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I have had a crush on Mat for a while now. He was cute, popular and really funny. We talked all the time. One night we where at a school dance and we where dancing. We both got really into it and started grinding. I could feel him getting hard. We danced till the sng was over and then I told him I needed a drink. He said ok come on and we walked out of the gym and down the hallway. I bent down to get a drink from the fountain and when I stood back up mat had his hands on my weist and looked me in the eyes. He smiled ad kissed me. It started out gentle but then I felt him bite my bottom lip so I opened my mouth a little further and his tongue slipped in. After about 3 minutes I pulled back and said a teacher will see us, lets to into the bathroom. He said ok, grabbed my hand and we ran into the bathroom. We went into the nearest stall and began making out again. My hands drifted down his back and I grabbed his nice ass. Mat pulled back for a moment and smiled then started kissing my neck.

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   As he kissed and sucked on my neck I ran my hands back up his back. I ran my fingers through his short black hair. He worked his way to my chest and then pulled away. He asked if he could take my shirt off. I said yeah and he gently pulled my shirt up and over my head. He kissed my chest and then took my bra off. He grabbed one of my tits started sucking the other one. I ran my hands down his back and grabbed his ass again. He switched tits and I put my hand on the head and pushed his mouth into my tits. He got really into it and I wanted to suprise him so I ran my finger up his thigh and then grabed his crotch. He lifted his head and let out a soft moan. I unzipped his jeans and put my hand down his pants. He kissed my neck and then I pushed him away and pulled his t shirt up and over his head. I ran my hands up his chuby and very sexy chest. I kissed his soft neck and then I pulled his jeans down to his ankles.

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   He smiled and said would you be my girlfriend. I said yes and then I ran my fingers along his cock, bulging out of his boxers. I asked if he has ever done stuff and he said no. I told him I hadn't either. I pulled my short shorts down. He stared at my very wet pussy and asked if he could take off my panties. I said sure. He got on his knees and slid my panties down to my knees. He was eye level with my pussy and he told me to sit on the tolet. I sat down and spread my legs. He sat there for a moment and then he started kissing my thighs. He worked his way to my wet pusy and started kissing it. I let out a soft moan and he stuck out his tongue and started licking my clit. I began to moan loader and he stuck his tongue into my pussy. I told him to spitand he pulled back and spit and I moaned a lot loader.

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   He spit on his middle finger and slowly pushed it into my pussy. I screamed and he shushed me. I smiled and said sorry it just feels so good. He smiled and laughed a little. He started pushing his finger in and out. He went faster and faster. My moans turned into to light screams. He slowed down and I said your turn. He got up and I went down and my knees. I pulled his boxers down and his cock poped up. It was huge, atleast 7 inches. I spit on it and put my mouth around the head of his cock. He moaned and I pulled back and ran my tongue up from the his ball's to the tip of his cock. He shivered and I pushed his cock all the way to the back of my mouth.
    He let out a long moan and I started to suck on his cock.

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       He put his hand on my head and started to guid my head and his cock went in and out of my mouth. My head moved faster and faster and then he pulled back and said he doesn't want to cum in my mouth. I told him I would rather him cum inside me. He looked at me suprised and I turned around and guided his cock into my ass, dogy style. He slowly put the head of his cock in my ass and the pulled it back out. He asked if I was hurting him and I said no I have fingered my ass before. He said ok and pushed his cock deeper into me. I let out a soft moan and he started fucking me. He went deeper and faster I was practicly screaming. He moved his hand to start fingering my pussy and I said wait I won't be able to handle it. He said ok and kept fucking me hard and fast. He said I'm going to cum. I said cum inside me. He moved his hand back to my pussy and before I could object he pushed his finger in me. I screamed and felt him cum inside me.

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       He said oh yeah as I felt his warm cum inside me. My toes curled and I screamed again. I was out of breath and so was mat. He slowly pulled his cock out of my ass and I grabbed some tolet paper and wiped he rest of his cum from my ass. He still had some on his cock so I licked it off and swallowed it. He smiled and kissed me. We hugged each other and put our clothes back on. We walked out, hand in hand and returned to the dance. We dance the rest of the night and talked on the phone the next day. .



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