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Initial years of our marriage were rather dry with both being illiterate in terms of sex life. We just did it for the sake of doing it. She was also totally unexposed to sex. I had to show and teach her everything. I am sure, many of our fellow Indian's go through the same situation. Slowly, I started to feel more and hornier, but my wife was not achieving that state of sexiness. I found out that likewise she is very hot but keeps herself covered and quiet. I decided to train her fully to make her just like any foreign lady, which I liked very much. It took years of trial and error and efforts and today the results are mind-blowing. I am narrating most of the things here. I need your feedback also. Obviously, as everyone starts, I started by bringing hot stories at home from Internet. But, the problem I faced was her poor English. So I brought Hindi stories from sextails. com. Every week I used to bring in 4-5 sex stories.

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   Initially, she didn't like them, but slowly she herself asked me to get more. Let me tell you her statistics: She is 5'5" tall, fair, with a figure of 36-32-34. When she dresses well, no man can pass her without checking her face and boobs. After that I bought a laptop especially for this purpose and brought dozens of Cd's and DVDs and we started watching them. Initially, we liked to see cpl porn flicks. . . that slowly progressed to 3sums and group and finally there was no limit. We enjoyed everything in porn. Next I planned of using names while making love to her. So I asked her, whom you like from our known ones. . . Till months she did not take any names. Finally, she gave me 2-3 names of some of my best friends.

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   I encouraged her to give me hot photographs of her. For this I bought a 6MP camera for 17,000/- especially for this. Then I started taking her pics and posted them on net to get comments. I got some of the hottest comments. I also started sending some of the pics to those 2-3 of my friends. One of them, asked for more. I told him that I do not have and need to take more. And I need some couple pics. I asked him would he help me. He said sure. He too was eyeing my wife since years. Anyone would! One day I took my wife to his home. We set and started talking. He said he has got some porn movies. I said, let’s see.

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   He started one of them on his laptop. We 3 were watching it. I started caressing my wife's back and she started caressing my thighs. I told my friend, why you don’t take some pics of us. He said OK. Then he took 20-25 pics of us in various hot positions like kissing, hugging, caressing boobs and she holding my penis and all that. But, all with clothes on. Yes, lots of cleavage was on display all the time and my friend also got a solid hard on. . . This made my free in front of that friend of mine. Next I planned a car trip with my three friends. We went for a long drive in the evening. I started a game in which any one person can tell other person to do something or he will be punished. This led to many erotic things.

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   First I asked her to caress my friend's thighs and also he to do the same to her. Next, I asked my friend to feel her boobs. She was wearing a tight t-shirt and jeans. So feeling her boobs was a fantastic experience for him. I also loved the sight while driving the car. He was cupping her breasts from the backseat and my wife's eyes were closed and was moaning. I took her one hand and placed it on my thigh; she caressed my thigh and grabbed my erect penis. Oh! I was in heaven seeing my wife's boobs in my friend’s hands and my penis in her hand. After that, I asked my wife to remove her bra and give it to my friend. She removed it and gave it to him. Next I asked my friend to feel the boobs from inside the t-shirt. He immediately came forward and inserted one hand from top and another from bottom of the t-shirt and grabbed both the boobs and started playing with the erect nipples between his thumb and finger. I asked her to grab his penis in his pants. She immediately did that and her hand was on my penis. She was facing me as both her hands were holding the penises.

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   This went on for 5 minutes. Next I asked my friend to lower his pants and show his dick. He did that and I asked her to hold it. First time in her life she touched a penis other than mine. She immediately said, WOW, it’s bigger and thicker. I was happy! They both enjoyed boobs and penis for 18 more minutes in complete silence, just her moans. After dropping my friend home, we fucked each other like dogs. My wife tells me that I am the best boob sucker in the world and if any woman gets her boobs sucked by me then she will never forget the experience throughout her life. I suck her for 20 minutes on each of her boob while I finger her pussy. She loves it and feels like in heaven. Now, I started asking her whether she wants dick in her pussy of my friend and she responded by saying yes. This we did for many days and each night she told me that she wants another dick in her pussy. Now I am confirmed that she wants to get fucked by another dick. To make her more bold and free, I told her that lets go to a mall and roam around, but you need to wear a white shirt on jeans and no bra inside and no panties. Initially, she said no and later she agreed happily.

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   Well, she was looking hot and when we went there, I could see her boobs swaying here and there and she too felt it. I saw guys stealing looks at her big moving boobs. Wow, what a sight to see. I wanted to make her free and bold and so I did all this things. In return, I was getting a hot wife who would do anything in sex. Now, since she was free with my friend, we saw few porn movies on my mobile at a public place too and showed my wife his erected dick through his pant. While she was watching his dick, I hit my friend on his dick in the public and we all started laughing. Then I told him, see how hard her nipples are and touched her boobs in public. After few days, I again arranged for a car trip. This time I asked her to sit on the back seat and enjoy. Within no time, my friend’s pants were lowered with his big dick in my wife's lovely hand and my friends hand on her naked boobs. He kissed the boobs and started sucking them while my wife was stroking his dick. This went on for 20 minutes while I was driving the car. He was about to cum; my wife masturbated him in a handkerchief and threw it outside the window. After some more driving, he got erect again! Next he sat down between the seats and made my wife lie on the back seat.

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   He sucked her boobs and started fingering her pussy and she was moaning too loudly. I could see all that and was feeling too horny. I also inserted my fingers in her pussy along with my friend's finger and she immediately came. Later I kept caressing her thighs while my friend fingered her pussy and sucked on her boobs. We drove for 20 more minutes before I dropped him at his place. That night, after going home, she took a bath and came out fresh with a small wrap around. I kissed her on her lips and pressed her boobs while she grabbed my cock from my pants. I switched off all the lights, removed her towel and kissed her everywhere. I too got rid of all the clothes. After that, I made her stand in our balcony with her hands on the grill. She bent down. Her lovely ass was in my hand and the whole world was visible to us from the balcony. I inserted my cock in her wet juicy pussy from behind and started stroking her slowly. As her moans increased, my strokes also got wilder and wilder. After 18 minutes of stroking, I asked her to come on the bed.

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   She again jumped on the bed with her ass on my side. I lifted one leg of her in my hand and inserted my cock again in the wet pussy and fucked her hard for 18 more minutes. It was a mind blowing experience to fuck my hot wife with her one leg in my hand in doggy style. On that night, she came 5 times!!!!! See friends, how successful I am. I converted my shy, reserved wife into a hot, frank, free and bold wife. Next, I am planning to get a real dick inside her. For that, I will write another story. Actually, we would love to interact with nice couples who are from Mumbai and are young, hot and open minded. Hello readers, I am a writing my own life-experience over here. Everything is 100% true. It has been almost 18 years now since our marriage and today I feel that I have the hottest and horniest wife in the world. My wife is OK with me fingering other babes. So any couple or female want to enjoy, do contact us. I need your comments and ideas for making my wife further hot and bold. Contact us on urpussysucker@hotmail.

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