A hard Afternoon with Alyson


Nobody is at my house one Saturday afternoon, and Alyson and I have nothing planned for the day. We both worked hard during the week at the summer camp as counselors, and are enjoying our time off today together. We have been dating for about 18 months now, slowly but surely exploring each other sexually.
We lay on the L shaped couch in the living room, I sit straight up facing the tv while Alyson lays the other, her head resting on my crotch. After about 5 minutes of her head being so close to my dick, I naturally start getting an erection. Soon she begins to feel its girth rising and lengthening through my cutoff jean shorts.
She looks up at me, with a smile across her face. “Oh what do we have here?” She asks as she sits up and begins rubbing at my crotch atop my jorts. I reply, “Well, we have a few hours alone, and I just couldn’t stop thinking about the things I wanna do to you”.
“Oh ya? Like what??” Alyson replies as she suddenly begins taking her shirt off over her head. I watch her as she takes it off and throws it across the couch. Her tight tanned torso is exposed now and right in front of me, her perky size B+ titties just behind her tight pink bra. I place my hand on her abs and rub them gently as I immediately start licking her neck, her chest, between her titties above her bra, her stomach muscles, all around, while my hand caresses her back and shoulders.
“Well, things like tearing off all your clothes…” I go on, as I quickly undo her bra clasps behind her and slide her bra straps off her muscular shoulders. “Getting you down to nothing, then fucking you… so hard… so your tits bounce and shake all over back and forth, up and down…” I continue.
“Oh, I think we can manage that…!” she replies.

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   She throws off my shirt and undoes my jorts in an instant and I kick them off my body. Now we are both in our underwear, me in boxer briefs, her in a matching pink g-string thong.
We start making out passionately with full force while the television mutters in the background. I am rubbing all over Alysons tiny little petite body with my hands and she’s having a hard time controlling herself.
After a few minutes of making out in our underwear, I get up off the couch and go lock the back door and front door. This puts Alysons worries at ease and now as I pass the couch to the front door, I tell her, “Go get in my bed I’ll be right there. ” So she pops up off the couch and takes her belongings with her to my bedroom. I grab my clothes too and take them to my room. I shut the door behind me and close the blinds that see out to the street.
I turn a lamp on for some light in the room and I turn to see Alyson laying on her back in the middle of my queen size bed, Her bare chest exposed, her legs sprawled out in two separate ways. Her shortly trimmed pubic hair barely hangs out of the sides of her tiny thong.
I immediately grab both sides of her thong and rip it down off of her, to her ankles. This exposes her moistened tight pink pussy and she moans and squeals when I do so. I grab onto each of her inner thighs with my hands and spread her legs wide apart. Then I slowly descend in between her legs and tilt her ass up into the air.

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   This brings her pink twat up in the air and easier for me to slather my mouth on. I slowly get closer and closer to her clit and lips while our eyes lock onto each others.
Finally I make a quick move and start slamming my tongue in and around her juicy wet cunt. Alyson throws her head back up to the ceiling and screams loudly. “Oh my God!!! YAAAA! Dig that tongue deep into my pussy baby, YAA!!!” She screams as I eat the ever living shit out of her.
I slobber all around her pussy lips and let spit ooze out of my mouth down onto her tiny cunt hole. I’m keeping my eyes looking at her face as she tries to sit forward like she’s doing a sit up to watch me devour her. Alysons mouth is stuck wide open, as wide as it can get, and I’m now sucking and flicking with my tongue her tiny hard clitoris. “OH! OH! OH! Shit YAA!” she murmurs.
I have my hands behind her thighs, and I’m pushing them back to her chest so her cunt gets pulled as wide open as it can be. I continue stimulating her clit with my tongue and spit. Then I put my elbow across her legs to hold them up with one arm, and with my free hand I sneak it down slowly. While I tongue fuck the hell out of her clit, I suddenly slide my pointer finger slowly but deep into her tiny pink hole. I begin licking and finger fucking her at the same pace. My face is covered in her juices and my spit.

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“Oh…Oh. . John ya, don’t stop, keep going just like that!! You’re gonna make me cum, don’t stop don’t stop!!! OH FUCKKK! Uh! UHH!UHH SHIIIITT!!” She begins screaming at the top of her lungs as she starts uncontrollably gyrating her hips at my face ferociously. She humps upwards at my face so rigorously that I let her begin face fucking me instead. I keep my head still while she humps and jams her clit and cunt all up into my lips and tongue.
Alyson begins orgasming on my face wildly, screaming up into the room, the ceiling makes her echo. Her hips drive hard at my face while her hand is wrapped around the back of my head. She shoves my face as hard as she can into her cumming twat with her hand and gyrates her hips wildly up into the air.
After 20 seconds of this she lets go of my head and I keep her pushed down on her back on my bed. I quickly climb up on top of her and place my feet on either side of her naked body. I’m hovering above her chest now, gently jerking at my long hard dong. She wastes no time at all and grabs both my butt cheeks from behind and underneath. She pulls my body down onto her chest so that my cock sits firmly just in front of her mouth.
Aly is flat on her back and I’m lunged forward, my arms holding my weight above her head on the head board. My feet are placed firmly on the bed staggered.

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   Suddenly Alyson pulls hard on my ass and forces the tip of my long cock into her open mouth. She takes a little bit of it in and we lock eyes with each other. She stares at me while she begins to work my big dick in and out of her mouth. Her luscious lips are wrapped around it tightly.
I begin thrusting forward at Aly’s face so that my cock jams deeper and deeper into her mouth. She continues to stare at me while I pump my dick hard into her wide open mouth. After about a minute, I fuck her face even harder than before, so the tip of my dick hits the back of her throat. She gags a little bit at first, so I pull up and out of her mouth, she takes a deep breath. Then she sits her head forward to my cock looking straight back at her and she spits a giant load of saliva onto the top of my cock, then pulls it back intoher mouth and rests her head back down. I keep face fucking her from above and she begins grunting every time I shove my dick into her throat.
Finally after about 5 minutes of her sucking my cock like a whore, I get up and off of her. She sits up and I stand next to the bed and we lock eyes again. She says in a low voice, “Get over here and fuck me like I’ve been a bad girl… I want you to stick your long hard dick as deep as you can into my wet cunt… come on baby!”
The sun shines through the wooden shades of my bedroom and the nightstand lamp is on. I descend upon Alyson and grab hold of the backs of her knees. Her cunt is sopping wet, my cock is harder than ever, and we are both butt ass naked.

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   I push her legs up against her chest, like folding her in half and spread them apart. I watch closely from above as I push my cock gently up against her juicy pussy lips. Alyson lets out a loud groan, “OHHH………COME ON AND FUCK ME! RAM IT IN ME NOW!” She murmurs. So I move back a bit and aim for her tight pink hole. I slowly ease the tip of my throbbing penis inside of her as she gasps. I pump in and out of her very softly, getting the head of my dick nice and wet.
Her twat juice lubricates my cock within seconds and I feel like I can begin penetrating her deeper. As I make my initial push in, Alyson screams out loudly, “OH GOD JOHN YOUR COCK IS SO BIG, IT FILLS MY TIGHT… PINK… PUSSY… SO GOOD!!! YA THAT’S IT NICE AND SLOW I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME TILL YOU EXPLODE INSIDE ME. ”
I fuck Alyson on my bed in the missionary position for 20 minutes. She has 2 orgasms while my cock is as deep as it can go inside of her. After 20 minutes I’m fucking her as hard as she can take it, as hard as I can, as fast as I can pump in and out of her cunt. I begin losing energy from the constant thrusting hard into her, so I slow down and pull my dick out. I lay back on the bed on my back and we breathes heavily for a few minutes. We dry the sweat off of our naked bodies and then she asks, “WHAT POSITION DO YOU WANT NEXT? HM? YOU WANT ME TO FUCK YOUR DICK WHILE YOU WATCH?”
Alyson responds, “HMMM.

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She regains her energy and slowly sticks my throbbing aching cock into her pussy. She falls down onto it suddenly, plopping down and making a loud squishing noise. Her cunt is so wet that it’s shooting drops of water out when she pounces down on my throbbing cock.
I try and relax as she starts jumping up and down on my bed, landing on my hard cock with aggressive force. She keeps a steady pace, bouncing up and down, her perky little titties shaking and moving across her chest. Alyson faces me as she rides my dick, but her face shows that shes concentrating hard. Her eyes are closed tightly, her mouth is open, and every time she lands on my long cock, she makes a whimpering noise and takes another breath in.
After 5 minutes of her bouncing on my dick, she begins slowing down and then comes to a stop while my cock is still lodged deep inside her vagina. She places her hands on my chest and says, “OK, YOU CAN GET OUT YOUR PHONE, BUT I WANT TO SEE THEM AS YOU TAKE THEM. WE CAN BOTH LOOK AT THEM OK? DON’T HIDE ANY FROM ME. ”
I agree, and pull out my phone.

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   I open the camera and the first photo I snap is a steady close up of my big cock jamming up into her tight wet twat. She pauses as I snap the picture, then begins again slowly on top of me. I turn the phone around to her so she can see and when she sees it she grunts and fucks me harder.
Next I push her off of me aggressively and put her on all fours on the bed. I slowly move in from her rear and take my position behind her. She is not sure what I am doing as I forcefully push her head down into the covers and pillows. She gets the idea and archs her back down and sticks her ass high up into the air. I place my legs and feet on the sides of her and descend down to her waiting ass.
I slowly and rhythmically get my dick into her soaking wet twat from behind and then take another picture. I snap the photo just as my shaft slides out but the tip is still buried in her. She hears the phone take the picture and then she thrusts backwards at me with her ass and my cock disappears back inside of her. She begins moving back and forth rhythmically as I watch in awe as my throbbing cock runs into her tight pink twat and back out again.
Alyson is fucking my cock now as I kneel behind her, holding onto the bedroom wall. She’s on all fours, working her body hard. “OH! FUCK! YA! FUCK YES! THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD BABY! GIVE ME THAT COCK WHILE I FUCK IT BABY PLEASE COME ON, I’M GOING TO COME AGAIN! COME ON FUCK ME HARD!” She screams loudly.

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   She throws up her head, eyes to the ceiling as I put the phone down and grab onto both sides of her tight bubbly ass.
As she thrusts back at my cock I begin thrusting forward. My entire cock, up to my hanging nutsack, is now pounding as deep as it can go into her cunt. She begins coming and losing her rhythm, but I keep fucking her hard. Her body begins convulsing all around and Igrab hold of her tighter because I’m about to finish inside of her.
Alyson is screaming uncontrollably now as I drill her tight pussy as hard and fast as I can go. “I’m. . GONNA CUM!!!” I yell loudly. I thrust into her one more time and hold my cock all the way up into her twat. I hold her ass up against my cock as I begin shooting my hot spunk into her with force. I orgasm into her for a few seconds, and slowly slide my dick out of her from behind. My jizz follows out and starts pouring out of her sopping wet red twat.