A lot has changed since last time


This is my first story on here, I enjoy reading other stories on here, so i thought i would submit my own. I hope you enjoy it and let me know your feedback.

Let me start off by explaining the situation between my friend, Sarah who is 18, and me at 19. We tried dating before a few months ago but we never really did anything together for the simple fact that she did something I didn’t like, so we just became friends. Which neither of use mined we both really like each other, we always have fun together, and she is a really amazing girl. I should say not super close friend at first but after awhile we started talk pretty much every day now and we are pretty close she tells me everything and when I say that I really mean everything. I also told her everything about me back when we tried the whole dating thing. Like she knows how I am still a virgin and really have no sexual experience and she really likes to tease me about it but I don’t mind it because it’s all in fun.

Well her and I didn’t really talk much just a little here and there just checking in on each other for about 2 and a half months or so, do to both of us being so busy with her finishing high school and her work really needing her like every day and with me currently going to College and have a part time job.

Well during that time I got myself a girlfriend and lost my virginity to her and her to me. May be hard to believe but in that time I’ve gotten a lot of sexual experience and also, I will come to find out I have got really good at it.

So, back to my story Sarah and I have both got a lot less busy and have started talking regularly again like nothing ever happened about 2 weeks ago. I found out she got a boyfriend in that time, I really didn’t know how with her being so busy but I found out she works with him so that must be how. I told her “I was happy for her” and she found out I have got myself a girlfriend. She said “she was glad and that my girlfriend was really lucky to have me because I’m a really great guy. ”So I said to her “she could have had me and still be with me if she hadn’t done what she did.

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  ”She said “that she knows she could and regrets doing it. ”So during the next week or so we did are regular talking to each other regularly along with a little innocent flirting which always happens, but there is nothing wrong with that, we both enjoy it and have fun with it.

On this Saturday she asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner. So, I of course told her I would love to and I would get ready then come pick her up. I texted my girlfriend and said I was going to go eat with Sarah, I told her already that me and Sarah are close friends and she is ok with that, and she said that is fine because we couldn’t hang out tonight anyway because she has to work late.

When getting ready I decided to look good for her since it has been awhile since she saw me. I put on my favorite shirt that really shows of my upper body really nicely. I guess I should tell you a little about myself before I say anything about looking good, well I’m 5’10’’ 180 lbs with short brown hair and I believe I’m a good looking guy , not the best looking but I haven’t got any complaints before. But anyways I go to the gym 3-4 times a week for cardio and weight training so I’m in pretty good shape, my girlfriend love the way my body is so I haven’t had any complaints there either.

As I was turning on her block I sent her a texted saying “I’m just pulling up. ”

She said “I’m already waiting. ”

I’ll tell you a little about her now, she is around 5’5” I would say, light shoulder length brunette hair, and use to weigh around 140. As I pulled up I realized it has been a long time since I saw her, she looks better than ever I would say around 125 now. She lost a little weight since the last time I saw her. She looked good before with being average size, I don’t judge girls by their weight if she is a bigger girl and is amazing I’m ok with that, but I could definitely tell she has lost a little and I was rally liking it.

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As I got out of my car to greet her the first thing I said to her was “wow Sarah you look amazing. ”

“Thanks Jacob you look a good yourself and even better then I remember”

So we hugged each other and then got in my car so we could head to the restaurant . On our way there we talked about the usually things but I couldn’t help but notice that she kept looking over at me and checking me out. Not that I minded her doing it, I found it as a compliment, so as we continued on with our talk the next time I saw her doing it, I looked over at her smiled and asked “is there something wrong?”

She looked up, embarrassed that I caught her checking me out. She gave me her nice smile but I could still tell she was embarrassed and said “no no there is defiantly nothing wrong, I just couldn’t help but notice you have gotten a little bigger muscular wise since the last time I saw you. ”

“Thanks, I started drinking protein shakes a little while back. Glad to see that they are working”

“Yeah they really are working you look better than ever Jacob. ”

“Your to nice Sarah, and don’t think I haven’t noticed that you also have got in a shape. I will also say you are looking great yourself”

I could tell she was glad I noticed and also that I liked it. She just said “oh stop, you’re going to make me blush. ”

I laughed a little and said “well it’s true Sarah you look good before but now you look just stunning.

She gave me a huge smile saying “glad you think so because Tyler, that’s her boyfriend, doesn’t really ever tell me what her thinks about me. ”

“I don’t understand why he wouldn’t you are absolutely gorgeous”

“You’re just so nice and you’re the one who looks gorgeous and even better than ever”

I just smiled and said “thanks. ”

With that we pulled into the parking lot, got out of the car and started walking in and as we were walking in I turned my head to her, to look at her and said “you better not hope on paying for your stuff because if you do, your doing to be disappointed. ”

“No sorry, you are not paying for all my stuff, I can handle it”

“I believe I am it has been awhile since we have hung out and it is my treat.



With that she just smiled saying “well thank you so much” and then she grabbed on to my arm and pulled herself in close.

I didn’t think much of it and just said “you’re welcome”

We got our table together, sat down, ordered our food. While we waited for our food we just talked about everything like we normally do. Then I told her that I got a new place and I just moved in not too long ago. After she heard me say this she asked “can we stop by your place after we are done eating?I want to see what you’ve got. ”

This made me smile as a dirty thought came to my mind and I thought to myself “man, I would love to show her what I have in more than one way” but I just chose to say “yeah we can do that, I hope you like it. ”After we finished eating and me paying we headed off to my place

As we arrived at my place, we walked in, I showed her around, and then we sat down on my couch we chit chatted a little then she said “I really liked your place and I could see myself hanging out here a lot”

“Glad you like it and you can come over whenever you like, I always enjoy hanging out with you”

“I’m glad I can come over whenever I like because that might be quite a lot. "

“That would be nice, I would like that a lot”

She just smiled and asked “you want to watch movie?I am in the mood for a movie especially with you. ”

“Sure why not, which one do you want to watch?”

“Anyone you feel like watching”

"Well have you seen the Last Dragon?If not how about we watch that, because it is one on my favorites?”

“Sounds good to me” she said smiling

I went and grabbed the movie and then put it in. While it was starting I grabbed us something to drink them walked over and sat down next to her. We watched most of the movie when I noticed she got really close to me and started leaning her head on my shoulder. When she did this I lifted my arm and put it around so she could rest her head on my chest. We stayed like this for awhile then she put her hand on my stomach and was running her index finger around in circles. I must admit, I was really enjoying her against me and what she was doing was kind of turning me on. Then she dragged her hand across my stomach up to my chest where she wasn’t laying her head, then started to give my chest a little massage, which I was enjoying, then she stop looked up at me and said “your body feels amazing, I can’t believe how great of shape you have gotten in.

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“I’ve tried hard and I’m glad you like it. Also, I am really enjoying you against me, and you having your hands on me feels so amazing. ”

After I said that she set her hand on my upper thigh which was weird because she has never had her hand that close to my dick before, but I wasn’t going to have her move it away, I liked it. She just looked me in my eyes with her amazing brown eyes that I really like about her and said “I love having my hands on you Jacob, you feel so amazing. If I would feel my hands on your bare skin I would go crazy. ”As she said this she moved up and kissed me a little on the lips and moved her hand down to the bottom of my shirt and started lifting it up.

I put my hand on hers and stopped her from lifting it anymore and said “what are you doing?You know we can’t do?”

“Why can’t we? I know you want to as much as I do. I can tell by the way you look at me. ”

As I moved away from her a little but I said “we just can’t, we both have other people we are seeing. And I do look at you in a different way them just a friend but we just can’t. ”

At this point she kind of got a sad look on her face, and then she said “you have no idea how amazing and special you make me feel. You treat me like no one can or ever will. You tell me how great I look all the time and I love it when you do because I got in shape for you and you only Jacob. I really like you a lot more than just a friend and I have always felt this way about you. I have always wanted to be with you, after us dating didn’t work out I was really sad.

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  I really do like you. ”

With this I felt a little different about her at that moment. I don’t know what exactly came over me but I know I didn’t want her sad because I really do cared for her.
    All I do know is that at that moment I saw her as more than just a friend. I saw her as someone who really cares for me and whom I feel the same way about. I lifted her chin up with my hand so she would look me in the eyes. I rubbed her cheek with my thumb saying “you really are a great girl and I have always liked you more than a friend too. I’m mean, you make me feel on top of the world and I love how you always give me compliments about me. ”

    After hearing my words she smiled and asked “do you really mean that?”

    “I really do and ill prove it to you” with that being said I leaned in to kiss her, our lips touched for the most passionate and amazing kiss I have every felt. This seemed to go on forever and I didn’t want it to stop. But I stopped kissing her and leaned back.

    After that she opened her eyes and said “that was so much better than I remember it being. ”

    “Well a lot has changed since the last time we were together like this. ”

    “Oh really?How much has changed?”

    “Here let me just show you” and after saying that we started kissing more, our lips all over each others. After a little while of making out I felt her hands start to roam my body, from my stomach, to my chest, then around me to my back.

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      I was loving her hands on me so, I started to roam her with my hands, I went from rubbing her thighs, to feeling her amazing set of C cup breasts. I always admired her lovely chest it was just amazing. Then all of she stopped kiss me and said “I think it is time to get this shirt of your off your sexy body. ” As she said this she lifted my shirt up over my head and as soon as she got it off she threw it to the floor and then I saw the biggest smile come on her face as she admired my body.

    “Do you like what you see?” I asked

    “Oh my god yes i do Jacob, your body is even better looking than I thought it would have been. ”

    I didn’t say a word I just smiled then started kissing her again. As we did this I lifted her shirt up over her head and for the first time I saw her boobs in just a bra, I couldn’t wait to see them out of it. And since we know everything about each other she knows what I find extremely hot on a girl. Well she knows I find a black lacy bra and boy shorts just irresistible, and she just so happen to have them on. I stopped kissing her for a second and said “Wow, those are just amazing and you know I find a black lacy bra irresistible, did you know we were going to do this?”

    She laughed and said “I know you do that’s why I wore it and know I didn’t know I just put it on just in case, but I did know I was going to try and get us to this. ”

    “Well it looks like you got your wish. ”

    “And my dream, I have thought about this for the longest time. ”

    “Me to Sarah, I have always wanted you. ”

    She just smiled and started kissing me again. She couldn’t keep her hands off of me and I loved every minute of it.

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      After awhile of this I reached around and unhooked her bra to let the most amazing boobs on the face of this earth free, everything about them were perfect. I took her left one in my right hand and started to work around her nipple with thumb. I could tell she was really enjoying this because she would let soft moans out while she was kissing me. Then I moved to her right one with my left hand and did the same thing and she was starting to go crazy. She stopped kissing me to say “oh my god, that feels so amazing, no one has ever made me feel so great by just playing with my boobs. ”

    “Told you a lot has changed about me since the last time you saw me. ”

    “I can tell you are already amazing, I want to find out what else you have learned”

    So we started kissing again, her continuing exploring my body with her hands and me still playing with her nipples but now I started to rub them between my fingers and this got her really going she started moving her hips around and moan after moan she let out in my mouth as we were kissing. I stopped what I was doing but continued to kiss her but I put one of my arms around and leaned forward so I could lean her back, so now she was laying beneath me.

    I stopped kissing her lips and then kissed her cheek then moved on to kissing her ear and neck then back to her ear. Me knowing everything about her I know she loves when a guy kisses her ears and neck. So I did this for a little bit then I kissed my way down stopping to kiss her collar bone a little which she seemed to enjoy a lot. Then I moved down farther and for the first time I took her left boob in my mouth and started to suck on her nipple while I was sucking I was flicking it with my tongue. This really got her going she was moving around so much now I had to put one of my hands on her thigh to stop her from moving so much, not that I didn’t mind her moving I thought it was really hot. I went from sucking her nipple, to just flicking it with my tongue, to a combination of both. After working on the left, I moved to the right one and did the same thing I did to the left, except this time I played with her left one with my hand as I sucked and played with her right one.

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    After I thought she was good and ready I stop playing and sucking on her boobs and kissed my way back up to her lips making sure to take the long way up and stopping at her ears and neck. I kissed her on the lips with a long kiss. I broke free from the kiss and as I was doing this I started unbuttoning her pants. I zipped down her zipper but didn’t pull them down just yet.

    I stopped and looked up and looked her in the eyes and asked “are you sure you want to take this all the way?”

    She was a little out of breath but she said “I have wanted so long for us to do this. I want to do everything with you. ”

    That is part one if you enjoyed it and want to hear the second part to it just let me know and i will write it then submit it



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