A Hot Night


The night was hot; her slender legs grew damp with sweat in spite of her nakedness and the thin covers. She smiled pleasantly as she heard the door open and the familiar outline approached her bed in the darkness. A few seconds later she felt the weight settle beside her and softly whispered: “Hi”

His voice shook slightly, “Sorry, did I wake you?”

“Not really” she lied.

He deliberately leaned forward and softly kissed her on the lips, savoring the faded taste of weed and cigarettes, wondering if she could smell the whisky on his breath.

“Scotch?” she asked.

“Yeah, a little” he answered.

“Tastes good…” she replied huskily.

She delicately ran her tongue though his lips, knowing perfectly well the effect she was having on him.
Carefully he pressed himself against her, and holding her tongue between his teeth for a second before kissing her hard and deep.

His hands roamed her neck and back slowly, as if tasting her with the tip of his fingers. She shivered slightly against his touch. He broke the kiss with a sly smile, and whispered into her ear almost inaudibly “You feel good. . . ”
He was cut short by the feeling of her hand pressing against his crotch.

“So do you” she replied.

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She carefully unclasped the button that confined his instantly raging hard-on. Her grip held loosely upon his shaft, she stroked him softly through the thin boxer material.

He kissed her as he sloppily kicked off his pants and shoes, pulling himself closer to her, and finally landing a hand between her silky legs. He heard her moan as he moved his hand up, and felt her quiver as he neared her outer labia. Slowly he inserted a finger in her and was surprised at finding that she was already wet.

He fingered her as she managed to pull down his boxers, finally gripping his erection with her delicate hands.
As the wet and stroking sounds filled the room, the heat grew heavier, and she spread her legs wider to give him better access.

“Fuck me” she begged.

“All in due time” He replied, “First, I want to taste you. ”

He carefully placed himself between her legs and slowly kissed her forehead, her eyelids, her nose; slowly working his tongue and lips down to her chest. He licked and sucked on her perky nipples, now rock hard from excitement. Reaching her stomach, he danced around her belly button, and finally transgressed into her more private areas.

“Shaved?” he asked, surprised.

“Landing strip” she laughed back.


Following the narrow strip of hair, he finally reached her love button, and flicked his tongue around it.

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  He felt her squirm as she moaned slowly, and he continued to apply pressure on the little mound. Her clit swelled up as he nibbled, sucked, and bit at it, working her closer and closer to an orgasm.

After a few minutes, he felt her grab his hair, and started pushing her hips against his face. She ground his mouth,a cue he’d been waiting for, and he roughly stuck to fingers in her as he continued to work her clit with his mouth.

“Ugh… Ohhh…” she moaned. “Don’t stop now. ”

He valiantly obeyed.

Her orgasm tore through her body like lightning, her legs wrapped around his head as she exploded in his mouth.

Her juices drenched his face, his tongue lapping at her like a madman. The pressure released, and she lay back, panting.

“That was great” she said.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. ” He laughed.

“But now its my turn to have you at my mercy” she replied.
Wasting no time on foreplay she grabbed his cock and guided it into her mouth.

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   Her lips parted, letting the bulbous head rest on her tongue. She slowly closed her mouth and massaged the tip. Pulling him out, she licked the sides of his shaft, working her way upwards towards the mushroom head. She licked and whispered:

“Do you like it?”

“God, yes…” he moaned.

She continued to work his shaft slowly with her mouth, brining him in to spin her tongue around him, and pulling him out to kiss and lick the head.

She sped up, taking him deep into her throat, and stroking him with her hand. He caressed her hair slowly, keeping her at a steady pace. He felt his balls tense up, the pressure build, and she felt it too. His legs quivered slightly, and she could hear him moaning under his breath. She felt a jolt in his body as he finally groaned and unloaded into her mouth.

She sucked the cum from his dick greedily, rubbing him with her tongue as she pulled string after string of hot sperm down her throat. She felt him weaken, and pulled him out, letting the last shot of cum hit her on the face and sensually licked his dick clean of all traces. Then she slowly brought his shaft to her face and rubbed the remaining cum on her face onto her skin with it.

“You’re still hard” she said

“Of course I am” he answered,“Now we fuck. ”

He pulled her up by the hair up to him, settling her on top of him.

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“Ride me” he ordered.

    She complied by grabbing his cock and slowly lowering herself to meet him. She rubbed herself against his dick, enjoying the contact on her sensitive clit. Finally, she plunged down and wrapped him in her pussy.

    He felt her tightness envelop his dick, sliding down easily due to the previous lubrication. She slowly bounced on top of him, grinding her hips against his, meeting his every stroke. Her tits bounced steadily, and he gazed into her eyes as he brought his face to her left breast. Still riding him, she moaned as her nipple hit his warm lips and tongue.
    He grabbed her ass, guiding her strokes as he suckled on his breast, feeling her pussy tighten around his cock as she fucked him.

    A few seconds later he rolled her over, and pulling her legs on his shoulders, hammered into her pussy. He heard her moan between the squeaks of the bed as he pounded her. Stroke after stroke, she felt him grow harder and harder in her, filling up her pussy completely.

    He rammed faster and faster into her, the bedposts now banging against the wall, her subtle moans turning into ragged breaths and gasps. He grabbed both her legs as he felt her juices soak into him again. Working deep, deliberate strokes now, he pushed her over the edge, fucking her hard as her orgasm ripped through her pussy.

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       Her face contorted in pleasure, he worked her until she was but a doll at his mercy.

    Feeling his own orgasm building up, he turned her on her stomach, pushing her face down and bringing her ass up. On her chest, exhausted, with her quivering legs holding her pelvis up, she felt him enter her from behind. He pounded roughly into her, working himself to a climax as she panted heavily on the bed covers.

    “I’m gonna cum” he announced.

    “Cum in my ass”she managed to reply.

    “Oh Godddd!!!” he exclaimed as he took her anally in a single stroke, unloading a hot stream of cum into her rectum. Pulse after pulse of burning sperm invaded her ass, instantly working her into another forceful orgasm.

    He felt her pussy gush out a couple more times as he pulled out of her ass, dropping on top of her, and finally rolling to her side…

    “That was nice” he laughed.

    “Wasn’t it?” she said, and pulled him into a tender kiss before shutting her eyes and snuggling beside for a good night’s sleep.

    THE END! For now… First story, comments are welcome. I didnt want to use names because I wanted readers to be able to associate it with themselves if they wanted. Hopefully this doesn't make it too hard to read and enjoy.