A Satisfying End


Small note: we are a male and female writing duo, we write these stories together which gets us all hot and bothered and ready to fuck each other. This is our first story we have published, I hope you all enjoy.

*A Satisfying End*

Juliet stood over the kitchen sink finishing up dishes, she had spent all day cleaning and tidying up around the house, her body was due some care and attention. The steam rose up from the hot water inside the sink bouncing off her forehead, this warm sensation above her brow alone was starting to get her a little agitated and frustrated that she was all by herself and without anyone else. She began to day dream a little, biting her lip thinking of erotic liaisons she could be having instead of being stood here, she wanted to touch herself but she resisted though temptation could get the better of her at any given moment.

Suddenly, she heard the kitchen door creak, it was pushed open with very little force, she wanted to peek around over her shoulder to see who it was but she already knew, a small smirk was now emblazoned across her face with anticipation for what would surely follow, she had been waiting for this moment all day. She felt strong, powerful arms go round her waist from behind her, the man spoke softly into her ear of what he wanted to do to her, it was almost inaudible but the warm breath moistening her skin was all she required, there was no need for words.

His hand slid down her right arm halting when he reached her wrist, his other hand pulled her apron aside as he guided her hand down towards her yearning pussy.

Juliet's hand was forcefully but carefully pushed down into her panties, her fingers obliged to maneuver around her sensitive, delicate clit, her mouth began to open ever so slightly with small strong breaths escaping, almost silent cries of joy bellowing from her throat.

The man released his grip of Juliet's hand but she kept her hand down inside her panties, she was so aroused she just had to gently touch herself without any encouragement. Meanwhile, he untied her apron from behind and slipped it over her head, he then reached his arms around her upper body and began unbuttoning her shirt, his head looking over her shoulder while she tilted hers back leaning on him, her fingers still playing with her clit causing her leg muscles to feel weakened.

He finished slowly unbuttoning her shirt and she took her hand back out to remove the shirt, she threw it aside as her bra began to be unclasped, she felt it loosen and drop off to the floor, her beautiful breasts now exposed.

She enjoyed being undressed, she placed her hands over his, moving them up the side of her waist then across her stomach and finally over her breasts, she squeezed her hands over his gently to let him know she needed her breasts caressed. The hands underneath hers began massaging them with just a hint of pressure, he was enjoying this just as much as Juliet even tweaking her petite nipples with his finger and thumb to get them a little erect.

As he cupped her breasts he lightly kissed around the top of her back, the feeling of lips cavorting around her spine made Juliet tingle and the tiny hairs on the back of her neck rise up ever so slightly. She tilted her head back for a second time, this time compelling him to kiss her lips, the man cooperated and kissed her passionately over her shoulder, it was a moment of tender and unrestrained love.

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   They were lost in this kiss with his powerful hands grabbing her breasts.

The two of them stood there next to the sink, saliva moving from one mouth to the other, they continued to kiss for a few minutes before he grabbed Juliet's arms and spun her around 180 degrees to face him.

He stared into her large, brown, eyes as she undid his tie and then began unbuttoning his shirt with such ferocity that she ripped put a few buttons, she was desperate to disrobe him. The man pulled Juliet in close, his bare chest touching against her own, skin against skin, her breasts squashed up against his pecs. Her stiff nipples against his chest was more than enough to arouse him and the bulge in his trousers started to grow a little more.

Pressed tightly against each other they kissed once again but this time with even more intensity, their tongues jousting against each other, Juliet felt herself being pushed against the sink. Their bodies tight against each other, she could feel him getting stiff against her thigh.

Juliet took control once more grabbing the man by his tight ass and pulling him over towards the counter, they were still locked in their kiss, maintaining the tight grip they had with each other.

He then put his hands underneath her armpits and picked her up with great strength placing her on top of the kitchen counter, she started to unbutton her jeans as the man walked over to the fridge/freezer, her eyes not removing themselves from the gaze she had on him. He pulled out a tray of ice cubes walking back over to Juliet. He pulled her jeans off with great haste and threw them down to the floor, all she had left were her deep red panties which visibly were getting wet.

Her tongue peeked out from her mouth and licked her lips slowly while she twirled her finger around her right nipple basically pointing out that she needed to feel the cold sensation of the ice against her breast and sensitive nipples. He went in closer as she quickly wrapped her thighs around his waist, she had caught her pray between her legs and knew what she wanted.

He took one of the ice cubes out from the tray and methodically rubbed it against her nipples, it had began to melt already and cold water slid down her boob, he moved downwards and licked this up, his now cold tongue against her soft breast making her body feel a little numb with excitement but she loved it. She took her fingers and pushed her red panties aside and plunged a few fingers around her pussy while he continued to dab her nipples with ice and then gently kiss and lick the water that ran from them.

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Juliet loved having this tongue all over her breasts, moisturizing them with saliva, licking it's way across her cleavage onto her other perky little nipple. Both her nipples were getting even more erect now, she had relatively large nipples and they were a beautiful sight to see when they became stiff. She then felt the man's teeth gently nibble on her left nipple, pulling at it very softly, moving it away from her body and then pinging it back into her chest like an elastic band, it turned her on immensely. He continued to run the ice cube all around her breasts before biting on them once more, it was fully melted down as the ice water gushed down her breast and stomach, finally making it's way down to Juliet's clit.

Seeing the man lightly tug at her hard nipples covered in his icy saliva while she touched her own clit was getting too much for Juliet to handle, his mouth touching her skin was arousing her beyond her control, she needed to feel his cold tongue licking against her dripping wet pussy right this instance!

His head still placed around her breast, licking her nipple, she grabbed hold of his hair with her right hand and started to push his head down towards her bulging clit, she wanted his face pushed firmly up against her pussy, she wanted to see his mouth covered in her own sweet-tasting juice. Before he licked her, he took his index finger and gently slid it up and down her pussy lips before tasting his finger for a small sneak preview of how she would taste. His mouth was watering after tasting how good Juliet was, he moved towards her clit and stuck out his tongue. He started to lick up and down her clit with slow, controlled, meaningful strokes of his tongue.

As soon as his tongue was all over her clit Juliet began to feel the sensation rush through her body from her pussy all the way up to her head, her legs beginning to feel ever so weak as the man continued to lick her pulsating bulge with even lashings of his wet, cold tongue. As he licked her clit he moved a finger up around her pussy lips, he then slid his index finger inside her tight, wet slit and began to move it in and out with just a small amount of movement, he wanted to go slowly at first.

Juliet felt the finger go deep inside her pussy, she loved the feeling of it moving around inside her, being fucked by the man's loving fingers made her head go all light and airy. Juliet's pussy was tight but the man took his middle finger and gently pushed this inside it to join his index, with 2 fingers inside her pussy he began to thrust his fingers with more force and pushed faster, he wanted to really stretch out those lips as much as he could with his fingers. His tongue was licking her clit with faster strokes as he continued to finger-fuck her, Juliet was beginning to moan and breath harder, this was all becoming too much for her, her clit was being pounded by his tongue and she fucking loved it!

The man could see her body was writhing with erotic ecstasy, he didn't want her to cum without being penetrated fully so he removed his fingers from inside her and pulled away his tongue from against her clit. He once again placed his hands under her armpits and picked her up, this time putting her on top of the kitchen table, her tight ass just resting on the edge of it. He unzipped his trousers and removed his boxers, his fully erect cock now in full view of Juliet, her eyes lit up, she knew it was moments away from being deep inside her, the anticipation was making her wet as a river.

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   He took his hand and placed it over his cock, he then touched his cock up against Juliet's clit, his tip just brushing against it, teasing it. He lowered his cock and slid it up and down her lips once to get her juice on the head of his cock.

He then plunged his cock into Juliet's opening, it was tight at first but he pushed it in about three quarters of the way and began to lightly thrust in and out of her pussy with his hard cock. He placed his hand on Juliet's knees and began to apply pressure to her legs, he wanted her to widen them a little for him which in turn would stretch her pussy out just a bit. As his cock moved out of her body briefly before going back in, Juliet could see it covered in her juice, it glistened with her moisture before going back inside her. Juliet's back was now down on the table, the pressure of the cock inside her meant she had a hard time holding herself upright, she was feeling way to fucking good and her body was overcome with a weak feeling.

She then felt his hard cock go balls deep inside her pussy, he pushed it down into her as far as she could manage, using all his thigh muscle to buck his lower body into her. He started to punish her fuck-hole more now, fucking her deeper and faster using his entire thighs and ass to thrust his cock inside her tight opening and at the same time trying to hold himself back from cumming, he loved fucking Juliet but wanted to make her cum first before he released his load inside of her. Her body was moving backwards and forwards across the table as she was fucked with such force, her large breasts were jiggling with the movement.

He pounded and pounded away at her pussy, giving it his all, the strain was becoming almost too much to bare for both of them, he wanted Juliet to cum so badly, her breaths were shortened and strong, they both were beginning to sweat as Juliet called out his name over and again, calling for him to fuck her as hard as the bastard could. She loved to curse at him before climax, call him lewd names and tell him to rape her little fuck hole and make her squirt. He knew she was about to cum at this point as she always started to become more rude when she could not handle the overpowering feeling being created by her pussy.

He then saw her face grimace as she cried out in a high pitched moan of passion, she had reached climax and had to let the world know how fucking awesome she felt. The man was near climax too and knowing this he withdrew his cock from Juliet's pussy and pulled Juliet's head in closer to his cock, she was still feeling the effects of her orgasm but she stuck his hard cock inside her mouth, wrapped her lips around it and sucked on it, her head bobbing up and down, she wanted her man to feel amazing too.

She could feel the cock pulsating against her gums, he was moments away from cumming, he grabbed her head with both hands and fucked her face, his legs became weak and his mouth opened a little.

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   Juliet suddenyl felt the warm cum go inside her mouth and down her throat, almost gagging on his cock she took it out her mouth as cum dribbled down her chin. She could see his cock becoming flaccid as it still oozed cum, she sucked on it, she wanted to suck him dry and clean him all up, even if he was no longer erect. She licked all around his shaft, eating up any left over traces of cum left, she loved the taste.

She got off the table and sat down on one of the chairs, the man went over to grab a wine glass out the cupboard before pulling out a bottle of Merlot from the fridge. He then poured Juliet a glass before bending over to kiss her gently on the lips, they sat together and drank the red wine, Juliet felt worn out, it was a satisfying end to a long, hard day. .


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