A neighbourly affair


I had just finished having sex with the 20yo daughter of our neighbour Sue. I had cum and was standing by the bed milking the remaining cum out of my cock and she was laying on the bed naked recovering from a vigorous fuck when her mother walked in on us.
My wife and I had been living next to them for a year and had often invited the family to join my wife and I in our pool. Julie the daughter who has a job which requires her to work unusual hours often used the pool during the day and sun tanned herself naked. I had first noticed her a month or so earlier when I had been working at home and she obviously was unaware I was home. My study overlooked the yard and I watched her lay there and masturbate twice during the hour or so she was there. She has a great body and her performance turned me on and I got quite aroused myself.
 It took me a while to get the courage to walk out to the pool naked as if I was unaware she was there. I gathered she was sexually active and I knew she was not involved in a romance at the time. I had hoped we she might be interested in a bit of nonsense – in fact in my case adultery. Both my wife and I have been involved in a swinging group in the district and often shared different partners in the group.
As I walked out I tried to make out I was unaware of her presence and as I approached her she became agitated at being found there naked.   I said oh shit I didnt realise you were here – I was just going to have a skinny dip. She had not worn any swimmers and was lying on her towel. She tried to cover her pubic region and I said don’t bother I have seen it all before.
She said Bloody hell I didnt know you were home – how long have you been watching.

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I said long enough.   You put on a good show. What I didnt realise that as I was standing there looking at her very shapely body and having seen her finger herself off my cock was firming up.
I don’t know why as I had seen many a woman naked and had experienced sex with many at our swinging meetings.
She saw me firm up and said – shit that thing of yours is getting excited – you are not thinking of fucking me are you.
I said give me a chance and I don’t think I will refuse.
She said you are married – you wouldn’t . . . . . . would you.
I laughed and said – given a chance I would – believe me Jan and I are not exactly models of virtue – we may be married but that doesn’t mean we don’t share it about a bit.
She said what are you telling me – if I agreed.

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  . . . . . you would fuck me.
I said you are very perceptive – I wouldn’t hesitate and by now my cock was rigid and displaying it full eight inches of hard manhood.
She said – holy cow look at it – I havnt seen one as long as that in real life before – its huge.
I said it has made a lot of women happy and it can satisfy that little pussy of yours too if you would like me to. It seems your pussy likes a bit of excitement from what I have seen in the last hour or so.
Oh shit she said – you saw me do that.
I said – twice – and I am hoping you might enjoy a third time, but using something better than your finger.
She had relaxed a bit and was still sitting on the lounge. I stood directly in front of her with my erect cock almost at her eye level.
She said well where do we go from here – that thing is magnificent – can I feel it.

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I said if you want to and she put her hand on it and stroked me a few times.
I have never had one that big before.
I said nows your chance and without another word she just looked me in the eye and said if you are game I am. I said let it be my pleasure and I took her hand and stood her up and I kissed and fondled her breasts and she responded and in moments we were kissing passionately and after a minute she said come on – I want it – now.
 She lay down and opened her legs and I immediately got down over her and without any ceremony or pre-emptive ceremony slipped my cock in between her legs and deep into her moist cunt.
As I slid my hot hard cock into her she sighed the sigh of a contented woman and it was obvious she knew exactly what she was doing and enjoying. She was no novice. We fucked for the best part of 18 or 18 minutes and we both enjoyed what we were doing and she often sighed or moaned with the delight of the biggest cock she had ever had up her vagina. The most she could take into her was about 7 inches as if I went right up her and in deep she squirmed a bit and I recognised that she was uncomfortable and said am I hitting your cervix.
She said yes it is a bit uncomfortable when you are in up to the hilt, I never realised that I could only take so much cock up into me – I have never had one that long in me before.
I said I have to admit most women want the full length of me inside them but not many realise that their cunt is not a fathomless pit, I have bruised quite a few women who want to take all of me up them. Fortunately Jan has no problem with my length she can take it all in – both up her and orally – he is great at deep throat.
Sue said you do oral sex as well.
I said I can teach you that too if you wish.
She said not today maybe some other time .

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It turned out she had never given or received oral sex .
I said whats the chance of you cumming.
She said pretty good – I don’t think I am far off – give me  minute and I think I can make it.
We stopped talking and I fucked her hard and fast and she came with a rush and was quite loud with her orgasm. As soon as she was almost over it I came too and filled her insides with the wonderful ejaculation of warm milky cum out of my cock - spurting four or five loads of baby juice up her and deep inside her.
After I had finished cumming I lay on top of her and we were both gasping for breath and we were soaking wet with sweat. It had been a good fuck from my point of view.
When I pulled my limp cock out of her she began dripping cum out as well, and it was running down between the cheeks of her ass.
She sat up and looked down at her now well fucked cunt dripping cum onto the pool surround and said – shit I cant remember having that much cum up me before – It normally takes a few minutes to flow back and out of me – how much cum did you fill me with a litre?
I laughed and said only girls who fuck well get that much – you are not bad – how long have you been fucking.
She said I lost my virginity at 18 to a prick I thought I loved but after the first time he got what he wanted - a virgin - he pissed off.   He filled me up as well and I was shattered until my period came, I really believed he had got me pregnant.
After that I got onto the pill and I let every guy who wanted to fuck me have it as often as he wanted it. I became a real slut until I fucked a born again Christian and the guy who had just fucked me gave me a sermon on sex – I couldn’t believe it and I stopped for about six months – much to his disappointment  and a few of my regular blokes who were getting it off me every few days. I even had three gang bangs from our local football team – I took on 12 guys one after the other one night and about 8 or 9 a couple of other times. I had my pants of more than they were on at one stage.


Funnily enough when I went celibate it was my mother who realised what I had been doing and she help sort me out.
Then I met this guy and it started all again but only with him – and he wanted it every day and it got wild. I had begun oral and had been fucked in just about every position imaginable but I never let anybody fuck me up the bum – until then, and he wanted it like that - more often in my bum than up my cunt and I was fingering myself off as he fucked my ass and loved cumming in me there.  I ended that after a while and since then I have been pretty selective – like letting you fuck me.
Then she said what will happen if Jenny finds out you have fucked me .
I said she will be very interested to find out what sort of a fuck you are. What you don’t realise is we are in a local swinging group and we have both shared ourselves about with about 18 other couples from around here – you would be surprised who fucks who around here. There are a couple of nymphomaniacs amongst the married women here and my guess is they are getting sex from two or three other husbands as well as their own. I know I can have it with them any time I want and on a couple of occasions one has had a threesome with Jan and I.
You never know we may even invite you to one if you are interested.
She said I will have to give that some thought I never realise Jan was like that.
For the next few weeks  Sue and I fucked fairly regularly – I was trying to organise a threesome with Jan and Sue with me , but Sue was a bit scared of having sex with another woman – particularly Jan who knew I was fucking Sue.
It took a couple of weeks before Sue finally agreed to join Jan and me in a sex partnership and she had her first minor experience of sex with another woman. Jan was willing to take things slowly with her and gradually introduce her into full on sex with another woman. I had oral sex with Sue but she was unwilling to let Jan give her oral sex – but we were both sure she would soon agree if we took things slowly.

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Then it happened – I was fucking Sue in her room one day when her mother walked in just after I had finished fucking her and I was standing there milking the remaining cum out of my cock when she walked in – she had realised something was going on between us and had waited for the right time to catch us. Sue was marvellous and after we had cleaned ourselves up and dressed the three of us sat down and Sue and I talked to her mother and we explained what we had been doing for the past month or so.   She was a bit upset that I had been fucking Sue as a married man, and Sue was a willing partner. The fact I was 18 years older than Sue and 5 years younger than her didnt help. I had to explain Jan knew about us and  had no problems - we were swingers. We didnt inform her of Sues beginnings of a sexual relationship with Jan.
After that Sue and I continued to share sex and gradually lead her into a full on sexual relationship with Jan.   Her mother knew we had remained lovers but had not found out about our increasing three way sexual affairs.
Sue also enquired about joining the swinging group but we had rules there that no single women be admitted to the circle unless they were in a relationship and their male partner joined as well. Another problem was age difference – we were all about the same age in the circle and Sue was younger and that was always a recipe for problems in the group. Even younger couples presented a few problems so we excluded them. I was happy about it too as I had Sue to myself and I would have preferred not to have to share her cunt with any other guy.
There were times when I actually believed Sues mother would have been tempted to have sex with me – her attitude toward me was always friendly and very open about the fact I was fucking her daughter. She occasionally referred to us and if we were enjoying ourselves - if she had been listening it would have been very obvious.  There were a few times she allowed me to see her nude and I was never sure if it was an offer or just testing me.

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   We often we had sex in Sues room when her mother was about and full the full knowledge of us doing what we were. She did find it a bit strange when talking to Jan that she was aware of Sue and I having sex. Jan often said I wish she would just come out and say I know your husband is fucking the ass out of Sue, and bring it out into the open. I dont think I could have actually done it with her as well as her daughter. Her husband had no idea Sue and I were regular lovers.

Any how we are now regular fuckers and have regular threesomes and Sue is now fully into having female sex with Jan and thoroughly enjoys our mixed sexual activity.
Its a very neighbourly affair.




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