A Friendship Lost....Part 2 The First Night


Topic: One Drunken Night. . . She found herself shaving evethough they had agreed he was allowed no touching. Something just drawing her in so deep into making sure she impressed him. She tried being casual and perfect all at once, but she just couldn't control the pace of her heart ever increasing. All the while convincing herself it was nothing.
Finally a knock sounded at the door. She felt her panties instantly become moist at the sight of him. She ashamed as she couldn't control herself. As he handed her the alcohol, she invited him to sit on the couch as she poured herself a hefty glass of a half rum half soda mixture. She knew the alcohol would sooth her nerves.
She positioned herself on the couch next to him, trying to make small talk. All the while chugging her strong drink, trying to seem casual. Trying to resist from touching him too much. Thinking about what it would be like to fianlly experience him.

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   Hoping he didn't mind her mindless banter as she already felt buzzed.
He offered her a massage, an offer he knew she never resisted. As she positiioned herself in front of him, she could feel that there was noticable bulge in his tight jeans. His hands felt so smooth running accross her back and shoulders. Every minute her panites getting wetter from his touch. Her glass soon ran empty, she started to feel very drunk, yet she conceeded when he offered to pour her another.
About two sips into her second glass she just could not resist the urge to reach back casually and rub. Luckily he took hints better in person than in texts. He asked her to take off her shirt, knowing she had nothing under it except her 34 DD breasts. She quickly obliged convicing herself it was nothign more than wanting a better massage. Telling him to mind the ground rules she had set afterall she was engaged.
Not even minutes later his hands soon found themselves to her chest. He began rubbing them in a circular motion which soon led to him just trying to encompass them completely in his warm hands. He started pinching her pierced nipples commenting on how nice her breasts were. She laughed at him telling him how she had always had the same boobs, asking him why he never seemed to notice them when she was a freshman.

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He finally kissed her neck something she had been waiting for the whole time. Feeling his hot breath on her ear he whispered, "I always wanted to touch them but I was too shy. " She couldn't believe it, her suspicions had been true! She quickly turned around doingwhat she had waited so many years to do, she finally kissed him. It was a deep and hard kiss, catching him off guard.  
Feeling quite confident she dropped off the couch onto her knees in front of him. She soon realized he had on a complicated belt and as inebriated as she was she had to ask him to assist her with it. Finally after minutes of struggleing his 8 inch cock sprung loose.
    She quickly moved it to her lips. Not wanting to waste a moment.
    In between moans he was able to breathlessly able to explain that he had not been with a woman in over 7 months. She couldn't control herself and decided she needed to give him a release eventhough she knew she was cheating, it just felt so right. Flicking her tounge over the slit and her mastered deep throating soon drove him to cum. Spurt after spurt of hot salty cum erupted as she swallowed it all. He whimpered as she licked him clean.
    He looked at his phone surprised he has missed 18 calls from his family.

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       Over an hour late to HIS welcome home party. They quickly dressed as he rushed out the door. She gave him a final kiss telling him she needed to find him a single friend.