Winning A Bet

True Story

I was with Helen one afternoon and she is very plump. She is really beautiful with long black and deep brown eyes. Her chest is 40EEE and a nice 36 inch waist and back out to 46 inch hips. She always wears clothes that accent her lovely cleavage and so with me there I looked like a guy compared to her.

We went to a park in Athens and drove to a place that usually had no people around in the afternoon. We walked into the woods and he cool air made both of out nipples hard and hers were really huge. She had such a lovley body and we began kissing and sat on a bench and soon I was sucking her nipples and my hand was moving into her panties and into her soaking pussy. We heard voices and got up to adjust ourselves since she had her fingers in my pussy too and there were a couple guys walking by with fishing poles to the lake. We smiled and faced them, "Damn, too bad that you two don't like guys. " one said and we laughed and said, "Who says we don't?" Helen moved her dress up over her hips and pulled her panties off and I did the same. "Is there anything you see that you wanna get into or would you rather go fishing?" I said looking at Helen and then reaching over and slipping my fingers back into her pussy. They dropped their gear and walked to the park bench and table that we were on and one went the Helen and the other to me. I unzipped his pants and set a nice size cock free into my hands and Helen did much the same to the other guy. Helen and I had been o the farm the day before so we were both stil kind of loose and could easily be fisted and were actually wanting something nice and big again.

The guy trying to fuck her was not filling her up at all and the one with me was trying hard. Finally I told him, "Come on, let me suck it for you.

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  " and I went down on him and soon he filled my throat. Helen was doing the same with the other guy and they stood there until they had dumped their loads into our mouths. "Damn, you ladys got the biggest cunts I have ever seen. " one said and Helen and I looked at them and messing with them, "Well, maybe it is that you guys have small cocks. " They looked at each other and began to leave and Helen said, "Bet you cannot find anything that my girlfriend can't take. " I looked at her and knew what she was up to. "How much?" the guy said. "I bet a hundred dollars hat anything you wanna try Sandy can take and enjoy doing it. ""You are on, follow us to my place. " one said and so we went to the cars and followed them. We drove a few miles to the north of Athen and down a dirt road and into a fenced in area that had a house and some stables and Helen and I were already wet thinking of the fun that was going to happen. I had her skirt up fingering her and myself at the same time wile she drove.

We got out at a house and Helen and I both took off all our clothes and got out of her car. A few fuys came out of the house cheering and we followed the two into the house. "They were all around us and some cocks came out naturally and they had some good sizes to them but Helen and I were ready for some really huge cock.

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   The one guy said, "The ladys are here for some really big cock, we bet they could not take one that we had for them, well really, we bet the titless one that she could not take what we can supply. " he said. "What I lack in tits, I make up for in pussy man, now show me the cock and I will fuck it. " We went thru the house and to the back and there were 6 beautiful horses in the back. Two were there for breeding and the other 4 were really hot to get into them. A guy opened the gate and we went into the stable and Helen went to the closest horse and he came to her their naked bodies already knowing what was to happen. "This one is mine first. " Helen said and she worked her way back to his rear and squated down to massage his cock that had begun coming out as soon as she began rubbing his neck. I went to one that was brown and really beautiful. I rubbed his nose and then neck and then went to the middle so I could begin to rub his belley. He stood still as if he knew what I was up to. I was rubbing him and sure enough his cock emerged and grew. . . "I need a bail over her so I can under him.

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  " I said and the guys brought several bales to us. Helen moved her's so that she could enjoy a laying on her back fucking and I wanted to lay on my stomach on the bale and let him get in that way. We had blankets on the hay and I laid on my tummy telling the guys to hold the horse still and move him over me. I could see Helen doing the same thing.

The horse was positoned right over me and his cock was growing and I moved my ass so that his cock was at the entrance and then I moved against him to get some in me. THen he moved and it went in making me moan and about the same time Helen had her stallion enter her pussy and she was really groaning for him to fuck her good. I saw the cock sink deeper into her and she was riding waves of orgasms and then my first one came and I thought I would pass out. I moved down till I had over 12 inches of horse cock in me and there was a little more left. The guys were all watching and some had cocks out jacking themselves off. "Move him forward" I managed to blurt out and the rest of his cock filled me. Helen was in the same condition, trying to bury all of the massive horse cock in her pussy. Suddenly he began flooding my cunt with his cucm and I was having one orgasm after another. I stayed on his cock until he moved to take it out and then came off the bale and began licking his cock all over to get his cum for myself. Helen was raving crazy about what the cock was doing for her, "Oh fucking yes, fuck this mare, fuck her good, give me that cum all of it, Oh fucking yes. " and on and on she said.

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   After her finished and slipped out I went to her and began eating her cum filled pussy and slipping my hand inside her and making her moan more. I went back to the bale of hay and said, "I want the other one now, in my ass. " and the men all got quiet. Two guided the horse to me and I lifted my ass in the air and one of the men moved the horse cock to the entrance of my ass and I moved against it. It almost would not go then it popped in and I moved against it and it filled me up. I looked over and Helen was under another horse massaging his cock and licking and sucking it as much as she could. It seemed like a long time and the horse filled my ass with his cum and I laid there on my belley almost passing out from the orgasms I had. I looked in time to see Helen take the horse cock and put the head into her mouth and the cum began realy almost drowning her. She took as much as she could in her mouth and then all over her tits and she began rubbing it all over her tits and belley and all over her body. Her hands went to her pussy and she had another orgasm that seemed to keep on from one to another.

After the horse finished and we got our senses back Helen ad I began kissing and sucking and licking all over each other. Then she said "Let's 69" and we did laying on the hay. We began eating each other and soon were flowing thru more orgasms. After a long time I got up, sore but satisified and Helen was next to me hugging me. The guy came over and had a hundred dollars in his hand.

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   "You sure can fuck lady. " he said and I took the money. "Well guys, if you want to Helen and I will suck all of you off just for fun. " I said and then we got on our knees and they lined up and we began sucking cocks. Helen and I both love to hae cocks spray cum all over us and so some we swallowed and some was in our faces and hair and all over. We took breaks to kiss each other and lick the cum off each other. We left the place at about midnight and went back to her apartment and got a shower, combing the cum out of her long black hair. and finally we fell asleep naked on the couch.

LOve ya guys,