A crazy day with Tanveer


This the story of my youth Way back then I had a friend Tanveer the same age as and lover, we had been fucking each other and sucking each other off for some time. This was time I had not shifted to my own house and only had bedroom, where I could anything I liked But one day Tanveer surprised me, it was no ordinary day, it was Eid.
Like all other guests I greeted Tanveer in the traditional Eid manner. He came inside and sat in a room meant for the younger crowd, whereas all the elders were in a larger drawing room. While I was talking with my cousins, Tanveer kept butting in interrupting while I was talking. It started to irritate me. I knew he was bored and the only thing in his mind was my cock. I tried to ignore him. My cousins moved out get their Eid treats. I look at Tanveer and I ask him
“What the fuck is your problem, motherfucker?” I ask. He jumps from his seat and heads for my bedroom, I run after him, he was in my bedroom and stripped off his clothes, I do the same, locked the door. He was lying face down on my bed. I was ready to fuck his asshole, but he turned and laughed. I jump up to his mouth, he purses his lips. I had never done it before because I knew how much it hurts, I squeeze and pull his balls, he screams. Still was willing to take my cock.

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“How dare you pull my balls!?” Tanveer says in fake anger. We start wrestling on my bedroom floor. He loses and was sitting on his chest with my cock over his mouth, he does not open it and smiles. When I get off his chest goes back lying on my bed face down. Tanveer was becoming impossible, I go in bathrom go to one of my trousers had my belt. I take it out and hit his bottom with the belt.
“Aaaaaa” He screams out loud, but it was worth it. He gapes his asshole and I fuck him. I take out my cock make him turn around. His mouth was wide open, my cock goes in it, he starts deepthroating my cock, it was fantastic and unbelievable. My cum drained out in his mouth. But I was hungry for his cock. I move back, I starting to suck his cock. He pushes me back away from his cock, I had not noticed earlier he had brought a bag with him, takes out handcuffs and pulls wrists together and handcuffs me behind my back
“What are you doing, where did you get these?” I ask him
“Shut up bitch, start sucking”Commands me as if he was my master and I was his slave.
He did not have to tell me, I resumed sucking, with my arms bound I was sucking harder.

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“Stop” He commands. “Take it in your asshole”
I stand up and sit on his cock. He fucks me and cums inside. He pushes me away again uncuffs me, takes out from his bag two huge cock shaped dildos. He puts one inside his asshole, I had never used a dildo, I pick it up, try to squeeze in my asshole, after a bit of spit, it went inside, fucking myself. We both throw away the dildos.
“Nothing like the real thing?” Tanveer asks me.
“You're right”
“Pull my balls again, it felt so wonderful after you let go” He says
“Why don't I just I kick them?” I ask
“Yes do that please, I want to see what happens”
I stand up, he remained lying on the floor. I kick his cock and balls with my bare feet. He was in terrible pain, I could see it, I expected him to get very angry, instead he was kissing my feet.
“I love you, I love you” He kept on saying,
I fuck him again. As soon as I take my cock of his asshole, he gets up, pulls my cock me into the attached bathroom of my bedroom. He washes my cock in the basin and his hands. This was something new
It was getting late, Tanveer dresses up. Leaves his his bag behind
"Keep it with you, I've no place to hide at home"
says goodbye by kissing me on my lips.


   He leaves I wear my clothes and join the crowd of guests.