A night with Amber


September of 2008 I was introduced to this woman named Amber who was 20 about 5’7” 145lbs brown hair and eyes firm 32C tits and nice round ass. One September night she was over at my house we were laying down on my bed. Her back was towards me and I had a major erection pointing right on her ass and I know she felt it because I was in my lounge pants. So I know she wasn’t bothered at this in fact I know she kind of liked it because her breathing started to get deep. I slowly traced her body with my fingers which sent shivers down her spine and I was kissing on her neck lightly. She was so turned on she faced me and pulled my pants down and started to pump my nice thick 9 inch dick. I quickly undressed her and getting to work on her soaking wet pussy putting two fingers at the entrance and slowly pushing them in and working her clit with my thumb. And I started to play with her nipples with my free hand and my tongue. This gave her the first orgasm of the night which then she removed my fingers from her pussy. And she pulled my shirt off me and started to rub my chest while slowly moving down towards my dick.

She slowly licked the tip of my dick a few times while she stroked it slowly from base to tip. She then took my dick into her mouth slowly at first only taking about 4” at a time. I grabbed the back of her head and slowly forced a little more each time she came back down. She then let me take total control and I forced 6” then 6 and a half she then started to gag. I pulled her back so she could catch her breath and then kept feeding her my dick until I got the whole 9” dick in her pretty little mouth. I fucked her face until I unloaded I big thick rope of cum in the back of her mouth.

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   I then put her down on her back and slowly entered he tight pussy. She moaned lightly with every inch I pushed in until I was balls deep. I began to slowly thrust in and out of her tight pussy until her pussy was use to my thick dick. I began to thrust faster and faster with her moans growing louder and louder until it became a light scream. Her pussy started to contract and her body began to shake I kept up the pace through her first squirting orgasm. I then threw both her legs over my shoulders and stepped off the bed standing in the middle of the room swinging her from my torso fucking her deep and hard. She matched my rhythm meeting my thrust while we passionately kissed. Again her pussy contracted and body started to shake this pushed me to the edge but I held back so I could fuck her though her second orgasm. And then I just unloaded my second load of cum deep inside her pussy and I just laid her back on the bed. She than got on all fours and told me to fuck her ass so I took my dick from her pussy and since our cum was going down to her ass I just slid it right in. She had a wonderful tight ass felt like I took that ass virginity. I slowly inched my way deeper and deeper into her ass. I finally got all 9” in that tight little ass and just rested it in there until she loosened up and was use to my dick. I spat on my dick and began to thrust in and out of her ass with her moaning louder and louder. I began to speed up my thrust making her scream in pleasure and her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

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   I could feel every orgasm she went through making her pussy juice flow more and more. Finally after her fifth orgasm she had from me fucking her ass I unloaded a huge load in her ass which just over flowed. I then just pulled out and we both passed out holding each other and completely happy from the amazing sex we just had. .