a bad night


I am a 18 year old, 5 foot 3 teen with long blond hair. I had never had sex before even though I have had a Bf for about a year, his name is Ben he's 18.

Well, one night Ben and I were watching a movie at his friend John's apartment he's 19. I was kind of late and we had been drinking a few wine coolers. I was feeling nice and warm sitting on his lap under a blanket. I could feel he was hard and must admit I kind of thought it was neat. Well about half way through the movie I started to get a little sleepy. I was nice being in his arms. He was slowly stroking my leg just under my dress. I wiggled down deep into him and he started to move his hand slowly higher. I was very exciting, especially knowing that three other guys where in the room. Before I knew what he was doing he slowly tugged my pantie's down a little and started to rub his fingers through my hair. I didn't want to say anything because I didn't want the others to know what was going on. He was getting real hard, I could feel it though his paints. Slowly he started to slide his finger in to me, just a little at first then more and deeper. It was so good I just shut my eyes and let it happen.

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   What I didn't know was my BF had pulled the blanket up and his friend who was sitting on the floor could see everything!! Worse his friend Ted was using his cell to take film of the whole thing. I noticed it had gotten quiet and opened my eyes to find that everyone was looking at me. Then his friend John, reached over from his side of the couch and pulled the blanket right off. Ben just laughed and kept fingering me. I did know what to do, I started to pull my skirt down and get up when Ben graped my real tight around the waist. Then my BF said I had, had my fun and it was his turn. He told my to get down on my knees on give him head! I said no, but he said he would send the pics to everyone at school. John, Ted and Mat just laughed even more and were cheering him on.
Ben stood up pulled down his paints then plunked back down on the couch. He had a big dick. I didn't want the whole school to know what had happened so I gave in and got down on my knees in front of him. I bent over a blew on it. His friends thought this was real funny, Ben told me you don't give a BJ by blowing , you such on it. I did not really want to so I just rubbed it a little. It must have be good because he got even harder.

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   Then he pushed my face at it and told me to suck it. I said know but with his hands pulling my hair there was not much I could do. John and Mat both said I had been a tease all year and the would hold my arms if I didn't suck him.
    ted just kept taking pics. I slowly put Ben's dick in my mouth and sucked. As I did he kept lifting his ass up of the couch and rocked it deeper into my mouth. Finely he came in my mouth and it went all over the front of my dress. I was just glad it was over, I did not realize that John and Mat had both pulled there dicks out. Ben said something like bros before hoes, and they walked over and stood by me. I said I wanted to go home but Ben just pulled my hair and aimed my face toward John's dick. John shoved his dick at my mouth and decided to make me hold still by grabbing my head with both of his hands. He made me stroke it as i sucked and soon he was cumming all over my face. Then it was Mat's turn by then I just gave in and did it but that was not enough for my BF Ben he pushed me half on the couch and fingered my some more it was not nice this time it hurt. He said it was time for me to pay up for all the gifts and stuff he had given me all year. Ben got behind my and tried to push his dick in my virgin Virgina.

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       At first he missed but soon had it in me. It hurt real bad at first but then it was not to bad. He pumped it in and out of me for what seemed like a hour then pulled out and sprayed all over my ass. Finely He said it was time for me to go and if I did not keep my mouth shut they would put the pics on MY-Space. They said they might even have me over for fun again some time.
    I when home and slipped into the house and got cleaned up.