it. In his rush, I place my hand back onto his and force him to push my head even harder down on to his cock. He would eagerly start to do this and feel myself regretting this offer as he starts to push so hard he is beginning to enter my throat.

Gagging on his cock, as his big hand pushes my head deeper and deeper down onto him. My lips touch his body.

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   I can feel his cock stretching open my throat. My tongue is touching his balls now that I am so far down and i can taste the musky salty sweat that has collected on them. This taste mixes with the reality that I have all of him in my mouth. This reality amps up my lust, and I grab his hips and pull myself harder down on to him, wanting him even further inside me. He begins to fuck my throat with short rapid thrusts. I imagined not being able to breath and reaching out to push him away.

Just as I start to panic, he wrenches me off of his cock and springs from the couch. Holding me by my hair, he stands over me holding my head up to him. His other hand would be wrapped around his cock, and he is jerking it savagely. I know what is coming, so I would raise myself up and push out my tongue like an obedient little bitch.

He would see this and place the head of his cock on the tip of my tongue. Pumping his cock franticly, he would grunt with pleasure. I could see myself, head wrenched back, tongue out, as large ropes of his cum shoot out into my mouth, down my trout, and on to my face. I would reach out and grab his cock, locking my lips with it. I wanted to catch every drop and swallow it.

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   I imagine his cock pulsing in my mouth, his cum fills it, and the manly smell of sweat and seamen are all around me.

In my bed, I cum and cum and cum. . .

As I started to slip slowly into sleep, I could see myself still on the floor. There is cum on my face and in my hair. He's fallen back onto the couch panting with exhaustion and release. I crawl back between his legs, grab his semi-erect cock and begin to clean it with my tongue. My cock, in my fantasy, is still rock hard and dripping. I am unfulfilled and burning with lust. I can see him falling asleep. He's left me alone, covered in his cum and desperately wanting more.

I watch him fall asleep. Quietly I collect his cum from off my face and lick it up I cannot waste any of it. Gathering up the last little bit of it I start to think about what other parts of me could I use to please my daddy?
Instead of swallowing this last bit of cum, I decided to reach back to my ass and rub it around my little ass hole.

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   This feels very good, and as I please myself with his slippery cum, I start to suck his limp cock again. I feel my ass hole open with my touch, much like it did when he placed his large finger on it. Suddenly I am filled with white hot lust again. I ram two fingers up my ass, and pain shoots through my body. I cry out at first, but soon I realize this pain is pure pleasure. My body shutters, my cock grows hard again, and my nipples spring back to life. I slowly start sucking my sleeping daddy's cock again and think about how I can please him, and I will wake him.

This was my first fantasy and is, dear reader, only the beginning. Things can and will become much darker and more interesting.