wild night

True Story

Me and my girlfriend were going out. we did not drink or even have sex at all ever we wouldnt even take our clothes off just dry hump. well this night we went to the movies and there was a steamy sex scene and when it came on the screen i kind of rubbed her pussy she fired back and started rubbing my dick it was so hot knowing their were people around. i lived with my parents at the time but that did not stop us coming in making out hard and rapidly shedding our clothes i threw her on the bed and went straight to eating her pussy she was soaking wet. she grabbed my legs and before i knew it we were in the 69 position and she squirted all in my face ahh so great.

. then i started licking her ass and fingerijng her pussy and she came again that made her lick my ass and balls and then i filled up her mouth. . that didnot stop us. . . i made out with her to taste my own cum and it was delicious. . then she said fuck me. . i did just that i turned her ass over did her doggy style and she was screaming and my mom who at the time we lived by ourselves came in and said holy shit son i thought you were killing her damn you have a giant cock and she said come join us and my mom shed her clothes and my girlfriend ate her out while i was fucking her and my mom climaxed then my girl came all over my dick then i shot on both of their faces and they licked it off of each other.

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