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"You know, I talk to a lot of interesting people online. " She said. "I have even met a couple offline. Well, only one person, actually. She is so cool. " "Oh, really? You should hook us up. " I said, sarcastically. "Hell, if you want, I can. " She said, to my surprise. My sister is not the type to hook me up with girl usually. She feels I'm not only her brother, I'm a very good friend of hers. So, when me and her hypothetical friend break up, she doesn't want to have to distance herself from that friend. Or worse, have to choose a side. Therefore, she just avoids the problem all together. So it does not because a sticky situation. "I was joking sis, I don't get online all that match.

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  " I said, matter-of-factly. "Trust me Tommy, she is worth it. " She said. "Here, here's her e-mail address. " She wrote it down and then said she had to go, and with that, she left. I looked at the slip of paper Ashley had passed me, and just laughed it off, but left it by my PC. ********** Later on that day, I had just entered the house after my evening run. I was exhausted and I decided to take a shower. When I got out of the shower, I thought to myself that "I was going to watch some TV. " I started making a bag of popcorn and to waste time, I decided to get online, and check my e-mail. I signed on, and as usual, all I had in my inbox was; porn, penis enlargement pills, and website services. Just then, the buzzer on my microwave went off I grabbed the popcorn and started watching some news. I don't remember what it exactly was about. That night was about so much more. As I watched the news I realized I was still signed on because I heard an instant message alert.

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   I went to the computer and saw the screen name. I didn't recognize the name and asked who it was. She told me the whole story about how Ashley had told her MY screen name as well and she decided to give me a holler. HOTnBOTHERED: I hope you don't mind me IMin' you. X THouston X: It's cool. I need the IMs every now and again. HOTnBOTHERED: So, you're name is Tommy, right? Well, I'm Vicky. X THouston X: Hi Vicky, nice to finally talk to you. What you up to?HOTnBOTHERED: Not much, just looking to have a good time, somehow. X THouston X: Wish I could help you out there. Where do you live?HOTnBOTHERED: Ohh, I live a bit outside of San Francisco. I hear you live in San Fran. You like it?X THouston X: It's cool. With the way some of the guys are around here, I have less competition. Lol.

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  HOTnBOTHERED: Lol. You're funny. You seem nice. Listen, Tommy, you mind if I ask you a question?X THouston X: Shoot. . . HOTnBOTHERED: Well, I have tried it a couple of times. But, have you ever had cyber sex? With that comment, my jaw dropped. It actually dropped. I was a bit stunned. Here this girl is, asking me, a 21 year old man, if I have ever cybered. I thought that was kid stuff, not that I'm all that old or anything. X THouston X: Isn't that kiddy stuff?HOTnBOTHERED: It all depends on how you do it. Hehe. Trust me, just try it.

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   I have always wondered about it. I didn't really want to try, I almost had to. I felt as if I was just going OT miss out if I ducked this opportunity. Plus, for some reason, this girl go me very hot. She just had a pull on me that would have let her take me whenever she wanted. She just had that. I don't know what it was about her, she could just control men like that. Then, I snapped back into reality with this comment. HOTnBOTHERED: So. . . what are you wearing?X THouston X: Umm. . . just some loose sweat pants and a tank top.

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   What are you wearing?HOTnBOTHERED: I'm sitting here, completely naked, and I'm rubbing myself. Would you like to know where?X THouston X: I really would. HOTnBOTHERED: Well, I have one hand on my left breast, and have my other one is oh-so gently rubbing my clit. What else would you like me to do? I am at your disposal. I was still in a bit of shock, but I was determined to take it further, to see what I've been missing. X THouston X: How about sticking a couple of fingers deep inside of you?HOTnBOTHERED: Hehe, that can happen. How many. Hold on, let me try two. . . . Ohhhhhh. I think I need one more. What do you think?X THouston X: Three does sound about right. Let's make it three.

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   I'm so hard right now. HOTnBOTHERED: Well, why don't you tame that beast. Put your hand around that big bad thing. Start out nice and slow though. I want to have this last. And I did as she told me. I put my hand in my sweats and start stoking my cock slowly up and down. And with my other hand, I was slowly typing. And we continued on. We fucked over the computer for about 45 minutes after that and, I don't know about her, but I came as hard as I had in a while. I was so spent that right after I cam I went to wash up and then fell right asleep. ********** When I awoke, I was somehow happy. Somehow rejoiced. At what, I didn't remember at first. When I went out into the living room, I remembered why.

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   I had left the computer and left the IM with Vicky out in plain view. I didn't even remember until that point. I went to go close the instant message, and then sign off of AOL. When I went to the computer though, I realized she had typed extra messages in the IM after I had left my desk. I started reading and realized she had left me her address and said if she wanted to meet at 10PM tonight, to come over. I knew she meant TONIGHT as we were talking at about 2 in the morning. Finally I wrote down the address, but didn't really think I'd actually meet her. Or would I? That thought was on my mind all day. And I didn't have time to mess with that. This was my only day off, and I wanted to relax. All through breakfast, lunch and dinner, it was bouncing around in my head. Soon, it was nearing time to make a decision. It's was 8:30 and I had to think. I would have to get read so I could head over and I would need to make a choice quickly. Finally, I decided to go for it.


   I had to, I needed to know what she looked like. I was going to take a shower, put on something real nice, yet date like. Then I was going to head over to the place with that address, and meet this wonderful woman for the first time. I couldn't wait, and I quickly moved into the bathroom. ********** After my shower and quick shave, it was now 9PM, so I had an hour. I got dressed in some nice crisp slacks with a dark maroon dress shirt. I thought about it and looked in the mirror and approved. I should have, it was the third outfit I had tried. Finally I started sitting around waiting. TIME WAS SO SLOW! I wanted to curse the clock out damn near. Finally I took the address with me and head off to the spot she had directed me to. When I arrived, I was so nervous. I got out of my car, my hands shaking as if I had parkinsin decease. I tried calming myself down. As I walked into the lobby of the hotel, I decided to just act normal, like on any other date, but to no avail.

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   I asked what floor she was on, since she didn't tell me and I moved over to the elevator. I was on the floor and was right at her room. I took in a deep breath and then knocked. I was waiting anxiously. Finally the door swung open. It now all made sense. The reason she had a pull on me, was because my sister had that affect on all men. And the women at my door was. . my sister! I was damn near stunned, and I almost wanted to pass out. What she was wearing didn't help out either. She had on a strapless black push up bra, when she didn't need the push. She had on some matching panties that hugged her beautifully. She took me into the room and I was breathing heavy. "Calm down bro.

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   It's me, Ash. " She said, trying to calm me down. "What the hell is going on?" I asked, trying to figure this all out. "Well, ever since I hit puberty, I have had a huge crush on yo- I KNOW I KNOW, It's wrong. I can't help it. " She said. " I really can't help it. " "We are related though. How can this be?" I asked. "Are you saying then that it was you online, and I'm here to meet you?" "Well, you're hear to meet Vicky. " I sister said, smartass like. "Maybe it should be that way. For tonight, it doesn't have to be your sister Ash, it can be Vicky. " "Wha-" I began to say, before being cut off with a hot kiss on the lips. To this day, I don't know why I didn't pull away from her lips.


   Well, I do know why I didn't, but maybe I should. Nonetheless, I was trapped in this moment. If I died doing that, I would have gone to hell and would have been the happiest person in there. We wrapped our arms around each other, and were oh-so into the kiss. But finally I pulled away from her. "Fuck this. " I said, instantly. "We can't do this. No way. " "You know you want to, you want me. " And she was right. How I wanted her, and with one final thought about whether or not to fuck her right there, I wrapped my arms around her again and locked in on the kiss. Her tits were beautifully pressed again my thin shirt, making me instantly erect. I had known my sister was hot, but for those moments she was gorgeous. Huge breast that were somehow perky.

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   Tight ABS and small waist that lead into great hips. Her legs were miles long and they had one hell of an ass at the top of them. She was so damn sexy. After a while, she pulled back and started unbuttoning my shirt. She damn near ripped it off. I took my pants off as fast as possible and then slid my boxers off as well. As I did that, she went down into a squatting position and grabbed onto my fully erect 7 and half inch cock. After this there was no turning back and she just started away at my cock. "Mmmmm," was all I could manage. "Ohh yeah. " She took at first only the tip of my cock in her mouth, slowly sucking on it. Licking around the tip and holding my dick at the base. She wrapped her tongue around my tip as much as possible and then sucked softly on my cock as she began to stroke my cock slowly. I placed one hand on her head and the other held her hair out of the way. She was always a pretty girl, but she never looked as glorious as she did at that moment.

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   She looked so different right now. So fucking sexy! She had about three-fourths of my cock in her mouth and she was moving very fast. Until she was finally deep throating my entire cock. She pulled me out and started jacking me off rather fast. She then moved back in, but to start licking on my balls. She had one of my nuts in her mouth completely sucking on it as she slowly stroked me off. "Ahh, I'm going to cum!" I said, and all of a sudden, she stopped. She said she wanted me to cum on or inside of her, and she then led me onto her seventh floor balcony. She was soaking in her panties and her bra couldn't even hold in her tits. So I slid of her panties as she snapped off her bra. While I was down there I took in the scent of her splendid mount. I had to taste that taboo mystery. I just had to. So, with no hesitation I dove right in. I slowly licked at her cunt lips and tasted for the first time my sisters yummy love juices.

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   Just from the touch of my tongue, she would shiver. That turned me on. I slowly started licking up and down her clit and then moved to her lips I gave her a little kiss and then dipped my tongue into her snatch. "Ohh yeah, just like that baby, just like that. Right there. " She instructed me. She was leaning against the balcony railing and had one leg over my shoulder and a hand in my hair. She was getting even wetter. I licked up all her juices and kept eating away. I put my tongue deep into her crevice and kept pressing it in more and more. I reached up with one hand and started playing with her tit as she played with her other. Then with my other hand I started rubbing her clit. After that, she couldn't hold out any longer. "Mmmmmm, FUCK!" She screamed. "Ohhhhh FUCK ME!" She blurted out as she rode out her second powerful orgasmic wave.

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   With her taste still on my lips and her quivering and laughing a bit, I moved up her body, until my lips met her. I pressed up against her and she tasted her own pussy and I'm sure liked it. As I did. Me smiled a bit, a tad sweaty, even at as high as we were. Her body pressed firmly up against mine, I then placed my hard cock at the entrance to her soaked vaginal opening. I then gently pressed in as we began to kiss. I noticed her slightly moan as we kissed and then pressed in further. I finally got in all the way and started pushing in and out at a steady pace. She was moaning with every pump and I was loving it all. "Ahh. Ahh. Hmm. Ohh. " Was all she could manage as I thrusted in and out. I was trying extra hard not to cum in her at that moment, she was so tight, warm and wet, all at the same time.

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   She felt so good. After so more thrusting, she turned around and hung over the balcony and I held onto her snugly. I wrapped my arms around her and then I began to fuck her from behind as she lead my cock into her cunt once again. I pounded her from behind, because I enjoyed seeing her tits sway back and forth. She was moaning so loud, I was roughly tapping her g spot with my cock completely in her. "Don't stop baby, keep going!" She said. "Fuck me bro, Tommy fuck me!" My balls were slapping up against her and I could hear a smacking noise made between us. I kept ramming forward and was going faster and faster as sweat trickles down our bodies. I was going hard in her and soon she was almost crying out. Finally she delivered a huge orgasm and let loose, but I held her up. She then had another orgasm as I kept connecting with her cunt box. I was thrusting away when I felt my own climax coming. I held onto her waist, to keep her up and then held onto her tit with my other hand. She was holding onto the railing trying to stay up. She was drained.

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   I started fucking her hard and rough, with my cock going in and out all the way into her. She was bucking her ass at me and finally, as I began to cum I started rubbing her clit and we cam at the same me, as I was inside of her. I should have been worried, but, to be honest, I had no worries at that moment. Hell, she was "Vicky" that night, but I know she was Ashley. And she had that pull with other guys, and she would have it with me. How would I be different? Why would I be different? I don't believe I am different. I can't help it. She is my sister, but she is now a little more to me, and we now have a new connection. It's safe to sy, I got a lttle more out of thatthen just some computer fun. THE END. . Please, give some feedback, I hope you all enjoy. .



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