A Great Way To End High School Pt.2


Part 2

Oliver and I couldn't believe what we saw in front of us. Ms. Byrnes stood there, leaning up against the entrance way. Red bra, red panties, God she looked unbelievable I thought. It took every ounce of control I had not to go up and plug her right then and there. She stood about 5'5, 110 pounds, 32 C breasts with brown hair that hung down to her shoulders. . You could see her pussy through her panties and they were clean shaven, yea, I thought, she had definitely prepared for something to happen tonight. How do I look boys? She asked. Y-y-y-o. Shhhh she said, I know how I look, I can tell by yourshorts. Oliver and I both looked down and both each had a dime sized spot of wetness on our khaki shorts from pre cum.

She came over and sat down next to us, both reaching for a breast, she stopped us. Why don't you boys show me how you look underneath too. We hopped up and ripped our shirts off. Revealing our athletic, toned frames.

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   Very nice boys, I haven't gotten to feel bodies like yours for I don't know how long. You probably haven't felt cocks like ours for a long time either Ms. Byrnes. That's a good point she replied, why don't you show me those young cocks. I do need to get a good look at what I'm dealing with. We pulled down our boxers. Revealing our throbbing dicks. Mine was about 6 inches long, average size, but 4 inches around. Oliver's was about the same, maybe a bit longer but not as wide. Whose idea was this anyway? Oliver looked at me and said it was my idea, and that it was the best idea ever. Ms. Byrnes, well it was a pretty good idea, whether it was the best ever. Well, that depends on how well you boys can fuck. And with that, she placed her lips around my cock.

I was so horny from all these events leading up I immediately shook, shivered, and fell on to the bed.

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   Ms. Byrnes chuckled, saying I still got it. She began to suck my dick hard. Literally trying to suck my cum out like a milkshake with a straw. First she was an inch down on my dick, then 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, then I felt her lips hit my stomach right above my cock. I looked down and my cock had disappeared down her throat. She looked up at me with her brown eyes and released my cock from her throat. Holy shit Ms. Byrnes you know how to suck a dick. I know hunny, she replied, she was not short on confidence at all. She went right back to work sliding my cock down her throat like it was nothing. She wasn't even using her hands. One was rubbing her own pussy, and the other had a tight grip on Oliver's dick. She would get about 4 inches down on my cock and come back up so only the tip was in her mouth. She did this while cupping her tongue around my dick so I could feel every bit of moisture from her mouth.

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   She was sucking for about 4 minutes before I could barely take it anymore. I grabbed the back of her head and slammed it down on my cock Shit, Shit, Shit Ms. Byrnes I'm gonna cum, fuck me I'm gonna cum. Without choking, she slid down on my cock until once again it was lost down her throat. FUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK. My balls tensed up, and I shot my hot load down her throat until every last drop was out. Christ Ms. Byrnes I said, falling back onto the bed. You got 5 minutes she said, and then turned her attention to Oliver.

Throat loose from my cock, she immediately stuffed his 7 inch dick down her throat, and kept her lips tightly around his cock while he face fucked the shit out of her. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck that feels good. Because Oliver had been getting jacked off while I was getting sucked off, he couldn't last nearly as long, and blew his load down her throat in what couldn't have been more than 2 minutes. His body slumped over Ms. Byrnes as his cock slid out of her throat, stopping at the tip of his dick, where she made sure to suck hard, she wanted every last drop of our 18 year old cum. When she was convinced she had milked Oliver dry, she turned to me and said, Gosh, I forgot how good I was, I guess you don't get 5 minutes to recover.

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To be Continued.