A Great Way To End High School Pt. 1


It was the day of our graduation and every Senior boy had been looking forward to this night for 4 years. Since we went to prep school, and there was constant supervision, the sex lives of the boys at the school were not what we had hoped, and every time we went home to see their friends on vacations, were envious of all the crazy stories our friends had. However, after 4 years that was all going to change. The weekend after graduation was for senior parties. All the girls could do whatever they wantedwith boys and not be judged for it, and all the guys could do whatever they wanted because that's just how it went. These parties were completely focused around hooking up and sex, and everyone knew it. The boys would finally have their chance with all the girls they had fantasized about for so long, and they were going to enjoy it.

The first party was scheduled to start only hours after graduation. One of the girls mom's had contacted some family friends who owned a farm about 45 minutes away from school, and asked if the kids could have a party at the clearing on the farm. This mother was the divorced, crazy, over controlling mother of a senior girl who had some absolutely breath taking features. She was not the hottest girl in the grade, but this school, for some reason had one of the most attractive student bodies you could find. This particular girl, stood about 5'9, very slender, only 110 pounds or so, and had 32C breasts that just popped out of her shirt. She was definitely the focus of many fantasies from these testosterone filled boys.

The drive seemed to take no time at all, probably because of the plethora of alcohol brought on this trip. Within another hour, everyone had arrived. The boys were not disappointed in the girls' appearance, as most of them were dressed in tank tops and short shorts.

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   Everyone was setting up tents with each other, tents that would house all the sex that was about to take place that night.

The party was going great as most couples had gone off to bed int their tents and the girls and boys who were single had had their fare share of hookups with each other. However, the night was just getting started for me and Oliver. Oliver and I had been best friends for the past 4 years. Often helping each other out with relationship advice, well, mostly the sexual part of it. We had constantly shared their fantasies with each other, and had agreed that this night, we wanted to share a girl with each other. We just didn't know who. We started going through the list of possibilities, but each girl was eliminated for reasons of being too; slutty, prude, small boobs, not hot enough, not adventurous enough, until there was seemingly no girl left as a possibility. I went up to get another beer, and looked across the party, it was dark as the sun was sinking low in the early summer sky. I took one glance at her and knew the girl that they needed to persue. "Dude, I got it, Ms. Byrnes. " I said to Oliver.
"She's perfect for it dude, she's older, meaning she's more adventurous. She's divorced, and I know she's been going through some tough times, I'm sure she is so fucking horny watching all of this teenage sex go on around her.

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   I'm also sure that she would like nothing more than two teenage guys to take her right now. Hell, it's probably why she was so steadfast on being the parent to chaperone tonight. " Hell yea man Oliver replied, let's do it

The two boys got up from where they were sitting and went over to find Ms. Byrnes. She was picking a few more beer cans before it got completely dark. Oliver and I exchanged a grin of agreement as she bent over, showing off her perfect ass, and just the top of her red panties that were sticking out of her jeans. I clenched my fists tight as I tried to play it cool, I just wanted to rip off her shirt right then and there. We asked her if she needed some help, and turning around, she said yes, asking us to carry to garbage bags full of empty beer cans over to the trash pile. We obliged and she was very thankful, as she had been putting a lot of effort into this night. Soon it was all about to pay off for her.

After taking out the trash, we returned to Mrs. Byrnes, who leaned up against her car, playing with her phone, obviously bored. That's all the help I needed, thanks though boys she said to us. But we really feel like we can help you out more Oliver said to her, I mean in a different kind of way. We were both being very up front because all of the beer we had consumed.

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   We were also pretty confident that she wouldn't be able to turn us down.
    I was 18, going to college to play football. I stood about 5'11, 190 pounds, I was very pleased with the way I looked. Brown hair that curled up around the back of my neck and by my ears when I put a hat on. When I took my shirt off I had big arms and an overall lean body. I was not bulging with muscles, but that's not what I wanted to look like anyway. Oliver was going to college to swim. So he had a really lean body and not an ounce of fat on him. He stood about 6'0, 170.

    I followed Oliver's comments up with my own pleading, c'mon Ms. Byrnes, we know that you want to be included in all the events tonight. Inching closer to her, so she could not help but feel our younger bodies rub against her. You boys are too funny, she said, getting hotter, and a little nervous that we were serious. We don't mean to be funny, Oliver said, were completely serious. We also don't want to sleep in a tent tonight, you must have somewhere more comfortable, right? Sure she does I chimed in, a guest house or something.

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       While doing this I slid my hand around her waist and into her jean pocket, giving her ass a little squeeze as I finished my sentence. Well, if you guys really don't want to sleep in your tents I suppose I can show you guys to a place a little more comfortable. Oliver and I gave each other a pound as she pulled away from us. We followed her into her car and took a two minute drive from the clearing to the guest house. We arrived, hopped out of the car, I know I was already hard, and I could feel the pre-cum already at the top of my dick. We just stared at her ass as she led us into her modest cottage. She led us into the bed room and asked us if we wanted a drink, we politely declined, both knowing we didn't want any of our testosterone zapped by any more alcohol. Good answer she said, but I think I need one. She went out of sight and we heard the pouring of a drink and then silence. We were both so nervous, and shocked that this was actually about to happen. Be right there she called, and in about 30 seconds she came back. This time she wasn't wearing her tank top and jeans like she was earlier. She stood in the doorway, leaning up against the entryway. In her red panties and red bra. I almost came right there with anticipation.

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       In a sultry voice, she said, well boys, I've given you a comfortable place to sleep, just like you wanted. Now I need something in return.

    I need you both to fuck my brains out.

    To be continued. . . . .