A Boring Day Gets Better – Chapter 2


This is a continuation from when I fucked my best friend's mum. It takes a bit of a diversion from chapter one but it is only part two of an ongoing series so any fans of Louise, don't despair as she will return very soon. In the meantime, there are a couple of new characters to meet.

Thanks to everyone for their votes, comments and emails.


That bizarre day, which began with mind-numbing boredom and ended in mind-blowing sex had an added twist, as later that evening I met my soon-to-be girlfriend. Having finally composed myself after emptying my load into my best friend's mum's pussy, David proceeded to beat me constantly at FIFA on Xbox. I'm usually better than him but my mind was elsewhere. Soon enough, this became boring so we left and went to our friend Steve's place. The guilty but also horny look on Louise's face as I said goodbye will stay with me forever - it was such a turn-on.

Over at Steve's, his older brother told us about a bar that he and his friends were heading to, one that had a fairly lenient ID policy. As Steve's older brother was only 18 himself we decided to chance it. We weren't big drinkers but it was the chance to go to a proper grown-up's bar that really appealed as it would be full to bursting with hot girls. That was the hope anyway.

We quickly went our separate ways, back to our own places to change into more suitable 'grown-up' attire. Under the shower I had a few moments to reflect on what had happened to me that day. Here I was at 7pm getting ready to go out, washing my friend's mum's pussy from my limp, well-fucked but still throbbing cock.

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   The idea of that happening at noon earlier that same day would have been beyond insane.

I gave my cock a few strokes as I washed off Louise's pussy juice, feeling it stiffening a little. I'd read that guys hit their sexual peak at 18 and that getting hard time and time again was no trouble for a young guy; I couldn't imagine being an age where this thing didn't get hard when I wanted. . . or even when I didn't.

I had freshly shaved my balls that morning so there was no need to go through that, so throwing on a tight black tshirt and dark jeans I was ready pretty quickly. Despite being only 16, through going to the gym and playing football I had a fairly good physique. I was still really slim but really quite well defined and broad shouldered. With a bit of stubble on my face I really did look older than 16.

I mumbled and muttered to my parents as I was flying out the door that I was going to a party at some guy's from school - not a friend though, as that would mean they could check up on me. My parents were pretty cool that way - with my two older sisters having gone through this stage already, they were used to teenagers getting up to the stuff teenagers do. And me being a boy meant I was more likely to be able to look after myself.

Me, David and our other friend Simon met over at Steve's. I had to say, we all did look pretty good.

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   Four handsome guys, all dressed pretty well: we would get in this bar no problem. And so it proved. We arrived there by taxi and breezed past the doormen. Yes. We'd done it.

At this point I can easily say that Louise was, for the first time all day, not foremost in my thoughts. Instead, my head spun left and right taking in this place; it was a pretty large bar, over two floors and it was rammed full. We snaked through the crowd to the bar and each got a beer. We then settled into a prime position near the stairs and just ogled girls all night: girls across the bar, girls walking by and, especially, girls walking up and down the stairs. It was amazing. This was what it's like to be a grown-up.

The night went by in a bit of a blur, caused no doubt by the buzzing atmosphere of the bar and the effects of several beers. But clarity was restored when I got chatting to a girl at the bar when it was my round. She was hot! Like, super hot! Her name was Marie and she was hot. Did I say she was hot? I can barely remember what we started talking about but we really clicked quickly.

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   I was drunk and I'm certain she was too but that didn't matter - a girl this hot was chatting to me! And she didn't for a second think I was underage.

It turns out she was with her friends too but we both split from them to move to a quieter corner. I let her walk ahead of me so I could get a good look at her from behind: about 5'5 tall (but in killer high heels), long straight dark brown hair and an amazing figure - really, really slim, a tiny little body. She was wearing a pink floaty short skirt and a black boobtube-style top. Like I said - hot.

We stood in a corner sipping out beers, chatting and flirting for a while. We were getting on great and she looked like she was well up for some fun. And by that I mean she had a real slutty demeanour about her. Then she started asking questions about me: "Where you from?", "Do you have your own place?", "What do you do for a living?" and, the big one: "How old are you?"

I was doing really well with her and genuinely thought I was in with a chance of getting somewhere with her, hopefully fucking her, so I wasn't gonna blow it with the truth:

"Where you from?" "Just across town". Truth.

"Do you have your own place?" "Nah, still at home with the folks i'm afraid". Accompanied by humorous sad face - truth.

"What do I do for a living?" "Er. . .

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  " struggling a little I thought of what I wanted to do when I left school i. e. sports coaching. I said: "I work in a Gym". "Ooooh, a gym huh?" she smiled suitably impressed, "Is that where this body comes from?" she cooed as she lightly stroked my chest. "Yeah, I guess so" I replied starting to sound more convincing. "Which gym? I go to the Esporta. " she smiled. I smiled too as that would have been the one I'd have pretended to have worked in but thankfully she showed her hand first. "Sorry babe but I work at Greens". Phew, disaster averted.

"How old are you?" This was the tricky one. I was going to say 18 but that was just too close so I nudged it up to 19, aware that I look older than 18 but not THAT much older. "19" I smiled. "Oooooh", she giggled again, "a toyboy huh?" "A toyboy?" I repeated.

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   "Yes" she leant over and whispered in my ear, "cos I'm 21".

My cock was twitching again - not only was I in the clear in convincing a hot girl that I was 19, she was referring to me as her 'toyboy'. Surely a sign I was well in?

We didn't hang about long and left the bar long before closing time. I didn't even bother to look around for the guys. Once outside she pounced on me, tiptoeing up in her heels to kiss me. My hands went to her tiny waist to steady her as we kissed hard and passionately, fuelled by drink and downright horniness. What a kisser she was, especially when she sucked my tongue into her hot greedy little mouth. We broke off and it was worked out that she lived closer than I did so we should go to hers. A very short taxi ride later, which involved her rubbing my cock through my jeans the whole way as well as me rubbing her bald pussy through her tiny panties under her short skirt, we were at her place.

Fumbling and stumbling in the door to her apartment and through the dark we made it to her bedroom where she switched on a side lamp. I couldn't believe my luck, what an incredible day this was.

Soon enough I had her pinned against the wall kissing her hard. Sucking then on her cheek, her neck, her shoulders, pulling down her boobtube to reveal a pair of perfect, perky, jiggling B-cup breasts. Her nipples were practically pointing upwards, begging to be sucked as my hands went under her skirt to slide her tiny little thong down. I clamped my mouth around her left nipple and sucked hard egged on by her loud moaning, as I then rubbed her smooth tight pussy, easing one finger then two inside, feeling her hot wetness as my thumb found and rubbed her hard lit.

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   The noise she made when I did this was incredible - 'keep this up and the neighbours will be knocking' I though as I began to finger her quickly, rubbing her clit with my thumb every time i slid my fingers into her soaking pussy. I sucked hard on one nipple then the other as her hands ran through my hair then clawed at my tshirt with her false nails, trying to pull it up over my head. I was reluctant to pull my mouth free but she was insistent; I pulled back and let her pull my tshirt off as he then licked and kissed and run her long nails all over my chest. All the while I kept fingering her quickly.

Her moaning became louder and louder as she leaned back on the wall, her mouth wide open and eyes now closed as her orgasm neared. If I thought she was noisy a few minutes ago, the noise she made when she came on my fingers astonished me: it sounded like I was murdering her. She screamed, wailed, thrashed her body back against the wall - it was almost deafening! I had never encountered anything like it, not even in porn!

Once she'd gathered herself together she grinned wickedly at me: "Mmmmmmm baby you're good" she panted as she made for my belt, unbuckling it and yanking my jeans down. My boxers were tenting obscenely and were wet at the front with precum. She looked down: "I've had bigger" she teased, "but if you fuck like you finger you'll have nothing to worry about". She then got on her knees and practically tore my boxers down, my rock hard cock springing up and slapping my stomach as a result. "Oh fuck yesssss I love shaved balls" she hissed as she started to jerk me off and suck on my balls, just like Louise did earlier today in her bathroom.

Louise. That was the first time in hours I'd thought of her. As I looked down at Marie as she swallowed my cock entirely, right into her throat like the expert she so evidently was, I realised that as good a cocksucker as Louise was, she was not a match for a pro like Marie. That Marie could slip her tongue out and lick my balls while having my entire cock in her mouth and throat was the single most amazing thing I'd ever had happen to me.

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   It was a sensation like no other. She sucked and sucked and sucked for what must have been 20 minutes. Jerking my cock while she sucked on my head, bobbing and twisting her head, slurping loudly, drooling on down her chin, hand on my ass with her nails digging in - she did everything to my cock with her mouth. She especially loved me holding her head steady and fucking her mouth and throat, moaning even louder as i gripped handful of her hair. This slut loved it hard and rough.

But it seemed my escapades earlier in the day had blessed given me extra staying power as there's no way I'd have lasted this long without it. She pulled off gasping for breath: "Fuck baby, You're still not ready to cum yet?" she said with a mixture of frustration and delight as she pumped my now iron-hard cock in her little fist.

"Not until I fuck you" I replied, like it was my choice as to when I cum. She liked what she heard grinning and getting to her feet, still wearing her little floaty skirt and, like the slut she obviously was, her heels. I helped her up and she surprised me by kissing me hard which gave me a taste of my cock and precum - it was weird but in the circumstances not unpleasant.

I reached down and gripped her ass with both hands and hoisted her up into my grasp easily. I was surpassed at how light she was - she couldn't have weighed more than 100lbs. As light as she was in my arms, it was no trouble manoeuvring her into position to slide my cock into her pussy, which she helped guide into her by reaching behind her. Easing in slowly, her tight snatch engulfed my cock completely as I then started to slowly lift her up and down along my length, my hands gripping her tiny firm little ass tight as her slender legs wrapped round me tight.

After a few minutes of this I realised I wasn't fucking her quite as good as I'd like so walking over to her bed, my cock still deep inside her, I slowly lowered myself and laid her on her back with me still on the floor but now kneeling.

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   Her slim legs wide open and her bald pussy stuffed with my bald cock was a sight that made me even harder and as a result made me want to fuck her harder. Which is exactly what I did. I began slowly but very firmly to thrust into her. Driving in as deep as I could go hard then slowly and gently pulling out, time and time again. She moaned loud and hard with every thrust, her pussy squelching with every thrust.
    Her moaning got louder and more frequent as I began to up the pace, quickening my thrusts, pistoning faster as I pumped her pussy. I moved her legs onto my shoulders to get even deeper, then pushed them right back, almost to her shoulders, as I began to drive in and out furiously. Her moans were now screams, tossing her head from side to side gripping her sheets in her fingers as I attempted to destroy her pussy.

    That I was riding bareback with a girl that a) I had no idea whether or not was on the pill and b) was obviously a slut that had done this before with I can only assume several other guys, was the last thing on my mind. That was for dealing with afterwards. Right now, the sound of this girl's screams and moans and the feeling of her super-tight pussy were driving me wild and finally making my balls tingle.

    She'd cum at least twice (I think) and now it was my turn.

    "I'm getting close Marie" I grunted as I drove in and out of her relentlessly.

    "Fuck me baby, fuck me till you're just about there, then pull out" she pleaded, wanting my cock in her for as long as was possible.

    A few more thrusts and I pulled out quickly, standing up, my cock bobbing around, slippery wet, dripping with precum, veins throbbing.

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       Marie let out something of a sad whimper as I pulled out but she sat up and gripped my slippery cock as tightly as she could and began to jerk it. Two pumps with her first and I roared loudly as my first spurt went flying through the air and landed hard on her neck. She opened her mouth quickly to stuff my cock in there but the second spurt shot out before it got there and splattered over her face. She squealed in delight as she slid my cock into her greedy mouth and began to suck fast, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked every last remaining spurt, right down to the oozing dribbles at the end. I groaned louder as she sucked on my sensitive head.

    Looking down I took in the amazing sight before me: a gorgeous girl with her mouth wrapped round my cock, sucking it tenderly as it softens, her face covered with my cum with more of it running down from her neck between her incredibly firm tits. Heaven.

    I was spent. As was she. My cock slipped out of her mouth and she looked up: "God Andy, that was the best I've ever had. You can fuck alright, let me tell you, toyboy. "she giggled. "Come to bed" she whispered as she turned and crawled on all fours to the top of the bed showing me a great view of her freshly fucked pussy, removing her skirt and heels and slipping under the covers. I did as she asked, walking round, sliding under the covers with her and laying on my back, letting her lean over and lie on my chest with one leg wrapped over me. I could feel her pussy dripping against my leg as we drifted off to sleep.

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    The next morning would be awkward. I knew that as soon as I woke up in bed with Marie. We were both drunk and had unprotected sex - all of which as a result of several lies I'd told. I looked over at Marie on my left and she was still sound asleep. In need of a piss I got up and made my way to the bathroom which was through the living room and down the hall. Rubbing my eyes I opened the door.

    "Good morning!" sang a female's voice. Not Marie's.

    My eyes shot open to see an older woman sitting on the sofa in a white silk robe, legs tucked under her, looking like she was watching TV before I appeared.

    "Er. . . good morning" I echoed, stunned and trying to get my bearings.

    "Sleep well?" she smiled. The smile looked familiar.



    "Not too bad thanks. " It was at this point I realised this conversation had been taking place with me completely naked. I quickly covered myself with my left hand. The woman, who had been having a good look, smiled.

    "I'm sorry if this sounds weird" I asked, "But who are you?"

    "I'm Shirley" she replied, "Marie's mum. " 'Marie's mum?' I thought. "Marie's mum?" I then repeated out loud.

    "Yes" she smiled. "Why? Did she tell you she lived alone?"

    The question hit home. No she didn't. I didn't even ask.

    "You've been home all night?" I asked dumbly.

    "Yep" she giggled knowingly. "It's OK hon - I'm used to the noise. Did you guys hook up at the bar last night?"

    "Yeah" I replied, trying to act as cool as possible.

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    "They let underagers into bars these days?" she grinned.

    "Underagers?" i asked feigning innocence. 'How did she know?' I wondered.

    Yeah she giggled again "You're Joanne Grant's sone aren't you? I used to work with her years ago. Little Andy isn't it?" She stood up and approached "Or should I say, not-so-little Andy?" she winked glancing at my crotch.

    My eyes were fixed on her wobbling bra-less tits, so easily visible through her thin robe as she came towards me. "Er. . . well, yes I am" I replied shocked that I'd been busted. 'What were the chances?' I cursed my rotten luck.

    "Don't' worry" Shirley whispered as she stood in front of me, some six inches shorter than me, "It will be our little secret, OK?" she smiled up at me reassuringly as she lightly run her fingernail - the same fake fingernails as her daughter - down my chest, my stomach to the base of my cock just where my hand was covering round it.

    "OK" I nodded dumbly as she smiled once more then turned and headed out the living room, her ass swaying as she walked. "Bathroom's on the left" she called back as she then disappeared into her bedroom.

    This was getting interesting.

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