A Friendship Lost....Part 1 The Begining


Topic: It had been over two years since they had talked, but something made her want to reach out to him. She had seen his stepsister, a best friend she had long lost touch with. Upon gaining little information from the friend she decided to do some investigating of her own. She prowled through the profiles of a few mutual friends and she had finally found him. She sent him a casual message hoping to get a reply.
Something had always drawn her to him, even though he was far from her "type". She usually went for the thug type, the bad boy type, really the kind that usually just treated her like crap, but he was differrent. Remembering nights of sleep overs when they had sat up until 2am talking, long after her friend had gone to sleep. Always yurning to reach over and kiss him, but in high school she had been too afraid, too timid, at times a straight up prude. Chalking it up to a stupid high school crush, that somehow loomed even 6 years later. She was certain he had never wanted nothing more than to be friends, but still she wondered.
One day to her surpise he had replied. He had been sent to Iraq, had joined the Army Reserves after graduating the year before her. He had married shortly before his deployment, but she had cheated and he was planning on divorcing.

Somehow she found herself excited eventhough she was in an engagement with a wedding coming quickly. Still she wanted to reach out more.

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They began mesaging and talking on instant messenger daily. She couldn't help but to be excited seeing his screenname. Convincing herself all the while it was because they had history of a strong friendship, nothing more. The messaging stops for a few days,  convinced he grew bored she is hurt. One day she gets a message, "Call ###-###-####". She was confused by the message but intrigued. She eagerly dailed the number. Her heart beating fastly as it rang. HE WAS HOME!!! As they spoke for what seemed like an eternity, he told her he would like to see her that night.  
Her fiance being Army himself was gone for a week for training. Leaving her all alone. The oppurtunity was perfect! She flirted mercifully hoping he would get a hint accidently "dropping" erotic pictures "meant for her fiance". This was her chance, her last chance at him.   She planned to lure him over under the pretense that she needed him to buy her, his underage friend, a bottle of rum.  
As they talked some more she finally grew tired of him not picking up on her subtle hints.

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   Finally she told him that his "good deed" would not go unrewarded. She set some ground rules mostly trying to convince herself that she wanted nothing from him. Just a last hoorah before tying her 20 year old self down to a second marriage.