A Night With Sue


I met Sue when we were both your still we didn’t get along too much at first but we grew together. Now Sue is an 18 year old woman she is about 145lbs 5’5” brown hair and eyes and a nice soft set of 34dd tits. I on the other hand am 20 5’11” 195lbs brown hair and eyes with a nice 9” dick. Sue and I have had many sexual encounters before and after this one I am writing about today. But this is one that id always remember because it just sparked out whole relationship.
On this night it was my cousin’s birthday (and this cousin I really don’t care for her and her mother are both stuck up bitches. ) I went down to the hall they booked for the party. And when I got down there it was a complete wreck they were playing oldies and country. And this is totally not me I am more urban punk hip hop kind of guy and so where most of the friends my cousin invited. So after eating a plate of food I walked back home which was less than a mile away to drink some because I figured I couldn’t handle being there unless I was drunk. In under an hour I drank a gallon of vodka and walked back to the hall which I left the friends that were invited. When I got back though one of the women I had a crush on was there and I could see her from the entrance. I was happy to see her I sat next to her and talked to her for a while and then we actually danced to one of the better songs that played. Finally it was about 11o’clock pm when I looked at her and asked her “if she wanted to come back to my house. ”She couldn’t turn me down so I asked my sister to ask her if she could ask her mom if she could spend the night at our house. She asked for me and got the okay from Sue’s mom but her sister and a few other friends tagged along as well.

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   The whole night Sue and I were flirting around all night until everyone feel asleep. We like to get a little bit rough throwing each other around pin then down and tease the other person until we couldn’t take it anymore. We started to kiss each other deeply and kiss each other’s necks and nibble on each other’s ears. Sue was so turned on she pushed my down on my bed and pulled my dick from my pajama pants and started to suck on it. I was only semi hard at the time she did this and after her taking it all the way in her mouth and licking it I was standing at the whole 9” and she was amazed. I pulled Sue up on my bed and took her tank top off and started to suck on her 34dd tits and nibble on her nipples until they stood fully erect. And I slowly moved my hand into her pants playing with her pussy I played with her clit and fingered her for a little bit while I played with here tits. She was letting out little moans and she pulled her pants and thong all the way off. I kicked off my pants and threw off my tank top and Sue crawled up on top of me and slowly led me to her pussy hole. I slowly started to force the tip into her pussy. It was so tight I thought I wouldn’t be able to fit my whole 9” dick inside. But she slowly raised and lowered her hips and steadily inch by inch my dick disappeared inside this young woman. She worked her body while she was on top gyrating her hips around and around and then raising and pounding down on my dick. I reached around and grabbed her thick ass and started to pull her down on my harder and harder until she started to moan out loud. I felt her pussy contracting and I picked up the pace and fucked her through her first orgasm this making her pussy juice drip down on me and on to my bed.

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   I then grabbed her think ass and threw her down on the bed and got between her legs and entered her pussy I began to pound her pussy hard shaking the whole floor. She was meeting my thrust with her own and I started to play with her tits again nibbling and sucking on her nipples and playing with her clit with one of my hands. She started to contract again and I fucked her harder until she spat out some of her cum again and busted deep inside her pussy making even more of her cum ooze out. I pulled out got up and got a drink of water and came back into the room we both drank some and laid back down on my bed naked. I hadn’t had enough yet so I began to finger bang her and run my dick from her ass crack to her clit slowly. Making her wet very fast I pulled her back over the edge of the bed grabbing both her hips and just slammed my dick deep into her now soaking wet pussy. She loved this I reached around with one hand and grabbed her tits playing with her nipples and then also grabbed a hand full of hair. And just began to fuck her hard and deep she loved this because she kept getting more wet until I felt another contraction in her pussy and fucked her though that her cum ran down her leg. I kept on assaulting her pussy every way possible doggy, missionary, etc…. all night we finally got into a 69 position I just ate her pussy while she sucked my dick deepthroating it all. We both went at it like we were crazed I finger fucked and ate her pussy to her 9th orgasm of the night and I finally came in her mouth which was the 4th time I came that night. It was now 6o’clock am sun raising and us both naked with the window open and blind open holding each other. We didn’t care if anyone watched us fuck out brains out.

This is my 4th post I wrote a night I won’t forget, another night I won’t forget, a night with amber and now a night with Sue. I’m sure I’ll write more look for upcoming stories.

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   Write me if you liked if you have any pointers or anything at all. And yes all stories are true.