True Story


My girlfriend and I had fantasized and talked about having another guy, possibly 2 meeting us to help
Fulfill our fuck fantasies. Julie is so sexy her body would make a blind man see, and she turns heads both
M+F where ever she goes she has been blessed with great big boobs an ass that a porn star would be jealous of
But her mind and the almost shy understated way she acts is properly the sexiest thing. .
We both have had our fair share of ex gf and bf but we both agreed that having a handsome guy or 2 so Julie could
Be the cent re of all our attention and affection would be a massive turn on. Well 2 weeks ago we went to a friends house warming party
It had been hot day and we never imagined anything other than a few drinks some dinner then a taxi home, how wrong we were.

We arrived at 8pm and because of the warm weatherwe sat in the garden with our friends Matt, HelenAndy and his wife Anne, and Kyle a pal of Mat ts.
The night past like any other summer evening with friends apart from Julie liking so hot and sexy isn't the word dressed in an almost see through white dress.

Helen had to much to drink and Matt helped her upstairs to bed,Anne and Andy left in a taxi we were just about to call a cab for ourselves but Kyle said his mate was Picking him up to go into the city so we could get a lift home . . We were a little drunk and flirting with Kyle and Julie was teasing him because he hadn't had a gf or sex for nearly a year. And when his pal arrived and said he wasn't in any rush to get into town i looked at Julie and we both shared a moment of great minds think dirty thoughts, i knew she never thought anything was going to happen as she excused herself to go get her bag and get ready to leave. As she left and went inside Kyle and Scott both payed me compliments about how lucky i was having such a stunning woman, and the fact she was such a good laugh so i just asked if they had the chance Would they fuck her? I wasn't surprised by the answer, (of course we would) so i told them it was something we had talked about doing and would they be up for having some fun again the answer was YESso i told them to go inside when Julie came back outside leave it 5 Min's and if they saw us kissing each other then that meant Julie Was into at least trying more than just me.

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  . . As Julie sat down the guys said they would be back in 5 Min's as my heart was beating out my chest Julie rested her head on my shoulder and said i had to take my knickers of as they were so wet I'm really horny can we go home? I replied well if you kiss me then we wont need to go home because Kyle and Scott would love to join us and before i could finish if you dint want to go all the way she looked at me and started kissing me hard and she moved so she was straddling me my dick went rock hard as i felt how wet her pussy was. And when the guys came back out Julie moved to one of the loungers and lay back nervous excitement and that feeling of being so horny filled both our bodies as i went down and pulled her short dress up to her hips and started licking her soaking wet shaved pussy and the sight as i looked up to see my woman grasping a hardcock in each hand and started sucking them i thought i was going to cum there and then. We had always talked about the guy having a big thick cock and they did 1 would have been good but Kyles cock was BIG and Scott had such a thick cock J couldn't get it all in her mouth she teased him with her tongue as i pushed my tongue deep into her ass, making her wet and in her words aching to be fucked, She looked so fucking sexy her big boobs exposed as the setting sun covered us in a warm glow we moved the cushions from the loungers onto the decking closer to the patio doors and as Julie lay down Kyle moved between her legs as i gently helped pull them up so when he pushed his cock deep inside her for the 1st time she gas sped and started sucking and wanking me and Scott at the same time taking great pleasure and fun trying to get us both in her mouth i lay beside her as she stated sucking his huge balls kissing her neck and we both made our way down to her boobs sucking her hard nipples feeling her body moving as Kyle fucked her harder i moved my hand between her legs feeling her wet clit as that big cock filled her pussy i got her to lie on her side as Kyle slid round to take her from behind leaving her pussy exposed and i just clamped my mouth round her clit sucking her slowly as his fat cock fucked her deep and hard she was soaking wet and Kyle pulled his cock out i stuck my tongue deep as i could inside her then pulled her pussy wide as Scott moved round and put his rock hard thick dick into my woman i was so turned on and as i looked at Julie she said that feels so fucking good i want you to let some of your spunk out over my pussy while hes fucking me! It didn't take me 2 Min's to let some of my juice splash over her as Scott fucked her hard she said she was going to cum so i went down and licked her as she got closer to cumming she grabbed my head firmly pulling me tightly as she shuddered . . . her whole body shaking with an intense orgasm i lay ed on my back and got her just to lie on me my hard dick inside her tingling pussy as Scott slide his big cock inside and we both gently started to fuck her , i could feel his huge dick fucking her as we stared into each others eyes locked in a stare i asked if it felt good having 2 dicks inside and one waiting to fuck her she turned her head and told Scott to cum I want to feel you hot spunk inside me as she turned back towards me she didn't have to tell me she was cumming again as we both felt his hot spunk fill her pussy she came too screaming with pure fucking pleasure. . . As Scott pulled his cock out Julie went doggy pulling herself over me and said lick my cunt babe while pulling her ass wide and telling Kyle to fuck her ass i licked her pussy as the cum flowed from her wide soaked heaven, she slid back down putting my dick inside her pussy while taking a dick in her ass. And within a cpl of Min's Kyle filled her ass with his juice our eyes locked again as Scott lay back i asked my gorgeous woman to lie on her back and i licked her pussy and then slid my cock into her ass and then her pussy and fucked her as hard as i could, cum every where she said it felt so fucking horny and i pulled my dick out and just splashed everywhere. . . .

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  . we collapsed in a pile of satisfied glowing bodies. . . And that was worth the wait.