A Gift I Never Wanted (The Beginning)


Time: 1548 B. C.
Place: Ancient Egypt

It was Early morning. Nefertiti had only been queen for almost 2 years now. Akhenaten, her husband, had gone off to do his duties for his people for a couple weeks. He had left his beautiful wife in charge. Nefertiti was the most beautiful of all queens who have ever ruled over Egypt. Neferetiti had long black hair, a pair of beautiful hazel eyes, slim and 32C breasts.

She had gotten bored in the castle so she decided to take a stroll with the common people of Egypt. As she was walking through the market, one woman caught her eye, a local psychic. The woman was almost as beautiful as she was. She was darker then Nefertiti, green eyes, and had a pair of 40D breasts. The woman walked inside of her hut, but as she was closing the curtain, she gave a smirk to the queen.

"Guard the door would you please?" The queen said to her guards as she walked towards the hut. As she got closer, she had a hollow feeling in her chest, and a slight tingling sensation on her lower lip, cause her to bite down on it slightly. "Hello? May I spea.

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  . . " Nefertiti started to say as she was interrupted. "I've been expecting you. " the psychic smirked, sitting down at her table. "Please come sit. "

The queen did such, sitting across from the woman. "May I have your name?" Nefertiti asked. "Bahiti. " she answered. "What brings you in my home my dear queen. " Bahiti asked, like she already known. "I actually don't know why I'm here, it was like something lured me in. " Nefertiti said. She started to breathe heavily as she noticed the woman staring deep into her eyes.

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   "I can help answer that, please. . . Stand. " Bahiti suggested as she arose from her chair. Nefertiti did so, as the psychic walked towards her.

Bahiti pressed their breasts together and softly kissed the queen. The Nefertiti blushed, softly kissing back. Nefertiti broke the kiss for a second. "I can't. . . . " She tried to speak but was distracted when Bahiti dropped her robe, revealing her smooth bare body to the queen. They started to kiss again, more deep and passionate.

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   Bahiti placed her against the wall as she slid her hand up the queens robe and started to finger her. The queen moaned, arching her head back as her hands slid up and down Bahiti's body.

Nefertiti started to push the psychic off, "No, this isn't right, I belong to the king. " Bahiti didn't stop, forcing her way back on the queen. "I said Stop! I demand you!" She started to yell, pushing the psychic to the floor. "GUARDS!" She screamed. They stormed the hut with swords drawn. "Kill this woman, she tried forcing her ways with the queen. " Nefertiti ordered in anger. The guards forced the psychic to her knees, both of them using one foot to stand on the back of her legs, one guard holding her head back by her hair revealing her neck, the other placing his sword on the smooth neck.

"Any last words you vile demon. " Nefertiti asked in pure rage. "Yes my love, for one day you will feel the pain I felt today. The pain of lust and envy. For you shall may never sleep with out the thought of lust in your dreams.

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  " Bahiti laughed a bit, right before the guard pulled his sword back, slicing open her throat. The guards let Bahiti go, letting her body hit the floor face first, and as psychic fell, Nefertiti did too, collapsing to the floor.

Nefertiti awoke in her bed, her slave woman by her side, keeping an eye on her to see if she was okay. "My queen, are you alright?" Asked one, she was very young and beautiful. She had the same complexion as Nefertiti, short black hair, a pair of hazel eyes, and 36D. "What is your name dear?" Nefertiti asked, feeling the urge of lust fall among her body. "Irisi my queen. " She replied with an innocent smile on her face. "Come. . . . " Right before Nefertiti could finish her demand, she felt something growing along her leg, a snake she feared. She slowly lifted the sheet up, realizing it wasn't a snake, but to find out her pussy was replaced by a large cock, starting to grow by the second.

"You alright my queen?" Irisi asked as she scooted closer to the queen.

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   Nefertiti couldn't hold in what she desired, she kissed the slave girl deeply. The slave girl hesitant on what was happening, taking her a few moments before she started to kiss back. Nefertiti started to strip the slave girl from her clothing as they kissed, soon leaving her bare naked as she was, leaving only the sheets between them. "I've never pleasured anyone before. " Irisi said shyly "Shhhhh this is new to me too. " Nefertiti assured her, kissing Irisi deeply as she rolled on top of her, removing the sheet. Irisi didn't notice the large throbbing cock the queen had until she started to shove it inside of her.

Irisi gasped in shock, looking down as she watched the queen enter her, taking her virginity. "Go slow. " The slave girl asked. Nefertiti did so, pushing and pulling the large cock in and out of her, slowly easing the inches inside of her. Irisi yelped as she felt herself tare inside, cause her to bleed a bit. Nefertiti soon was able to push the whole cock inside of her, thrusting softly as she started to kiss the girl. They both moaned into the kiss, they both never experiencing such pleasure.

Nefertiti started to kiss on Irisi's neck, squeezing her breast as she went harder.

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   Irisi moaned, tilting her head back as her feet slid up and down Nefertiti's legs, and her hands up and down her back. "Oh my queen, you give me such great pleasure. " she panted. "As do you. " The queen replied, starting to go harder. "Ohhh. . . My queen. " Irisi started to moan, tilting her head back and started to thrust back with the massive cock. Nefertiti started to go harder as she gasped, now feeling their breasts rub intensely together.

Moments later, Irisi's was on all fours. Nefertiti slamming her cock inside of her from behind, showing the young girl no mercy as they both moaned loudly. "Ahhh yes. .

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  . Yes!" Nefertiti moaned as she leaned forward, placing her breasts on Irisi's bare back as she reached around and gripped Irisi's breasts tightly. "My queen. . . Ohhh my. . . my. . . . OHHH MY QUEEN!" Irisi's moaned as she squirted hard on the large cock. "Mmmm yes. .

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  . yes. . . OH IRISI!" Nefertiti moaned as she unloaded a large sum of cum inside of the slave girl. They both collapsed onto the bed, exhausted from the long period of time they spent exploring their new found pleasure.

Nefertiti pulled Irisi to her, kissing her deeply. "You sleep her tonight, for we shall be doing this again. " She said. Irisi blushed, kissing the queen back deeply. "Anything for my queen. " She said sweetly, falling asleep on the queen's breast, seconds later the queen fell into a deep sleep. Later that night, the queen awoke, gasping for air like some one had just let go of her neck. She breathed in deeply, checking to see who was around, but there was no one, not even the slave girl. She looked down in her sheets, seeing she didn't have a massive penis there anymore.

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   She laughed to herself, thinking to herself, "It was just a dream. " The queen went to climb out of her bed and placed her hand in a puddle of blood and wet cum. Then realizing, the dream was real.

That puts an end to the first chapter of "A Gift I Never Wanted".