A party gets Alyssa 22 for a lifetime.


Hi. I am a girl, still young, but I will not reveal my name. Let’s go with the screen name of Alyssa. I’m 18 and I was single for such a long time. Until we had this interactive party with an all-boys school, and of course we as an all-girls school were very delighted during that party. At the party, I met a guy. He’s very kind and cute. Let’s call him Bob. The party started at around 3 PM, but Bob only came at around 4:30 PM. He entered the room and sat down with his friends. After a while, a speed-dating took place and Bob was just seated at the corner playing with his PSP. I sat down and talked to him. “Hi, I’m Alyssa. ” I said. “I’m Bob. ” He replied.

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   I noticed his eyes when they drifted from the PSP, were staring at my legs. I was thinking that maybe he was getting turned-on by my wearing of short shorts. I asked him to go with me to the stairs where there was hardly anybody. And the conversation got even more, exciting. “I kind of noticed your eyes looking at my legs earlier. ” I explained. “Oops, I’m sorry. I guess I was getting a bit erotic. Your shorts are a bit too,--” “Short, I know. I don’t usually do this, only at parties. ” I said. “Wow. ” All he could do was look at my legs, and because of that, I had an idea. “Hey, you know this is my house right?” I asked. “Yeah.

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   Why?” he replied. “You wanna go at it with me?” I suggested. “You mean…” he seemed like he was getting excited. “Yeah, you get to go and lay me. ” I said.
He agreed and we went upstairs. My room was the end of the hallway and so we had to keep quiet to keep my maids from noticing that we were up there. Finally we were there and I noticed it was open, although there was nobody. And so we entered. “This is your room?” he asked. “Yeah, sorry if it’s a bit messy, I--” He spent no time going at it with me. He shut the door and grabbed my hand. He kissed me at the lips and started touching my pussy. When I was able to breathe, I started talking again. “Now aren’t you an energetic one.

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  ” I was amazed. “Sorry, I guess I drank too much Coke. ” He smiled and started kissing me again. He laid me on my bed and started taking off my tube. “Wow, your boobs are, cool. ” He glared. “Whatever. I’m only 15, so get me going. I know we’re both virgins. ” “Alright, but we’re doing this differently. My way. ” He said. And as he said that, he tore open my shorts and my panties with a pair of scissors. He started fucking me, slow at first, then getting faster and faster. After around one minute of fucking, he came outside, on my foot.

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   “Hey, why come on my foot?” I was confused. “I think you should first get very horny before I give it inside. ” He winked. “And now that you’re all set, I’ve invited my friends from downstairs to come here. ” “What? So are you saying you want a gangbang?” I was really scared. “Yeah, we all think you’re really hot. ” He said. “Well, alright, as long as if I am going to be impregnated, it must be by Bob. Okay?” I conditioned with them. “Sure. ” They all agreed in unison. Finally, after a few talking, we got on. Thirteen of them in one group and nine from the other group, their alibi that they were going to look around the house more, that’s twenty-two out of forty-eight in their class who went upstairs. Twenty-two people were surrounding me, all boys and all hard-on. The first to come was one out of the three people I was giving blowjobs to, inside my mouth of course.

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   The second was the one I was giving a foot job to. And third was one of the guys masturbating around me, he came on the sole of my foot. This was a very scary thing for me to do, my first time and already this many guys fucking me. This was the order, three guys on blowjobs, two on hand jobs (one on each of my hand), double vaginal, one guy for anal, two for foot jobs (one on each foot), and the remaining twelve were coming everywhere around me. They would usually come on my legs, face or arms.
Three hours had passed. No one has ever even come looking for us. I was really really fucked up. I mean, if you were to take a picture of me, you won’t see anything because it was all pure white. But they weren’t done yet. Even as I was completely covered in cum and my bed already smelled like cum, they continuously asked me to give them foot jobs or thigh sex them. I asked them all to leave except for Bob. “Bob, no one came inside me, now’s your chance. ” I said “Alright. I’m coming in.

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  ” he stuck his dick in my soaking wet pussy which was covered in cum outside, but still pure in the inside. He stroked and stroked and stroked and came inside me. “Why so little?” I wondered. “I couldn’t come anymore. I think I came twenty times. ” He said. I got mad, and even as I was lying down, immobile, I tried pulling his dick and gave it a blowjob. I pushed him and forced him to go inside my pussy. Finally, I have a baby, maybe. His cum was pouring in and I asked him to put a beaker under the entrance of my pussy. His cum poured out and it started to fill the beaker. “Wow, so many. ” He said. When it was over, I asked him to show it to me. “Wow, it filled up so much.

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  ” I was amazed. It measured at around 20 ml. ‘Probably some cum came from my body’, is what I thought.
I asked Bob to sleep in my room that night and that we would shut the door tight. I was informed through the phone that the guests left at around 18 PM. Bob was lying down watching T. V. I was still lying down in the same position I was after fucking. I couldn’t move because my body was aching. And the cum was so sticky. “Bob, let’s sleep. ” He turned off the T. V. and lied down beside me, with his dick in front of my face. I grabbed it and put it in my cheek and I slept.

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   So did Bob. The next morning I woke up. I could hardly move my face. It was sticky. I grabbed my nearest mirror and saw that cum was on my face. Bob was taking pictures of me last night and was still giving me sperm. I grabbed my phone and told Bob to call his friends again. They came over and started fucking me all over again. I was really horny. This time, my foot was the target. They tied me upside down with my upper body lying on the bed and my legs high up. They took a ladder and I gave them foot jobs. One after another, they came on my foot and it would go down to my body. Bob was the one I was giving a blowjob to. Ever since that day, those guys would come over to fuck me.

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   Around four times to ten times a month.

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