A Real Breast Milk Fantasy


Hai, readers,
I am Sanju, 23 years old. I am a regular reader of stories from this site. I never had sex in my life before,
i used to masturbate reading stories from this site and finally i could also fulfill my dream of having sex.
Everyone used to post stories which happened long before. so for a change let it be a fresh experince from me as
it happened only yesterday!This was really a different one and no one would have had such a beautiful sex
experince in their life. Readers please dont get bored let me say about me a little. I am real fascinator of the boobs
and I am longing to get some milk from the udders. It was my luck that i could fulfill this dream also in my first experince.
Ok, then let me move on to the matter, it happened yestreday with my neighbour Remya,i know her from the age of 15,
i was studying my 12th at that time. She had marriage at the age of 20, no she has a chld 3 months old. Her husband is working in Dubai,
he went back to Dubai a week before.

I had never fascinated her from the line of sex before. I used to take news paper from her home to read.
Yesterday evening when i went there to take the paper i sat there and talked with her a litle suddenly her baby began to cry and she asked me
to wait and went inside. After sometime she called me from inside and said that she is feeding her baby and askd me to come inside so that she could
chat with me a little as she was feeling bored. when i went inside i was really stunned to see the sides of her boobs, she suddenly saw me staring and
covered it with the towel nearby.

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   Then i said i will wait ouside. she said it is ok u can sit here. We talked for sometime, but i was really uncomfortable
after seeing a glimpse of her boobs, i was just fascinating about it all the time. she stopped feeding baby put the zip of her nightie and came out.
Then she said she will make some tea for me and went to kitchen. She suddenly came out and i felt her really sad. Then i asked her why?
She said there is no milk for tea,and since it was the first time she said she would make a tea for me and there was no milk!
Then she asked me what she will do? There wasn't even juice powder in her home to make a juice instead fo tea. She felt herself really insulted.
Then i took some courage and said, if you dont feel angry with me i will say a solution. Then she said she will never be angry with me because
she had done the mistake. So i said, "u have milk with urself remya,if u dont mind you can use it. " She was sreally stunned to hear that then after
a minute she said ok, but is very difficult to take milk in the glass by manual milking. I thought this wasthe real chance and i said i will
help her. She said ok and asked me to come inside the bedroom. I felt really I am in a heaven.

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   I asked her to lie over the cot. In that bedroom
there was two cots put together. Then i slowly kept my arms on the top of her mounds and i could see her faace becoming horny. I just run my hands
over her breast and searched for her nipple. She cluched my arms really hard and i reard a moaning sound from her. Mmmmmm. . . . . aaahhhh.
I pressed her breast for sometime over her nightie and i removed the top part of her nightie i could really see the shape of those fruits clearly
she was really fair and those white mounds inside that black bra was really making my penis hard. I took some water from the attached bathroom
near in a mug and took some water ih hand and wetted her bra with that. i really felt something going inside her and she was moaning like anything
I could some partially see the nipples inside those wet bras. Ho! how sweet it was.

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  . . . felt like heaven in front of me. I kneaded her brest over her
bra with water. Her breast was about 10cm high. Not much big, really perfect size fitting inside the hand, she was clasping me very hard when i was doing this
So, i thought i should give her something to hold. so i removed my shorts and underwear and set my manhood free, i placed her hands, one on my penis
and other on my balls. As she clasped it i could feel something going inside me. Then of course i should not forget what am for so i put the two cot seperate leaving
about 15cm gap between the two. Then i asked her to lie down showing her back such that her breast would hung inside the gap of two cots. Then i went underneath the
cot and put my arms through the gap around her body and removed her bra. I cant imagine dear readers how nice her nipples were. Her areola had a size of 1 rupee coin
brown colour with nice erect nipples like cherries. I put my thumb and forfinger on the sides of her nipple and started pulling her nipple. 

   Nothing came i was really
dissappointed. But again i tried pressing her breast from top to bottom with one hand and pulling her nipples with other slowly milk began dripping. I took a glass
and started to milk her breasts one by one. after some time milk began oozing. as i got a half glass of milk, i keptit seperate. I took another glass and took a
half more glass of milk. Coming out i tasted it a little and gave a little to her. I cant control myself. I went and took some milkmaid from the fridge. Luckily there
was also cherries inside the fridge. I took two cherries made it hollow and along with the milkmaid i went into the room i poured some milkmaid over her breasts
and spread it with my hand and fitted the cherries on her nipple. Then i bent down and began to lick the milkmaid from the botom of her breast. I reached the top and
bit on the cherry, she began to moaaaaaaaaaaann then i hungrily sucked the nipples pressing the boobs. Oh! warm milk came into my mouth with nice smell.
How tasty it was i cant imagine!!!! I emptied both her boobs and lied on the bed really tired, she then took the glass of milk poured it over my penis and
began sucking it hardly.

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   She also caressed my balls with her mouth. I loaded my cum into her mouth, she spitted it inthe glass of milk stirred it and drank completely.
Oh1 friends i am really becoming horny narrating this. I cant stop myself i am masturbating with one hand while typing with the other. . . . . the story is not complete
but i cant wait now. . . . . . .

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  . . . . . Oh! I cummed on my system now, my sperm all over the keyboard. . . . I want her milk now!!! I am going to her. . . . please rate how is this
giving comments if your ratings are good i will continue this story tomorrow itself.



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