A Gift I Never Wanted (2)


Time: October 30th, 2009
Place: Florida Halloween Party

It a quarter after 9pm. The party was already packed after only starting a bit after 8. Almost everyone was drinking, dancing, swimming in the indoor pool, or making out. Jaccie was at the party with her friend Clair. They had been friends since they were in diapers.

Jaccie was 18, 5'5", with multi colored hair like some one spilled a pack of skittles on her head, and a pair of beautiful green eyes. She was slim with a bust of 34B wearing a tight red dress. Clair was 19, bleach blonde, snake bite piercings. She was tom boy looking, wearing a white hoody and a pair of jeans. Clair had a pair of blue eyes, she was also slim and had a bust of 38D.

Clair was the out going one, grinding hard on Jaccie. Jaccie was only open when Clair was around, if she had not been, Jaccie wouldn't even have showed up at the party. Jaccie was laughing as she held onto her best friend's hips. They didn't care if they looked like complete lesbians, Clair was already half way there being bisexual.

While dancing, Jaccie felt her phone ringing in her bra. Pulling it out, she saw it was her boyfriend calling.

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   She decided to head upstairs where hardly anyone was. "Hey babe. " Jaccie answered with a smile on her face. "But why, are you serious? What's wrong I thought. . . . " Jaccie had the look like if she was about to cry. She shut her phone in anger, hanging up on him. "I can't believe he broke up with me. . . . " She said to herself.

A female seductive voice came from behind, as Jaccie felt a woman pressing against her back and ass.

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   "Men are slow like that, they never know what they have until it isn't theirs. " Jaccie blushed, not knowing who was behind her, maybe Clair pulling a prank to cheer her up, so she went with it. "Yeah, I wish I could do something to get back at him. "

The woman behind guided Jaccie to the bathroom. Once in Jaccie could hear the door lock behind them. "Close your eyes. " Jaccie giggled, thinking it was Clair still, as she did what the woman said. The woman started to kiss on her neck, making Jaccie gasp instantly, then biting her lip. Jaccie never thought of women, but thinking of Clair kissing on her started to make her wet.

The woman slowly slid down Jaccie's panties as she kept kissing on her neck. Jaccie started to turn red, this being her first with a female. The womanslid her hand down Jaccie's stomach, then up her dress. The woman's fingers slowly started to play with Jaccie's clit, making Jaccie whimper and gasp more. "Oh God. " Jaccie whimpered softly as her head laid back on the woman's shoulder.

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The woman then pushed her fingers inside of her, pushing themselves in and out. Jaccie moaned instantly, gripping what was in front of her. It had felt like the sink. "You like?" The woman asked. "Ohhh God, don't stop. " Jaccie moaned in pleasure, sure Clair was the one giving her this pleasure. The woman chuckled. "Well if you like that, you're gonna love what's next. "

Jaccie started to grind a bit with the woman's fingers. The woman used her free hand to undo her jeans. Jaccie could hear her unbuckle them from behind. Jaccie was in complete heat, not knowing what sort of pleasure was gonna come next. After hearing the woman's jeans hit the ground, the woman stopped fingering her.

"Why did you stop?" Jaccie asked in disappointment. The woman laughed a bit, bending Jaccie over the sink, lifting up her dress.

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   "What are you. . . " Before Jaccie could finish, she felt something large and thick enter inside of her, like a large dick. "OH FUCK!" Jaccie screamed as it entered, starting to pound into her roughly with out remorse. Jaccie had never had anything so big in her, the pleasure made her open her eyes.

Jaccie looked up into the mirror. It was a busty black girl, she had to look in her 20's. She was 5'7" with a pair of 40DD breasts. "Ohhh what the fuck. " Jaccie screamed out in max pleasure as this thing hit every wall including her g-spot. Jaccie figured it was a strap on, but she didn't care, it was making her have multiple orgasms.

"Harder. . .

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   Harder. . . . " Jaccie begged as bent over more, practically in the sink. The woman did so, her breasts bouncing as she pounded harder. "Ohhh damn. . . . " The woman moaned, leaving her mouth wide open like she couldn't believe the pleasure herself.

The woman flipped Jaccie around, kissing her deeply as she lifted her up by her ass. Jaccie wrapped her arms around the woman to keep herself up as they kissed lustfully. The woman wrapped Jaccie's legs around her as she reentered, instantly fucking her hard. Jaccie could feel the entire thing inside of her as she moaned, riding the large thing in mid air.

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"Oh God yes! More. . . " Jaccie moaned, looking the woman in the eyes, thrusting back roughly with her. "Beg for me to cum in you," The woman said as she moaned. "Mmmmm cum inside me. . . Oh God, I want you to cum hard in me. " Jaccie moaned, figuring that was the woman's fetish to believe she had a cock. "Ohh God, here I cum. " The woman moaned, going faster. Jaccie screamed, feeling herself about to hit the hardest orgasm in her life.

Jaccie felt this thing stiffen inside of her. But before she could ask, they both reached their peek.

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   "Oh God!" The woman screamed, shooting a bucket load of cum inside Jaccie as she pressed the cock deep inside Jaccie. Jaccie bit her lip and squealed as she squirted all over the cock. They both kissed deeply as the woman let Jaccie off of the large cock.

"So. . . . That thing. . . Is it real?" Jaccie said, turning around, bending over to grab her panties. When she turned around, the woman had disappeared, hearing the bathroom door close. Jaccie was confused on what had just happened, putting on her panties quickly. As soon as she went to take a step forward, she got dizzy.

Jaccie caught her balance and walked down the stairs, slowly getting dizzier by the second.

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   She made it to her friend Clair and said in her ear. "I need to get home. " Jaccie said slowly starting to black out. Clair wrapped her arm under Jaccie's shoulders and carried her out the door and to the car. As soon as Jaccie was sat inside the car, she had fainted. .