Your ass or mine pt.2

True Story

Sure enough,I'd ran the clip of the guy's knob moving into my asshole and as he predicted,I ran and re-ran it until I shot my load on the floor. That engorged throbbingpurple head of his cock getting ever closer to my small crinkly sphincter really got at my juices as I watched enthrolled to him rolling the skin right off of it. The silky-like sheen as it almost glowed up at me,me pumping my hardon until my own skin was getting hurt as Ipulled it back so hard with relish. Then my cum fired off like a sling shot,letting it splay just about anywhere reminded me how my own cum had erupted as his cock hit my prostrate nerve so that I was again pumping my ass as tho' I had that hardon again deep into my rectum.

Not satisfied with that,I dowloaded the clip to allow me to put it up again within the hour. Now life size on my TV screen,I took in every vein, wrinkle and nodule along that seven inches of expectant flesh he intended to ram up my ass. Oh! What a bastard he had no way of keeping the phone vid' going when he finally rammed my ass full of his dick. I was off again,wanking myself silly.

Till the next day I mused if he'd turn up again to let me try having his ass as he'd said he would. I'd noted,unlike my own ass cheeks - like porcelain he'd said - and they were, No! he had a lot of hair all over ass crack,thighs and his bollocks and the pubic area was a bush similar only to a thicket with that hard cock menacingly showing up thro' the middle. While his well loaded balls had certainly pumped my ass full of cum. I'd leaked cum from it for more than half a day,which equally was exciting.


So here I am,out bright and early,the time was about the same as the day before. As I got near to where I'd recieved my first experience,I was miffed. Some young woman was exercising her greyhound and as he bounded hither-and-dither while I stewed in my excitement,I could not but notice she had her tits bouncing around and the dog whenever he returned for attention,licked her hand,then her thighs. Which she pushed him away from,while guiltily scanning around as tho' she feared someone may see it.

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I in turn responded by turning away,seconds after watching this activity. But it did stiffen me as I wondered if the dog knew this was a start to a long lingering sexual morning with his mistress. It amused me that each time this hound went anywhere near where my asshole had recieved the cum,it stayed sniffing and studying the ground where my own cum had so smeared everywhere that I was sure some globs may still be sticky.

So I went on my way and with the intent of doing another loop only too return to where this was I set off. - "Morning! You're about again I see" - The woman greeted me as an old mate. - 'SEE?' - What had she seen,I neither knew her or seen her the day before. Had she watched me having my ass shafted. - Pleasantry's exchanged,we both went on our way and I no longer gave it a second thought.

Returning to this secluded place I was really pissed,no sign of my new found mate. About to make off again, - "Hey mate! Steve,over here" - I whipped round,it was he (John) - I wanted to laugh - With head turned towards me I was looking at a side view of his body with the bottom half naked and his cock half hard looked so like a teapot spout, I like I said, wanted to laugh out loud.

"Fucking interfering young whore,I'd just dropped my pants to allow me to gel my ass and lo-and-behold she showed. I woddled over to here with my joggers like this and been waitng till you came back. Summut fishy about her hanging around her - You know I reckon she seen us yesterday and she's hoping for a re-match" - "That's a bit dodgy!" - No! You'd be surprised how many old tarts dawdle around here hoping to get off on what they see,and not only us blokes either, One old tart will blattently watch the pro's wank a bloke and stand watching them if the bloke screws her ass off. No,not all the peeper's are men my boy" - Boy! boy? I'm thirty two! - Is said nothing!

"Mind,she's the youngest tart I've seen around here and she sure got that dog interested as well,see how he was smelling our spunk over there?" - I nodded,- "I thought that as well - "No doubt about it!" See his cock poke out under him,mine that might have been because he'd just been sniffing her cunt!" - The talk had me rampant,my cock was raring to fuck. - "You can fuck me here,I've gelled up and my ass needs only a little anyway.

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   No fucking about,ram it up hard and fast,I love it the rougher the better" - I was a bit unsure about this because I wanted to relish the first time I stuck it up there. On saying this he submitted, - "I forgot that,okay have your fun,but once you've got me make it count,shaft me like there's no tomorrow.

He needn't have worried, I dribbled love juice as my hardon moved at him,I pulled as he had on my foreskin,but the moment I felt the helmet of my cock penetrate his not-so-tight sphincter,the tight sensation on the shoulder of my knob eased as the sphincter was passed,I rammed his ass so hard he grunted and grunted again as I thrust and shot a bevy of cum shots deep into his asshole. As I came down from my high I looked to see how much cum I'd made his cock shoot off as I'd hit his prostrate and was disappointed that apart from some precum trailing from its end,I'd failed to get him off.

While still up him -"I didn't get you off!" - "No! But you certainly gave me that prostrate sensation" - With out another word,he rolled my cock out of his body and rolled round behind me. In a strange sort of frog-march he pressed me towards the bench of yesterday. - "Grab it,but this will get me off and it might hurt your ass a bit as well" - It did,without any gel' just his precum he rammed his shaft straight up to the hilt. My fucking ass was on fire for seconds as he pumped at me in earnest. I felt his cock was larger than before but as his precum lubed my rectum it became easier and just as before my prostrate jerked while it repeated the exquisite excruciating moments of the previous day while cum shot out the end and in an instant his cum shot up my rectum as tho' it was an anemana.

I heard myself "FUCK! FUCK! Gasp FUCK! YOU BASTARDS,FUCKING HELL,MY FUCKINGASS IS ON FIRE,FUCK! That fucking hurt at the beginning!" - "Ha! Now you've been fucked little man!" - I wasn't little,but I knew what he meant,he was refering to my little tight asshole that felt a whole lot bigger at this moment.
    - "I was right,she's trying to make out she can't see us,but she's over there and watched every second of me raping your asshole. Fuck that's such a turn on. A woman getting off on a man having his asshole reamed"

    He pulled out of me and we blatantly stood admiring the handy work my cock and now his cock was dropping on to the tarmac surounding the seat. We corrected our clothes and moved slightly away, then waited on his say-so - You watch pound-to-a-penny, she'll drift pass to inspect our offering,note she's gone from view and I bet you she'll circle us and come in from another side" She did and just as he predicted she appeared to be surprised to see us. Unleashing her hound - "Just a little more,but we have to go soon,so make it quick!" - The dog bounded over to our cum,had a few licks,bounded towards us -"He's friendly!" - then took a good sniff of our respective crutches and bounded back to its owner.

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       - "That's it now,say goodbye to the nice gentlemen. Come on,lets get too it"

    She couldn't resist one last comment -"OH! Its you,I didn't realise,you know. . . Its beginning to warm up around the park don't you think,must get back to my nest,you will as well I don't doubt. May see you again tomorrow perhaps" - I went hot,I'm sure she emphasised see you" or did I imagine that? - Funnily I wasn't at all bothered if she'd seen my ass or me ramming it into John,it seemed all so natural. I said this too John. - "Yeah! I think its a coming together of like minded people - REAL SEXUAL ACTIVITY - Well was it as you expected?" - "Strangely doing the poking yeah! but receiving was so different the two times,I'm still feeling as tho' I will walk as tho' its still up there" - He just laughed Ha!Ha! and there's me wishing yours still was. - Think we ought to give her a show tomorrow,don't want her to get bored,then again,we could give her a head show,if you get my meaning" - I wasn't so sure about sucking another man's cock or for that matter about having him sucking my own. Yeah I had no problem with it being sucked by a woman,but looking down on the top of a man's head bobbing at it seemed bizzare at this moment. I wonder?!!".