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A gracious welcome to all the beautiful ladies, girls and my all dear friends. You can call me lover boy. I have been an avid reader of the sex stories and have been thinking of sharing of my sex story with all of you (Names changed for privacy) Well to begin with i am a friendly guy from Delhi. . I have done my telecommunication engineering from a much known college in Delhi. I am 29 yrs, wheatish, 5'11” tall and have an athletic body. . Without hovering around much let’s get to my story. It was the month of August. Our house was undergoing some work. And the entire work had almost finished and the only thing that was left was a painting which had to be painted. All our house was designed by our architect Sandhya. Though she was an architect by profession she was an excellent paint artist. Sandhya as i used to call her fondly was a gorgeous lady. Approximately 32 years of age. She had a well maintained beautiful body with well blossomed assets with the most lovely ass I had ever seen, it was just so tight yet so blossomed.

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   Due to my soft spoken and my friendly nature with girls immediately struck a chord with Sandhya days went by and we became good friends. I used to flirt with her and complimented her sexy figure (34-26-32). She seemed to like it as she was present all day at our home painting i would get a great view of her ass and her boobs. I always fantasized having a good time with her. Little did I know that would be so great. . as usual next morning Sandhya came up to my place for her work. . boy she was looking so stunning in that black sleeveless salawar that my rod(Lund) almost strange up to salute her beauty. . i welcomed her in and gave a glass of water she began her work and i on purpose offered her help she was trying to reach the top corner of the wall to paint. . but being 5'7 she couldn’t reach it. . i suggested that we should use a small ladder that we had in our home.

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  . she climbed the ladder but was felling uncomfortable so i caught hold of the ladder n her leg. And now my face was just near her lusty ass. . i desperately wanted to fuck her to hell but i didn’t want to hurry it up and wait for the right move. . i purposely shook the stool to lose her balance, and just as she was about to fall i caught her thigh with my one hand and her left ass cheek with the other. . it just felt so sexy. . she got a bit embarrassed and said “yar abh mujhe utar ne do warna tum pata nahi kya kya pakad loge. . ”. . Those word just made go crazy.

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  . And my member was now dancing to nail her chut. She got down with sweat all over her body. . and said. . ”i am feeling tired,thodi der aram karte hai. . ”. . i quickly went towards her and said ” kya main aapko ek secret massage de du appko boht accha lagega. . ”. . guys this is my USP i give great massages to my sex loves.

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  . i bought the massage oil and slowy starter massaging her neck. . her shoulders. . then i slowly lower her zip. . she immediately stopped me and said. . ”tum kya kar rahe ho. . ?. . mujhe sharm aa rahi hai. .

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  ”. . i said. ”arey baba yeh special massage hai just relax. . ”. . i made her remove her salwar and laid her on her stomach flat. . wow it was her bare back with just the strap of her bra. Her boobs were pressed against the mattress. . i slowly put the oil massaged her back. . her shoulders her arms. 

  . I put my hands on her ass and begun to press them lightly then tightened my grip. . i put my middle finger on her ass crack from out of her dress n she just moaned in pleasure. . My heart skipped a beat at her first sign. . My confidence increased. . I made her rest on her back. . now i could see those gorgeous ripe melons. . i took her bra off and slowly began massaging her boobs. .

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  she was co-operating to the fullest. . her breast very juicy n so soft. . i started to pinch her nipples. Her nipples were so pink and on her white body they were looking like protruding pearls. . i sucked her both breast and i bit her nipples. . aah ouch. . ahhh she moaned in pleasure. I look at her sex filled face and planted a deep kiss on her lips. . i was now sitting on her and kissing her.

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  . She put her hands over her head as she was kissing and sucking my tongue. . i looked up and saw her armpits they were so sexy. . i kissed in her armpits and even her sweat tasted like nectar. Now again our tongues were licking each other. . she slowly begin to take my shirt off. . and pressed my nipples it sent an electric shock through my body. . Now i was rubbing my Lund over her chut. . she touched my manhood n said…”plz mujhe tumhara muh main lene do.

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  . ”. . i undid my zip and put my little brother in her mouth. . she started to lick it n kiss it. . with in seconds my whole dick was in her mouth. . i started slowly moving it in and out of her mouth. . boy she was a champ cocksucker. . i took hold of her hair and begin to hit harder in her mouth. I was about to cum but i wanted her to be more satisified then me so i pulled out.

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   I moved towards her belly and kissed her naval then i slowly went down and kissed on her cunt. . aahh. . she said. . ”come on you motherfucker suck my chut. . chato mujhe”. . i took her panties down and i saw the most pleasing thing on earth fully shaven pink cunt wanting to get banged. . i starting kissing those milky white thighs and slowly i went towards her chut. . with sum saliva on my fingers i touched her pussy lips till her ass crack.


  . she was already so wet that i was dying to taste her juices. I put my lips on her pussy and began to lick her like a dog. . with my tongue i was licking her button . . she started screaming . . fuck me faster u dog. . she pushed her ass of the ground and started to push it across my face. . with my middle finger in her asshole. . My other hand pinching her nipples my mouth fucking her gave her a great vibe throughout her body.

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  . My tongue began to act like a dick inside my mouth and i fucked her with my tongue…she was about to explode but i didn’t stop.
    Suddenly her entire body began to shake and…”aaah fuck. . she had a big orgasm and my mouth was tasting her juices. . salty but juicy. . we locked our lips then tasting each other’s juices. . She bit me on my chest. . i was caressing her erect nipples fondling with her boobs. . I went down again this time i took both her legs up and fingered her asshole.

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      . aah . she began to respond immediately. . i began licking her ass crack and she was oozing in juices. . she began to beg me…. ” plz meri chut maro,. plz apna lavda mereme dalo. I want your cock in my burning wet pussy. . without holding back for a second it took my cock in my hands and placed it near her cunt. . Initially i rubbed it on her clitoris and she moaned . .

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      ”andar dalo na plz”. . i put it half in her pussy was so tight. . with 2-3 times pushing in and out i pushed in completly. . i began slowly first then increased my speed. With me on top of her i was kissing her lips her breast. . my motions became much faster and after 18-2o minutes i was about to cum. She had already cum twice and was on the verge of cumin again. . she started abusing me . . ”ohh motherfucker cum for me.

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      . cum in my chut. . fuck me u dog. . ahh. . aww ahh”. . and hearing those words i began to shoot my load from my weapon in her cunt. . i had emptied lots of semen in her cunt it was already flowing out. . she cleaned my dick with her tongue and slept in my arms. Our naked bodies were touching each other.

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      . she was on top of me my dick touching her naval. . we were kissing each other for 5mins. . both of us were hungry. . we had lunch and had our stomach full. . but our sexual desire was still hungry. . she went to the bathroom to shit and left the door open for me to come in. . they very fact that i wanted to fuck her in her ass took me there. . 

      now i was stting in the tub watching her . . after cleaning her ass she. Came inside the bath tub and we both slowly begin kissing each other. . we were rubbing our bodies together with soap. . Pressing her boobs i took her out of the bathroom and wiped her wet body off. . i sat on a chair with my Lund pointing upwards asking sandy to ride it. . she sat on my dick and instantly started to ride it in full swing. . i could feel her warmth inside her cunt. .

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      so we fucked doggie and missionary style before she wanted me to fuck her in her ass. My dick became an inch bigger looking at that sexy asshole. . Wondered how she would manage it. . i entered her it was a bit tighter. . but after few strokes it was heaven. . due to the tight nature i was about to cum. . i took my dick out and gave it in her hands she started moving it in few jerks i came like hell in her mouth. . she completely ate my semen n whipped my dick clean. .

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      i kissed her for several minutes before we had another fuck session. We fucked each other 5 times that day before she had to leave to her home…it is a true fucking story of the most beautiful day of my life. . Hope you all readers loved it. . i would appreciate your responce. . and would encourage me to post my other sex encounters. Girls i am waiting for your response and suggestions. . You can always write into your secret sex friend for friendship and everything (absolutely confidential) At smartandsensible@gmail. com




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