Twisted tale of lust

True Story

Hi friends, Akshay from delhi again with a second story, after an year, got good reviews and lots of mails fromviewers.

My email is arun_malhotra85@hotmail. com ,if u want to tell me anything about my story.

WARNING: My story is true and I have elaborated the turn of events as the way they are, Please commence with the story only if you have the patience. My story involves lot of foreplay and the elaboration of events which lead to intercourse. Typical building up of a character for the ultimate satisfaction.

Ok my new story is about to start , before that i will give u a brief description about me and the new characters of this story, everything is legal in this story as this im no longer underage, I am 20 yrs old, 5 feet 18 inches. Big muscles like a jock6 pack abs.
Fair in complexion. My stories are all true without a shadow of a doubt and are posted in the sequence as they occur (Thats probably why it took me an year to post my next story , but dont worry my friends im gonna make a blog pretty soon , LOLzzzz) . This event happened about 2 weeks back with my sister's best friend.

Ok her name is Pranika and she is hot (Mirror cracking material) she is 2 years elder to me 22 , a post graduate now working in an MNC company in delhi. brownish hair , fair complexion and very tall 5 feet 9 inch.
But kind of different from a model, models only have a beauty full face but Pranika's got a beauty full face as well as a good body .
She is 37 27 32 (I know what u folks are wondering, Busty, NICE even i love em).

Ok pranika and my sister have been good friends since college, Both of them mt in Hansraj college and became good friends since 5 yrs.

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   5 yrs is a long time my friends soo even i got to interact with her a lot on events , parties , birthdays and sleepovers.
ok folks one thing i forgot to tell u is about Pranikas eyes. She's got these amazing mesmerizing blue eyes and she always used to give me a wierd look with a grin on her face. . . NICE.

Ok guys i will remind u guys that i was never the person that i am today, i was always into bodybuilding and gyming but i lacked the confidence to talk to girls , my previous encounter gave me a lot of courage.
ok 5 years have passed now i was used to Pranika coming to our house regularly and to tell u the truth i had been attracted to her but never had any horny thoughts about her.
But all this was going to change rally soon. One weekend on Saturday p. (U know how girls can be like in slumber parties LOLz to tell you guys the jest of it they are like a pajama party with face packs and a lot of snack ) (Low fat snack Lolz "Pranika cares about staying in shape) NICE. . . .

Ok this slumber party was like any other pary girls talking about their life , work life, night life and last but not the least Love life.

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  . Ok now this time she talked to my sister there was a no longer in a committed relationship(NICE) , she was single , got out of a 4 yrs old relationship,
I got to know this the next day from my sister before she left for office( This is not a professional office , this is a business office run by my family only, thats why it was open on Sunday.

Now this leaves Pranika alone with me at home(NICE. . . ) Now after hearing that she was single to tell u the guys at first i was not all NICE. . . , but i kind of felt sad for her . 4 years is a long time and im even a long term relationship kind of guy so i probably know how she must be feeling. She looked really low the previous day also , Did not even have nasty grin on her face when she saw me. So i decided to make coffee for her in the morning ( I make good coffee)LOLz.

Ok when i knocked on the door lightly there was no reply so i entered ( Ok if i hadn't taken this step there would not have been chemistry between us today). Now there she was this beauty full angel sleeping on my sisters bed. with a nice pink blanket.

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  She was in her Pajamas wearing a super girl T-shirt(NICE. . . ) which was slightly lifted exposing her fair white belly which was perfect, Flat from the bottom and a few abs perking out on the upper part right below her breasts.
So there she was still sleepingas i watched her face , no sign of any scars or breakouts just pure white skin without a sign of a single hair on her face anywhere on her body(NICE. . . ) just the way i wanted it to be. . .

Now s i noticed the coffee in my hands getting cold i realized it was time to wake her up , It was around 20 minutes since i was watching her sleep. Finally i got a good idea to wake her up .
I went outside the room and knocked again until she woke up(Might have made her feel uncomfortableif she saw me looking at her when she woke up. Further more trouble for me if she told my sister.

So i handed over the coffee to her in the morning , she took it with a groggy look on her face .

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Now i sat right beside her and broke the silence with a WAZZUP. . .
she didnt seem very enthusiastic about her life(as if she was not happy with it) .
I knew what was wrong so i asked her a question.
is 5 years a long time ? With a blank look on her face i continued theasked her,
Do you not consider me your friend? Are friends like me only for the good times in your life?
Then why do you hide from me?

The look on her face changed, her true feelings were now reflected on her face .
she was feeling sad , lonely and a little depressed. i asked her what happened between her and her boyfriend, she was like "things did not work out between us", "He was too busy in his life to take out time for me or even have a conversation on the phone, he felt as if i was embarising him in front of his friends".
Now i realized what a jerk her boyfriend was and in support said ,"he did not deserve you , you deserve better". she said, and who might that better be.
i said , anybody who cares about you for who you are and certainly does not fell embaresed by your presence. If i was in his place i would cherish your phone calls.
suddenly truth started pouring from my mouth. i said you are the most beauty full girl i have ever seen in my life , perfect in every sence and aspect of beauty , from wearing good clothes to applying the best perfume, from your good height to your well shaped body.
if i was in his place the most embarresing thing would be to leave you.

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Now at this point i felt a spark between us, all my comments had made her blush and i saw the thing that i was missing the most, the same kinky look on her face(NICE. . . )
She said Akshay ok i get it , you are trying to say you are would be a better boyfriend than my actual boyfriend ever was.
Ok at this point of time i said , do you doubt it , Im more handsome than him to start with . .
Now this made us guys to laugh a little , and she said its been a while since anyone has made me laugh in a while , I guess i should talk to you more often. So i said , when does your new boyfriend get a date, she said pretty soon with the same grim on her face.
( Now i thought that she was just kidding with me, but i now i realized that she was not)

Ok 5 year since i have known her and finally got her number. Now after the conversation i was now updated on her life just like facebook.
she used to call me from her office and when she reached home. Theres just a difference of 2 years between us so we guys gelled up nice.
finally the time came when she brought the topic back, So Akshay, when is the date going to happen that you promised me. Now i thought to myself( Lolz, she brought the topic back, lets think over it, shes single, informs me about her life, gives me those looks these are all signs, she wanted me to start the topic but the typical dumbo that i am i did not understand her signs). I said ok, so when do we meet.

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She said tomorrows a sunday and its my off wanna meet for lunch. SUNDAy(how i love the sound of it). i said everythings going to be in order as long as you are going to show up.
we decided to meet up in saket.
next morning SUNDAY that is of course i got a call from er early in the morning .
She said the she did not have any means of convaince as her younger sister had taken her car, I agreed to pick her up from her house that is in South-ex.

Now that she was sitting in my car i thought about places to go for a perfect date.
first i thought of lunch at a good restaurant then for a movie and then dinner at a fancy restaurant with a bottle of wine. But this would be too common(dont u guys think so)
So i put my backup plan into action, i asked her where do you wanna have food, she was like anywhere. it was 4 o clock.
So i said ok, but dont tell me that i didnt ask you later. .
now i headed for haryana highway for a long drive, she was a little astonished by my actions but not for one second felt scared.

She said, so my handsome hunk what are your plans, i said , u you will find out soon.
ok now i was planning to a restaurant in murthal(a place on haryana highway with good food, 150Kms away from delhi).

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   Long drive, took us 2 hours to reach there. so tis gav us plenty of time to talk and interact with each other, to tell you the truth she was meant for me , i loved her company, her attitude , her positive attitude towards her life. Her boyfriend was an actual dumbo, common this girl sitting right next to me is more beauty full than an angle and even intelligent as well as has the qualities of a quick and witty person.

as you guys know perfection has no means to define itself, and it is said nobody's perfect but this girl was the closest one to perfect of all the girls iv ever known.
Ill spare you the conversation because you guys must be wondering by now ( Bahut bolta hai ye).
So finally we reached there after having a good 2 hours conversation.

ok this place was famous for its food which we enjoyed a lot. after the food she thanked me for the surprise. It was already dark at the time when we reached the place , night had crept in by the time we left the place. So we got in the car and she was like , you must be tired after all that driving , let me drive the way back.
i said , your company has made me more enthusiastic, do i look tired , the only guy in the world that would probably hand over the car to you in the first place ld b that jerk that feels embaressd by your presence. Or much rather would not even take you to such a place.
she replied with a sad look on her face , True 4 years into it i have never been on such a date.
So i guess we are half way and there is nice tome like place nearby to visit if u like. We can go for a walk after that havy meal if you like.

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   She spontaneously agreed to visit the place as u guys know how health conscious she is.

So this dome was a deserted place specificly during nights(NICE). . . It was getting a little cold so i covered pranika with my blazer.
with a smile on her face she asked me , are u truly like this or are you just pretending on the date?
Another question arose from th previous question , I asked , What do you think ?
she said i have never met a guy like you in my life , guys are not supposed to be like you they are suppose to be different. my next question was , How many guys have you dated, her answer with a smile on her face was, 1. . .
We burst out into laughter.
Next thing i said was that im like this only , this is my normal behavior with girls.
and i dont have a girlfriend because its hard for me to approach them or take the next step.
She said , thats probably why you took so long to ask me out. I corrected , you were the one who asked me out. Another wave of laughter among us.

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Now suddenly the look on her face changed, the laughter faded into the same old grin.
suddenly she got close to me, her heels had made her almost same as my height.
our eyes met and there was only a couple of inches distance between our lips.
she said , do you really feel that way about me?
My reply as usual, Do you doubt it?

she came closer to me and our lips touched, now i didnt know what was happening or was it suppose to happen, this girl was my sisters best friend and 2 years elder to me.
I forgot about everything and all i could l was her warm lips , very soft. I got hold of her neck with my right hand .
while my other hand guided on her back which made our bodies come closer to each other.
Her perfume was intoxicating and her lips tasted like strawberry.
you guys probably know how it is like to receive a warm kiss in cold month of December.
our kiss broke in about 2 minutes after which she came to her senses and said , Im sorry. . .

I still dont know what that sorry was for but i guess we will never find out because the next thing i did was to kiss her when she was saying that she was sorry. I didnt let her mood go to waste. finally after 5 minutes our tongue came into play.

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   our kiss got deeper and warmer,
Melting away all my senses , so far the best kiss that i have ever had.
Our kiss broke within 18 minutes and by that time nobody was saying sorry or regretted a damn thing that we did.

After that nice and warm walk we got back in the car for the rest of the way , about 50 kMS not og now.
in the car she asked me , will this work out?
instantaneously i replied. you are such a positive person, then why are you having such negative thoughts. As i said before you are very beauty full and i guess i would not let age be a factor between us. She said we will see soon enough with that nasty look on her face . now i knew where this was going.

Soon enough we reached her place, i dropped her home and as i was about to leave she said those magic words, Would you like to come up for a cup of coffee?
Coffee( well if it wasn't for coffee things would not have been the same ).
as i replied a little coffee is not going to hurt anyone , as i proceeded upstairs.

Now pranika's place is an apartment which she shares with her sister , this apartment is closer to her work place as it would be very inconvenient for her to come from gaziabad everyday for her office. So when we reached her place her sister was not there, she called her up and asked isha when is she going to be back as it is already late.
after she hung up on the phone she had a different look on her face(you know which look i am talking about).
She said her sister had gone to her friends place for a sleepover. This leaves the two us alone here.



by now I had understood her signs and i got up from the sofa and gently kissed her.
Now this time i was well prepared i had applied thunder mint spray in my mouth to make her hornier. She kissed me back and soon our gentle kissed turned into a more passionate one.
suddenly she broke the kiss and pushed me o the sofa.
now this was the side of her that i had never seen , this tall and beauty full woman was coming towards me her fair skin and that lovely face.
she sat on top of me and continued the kiss that we were having after about 18 minutes her hands moved towards my shirt , and she unbuttered it, removing it , she broke the kiss to notice my torso.
Broad chest , big bisecps and a steep waist line. She moved her hand on my chest and then the next thing she did was to remove her top. Ok now at this point i knew this is going to go much furthur than just a kiss. .

As soon as her top was removed , it came to view her upper body. so very curvy her beasts very big her bra was tight and that slim waste. now the next ting i did was to lift her in my arms andtake her to her bedroom. I gently put her on the bed and then observed her belly, got close to it and kissed it , a little moan escaped her mouth. Next thing i did was to unhook her bra and remove it revealing those enormous globules right in front of me.

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   She moved her had to the side unable to make eye contact.
I held her face and looked into her eyes and said you are beauty full and gave her another kiss , but this time i held her breast with one hand and was playing with her perky nipples that had gone hard by now(well she was not the only one hard by now).

our kiss broke and i moved downwards and started to suck on her breasts.
her moans grew a little louder now. After about 18 minutes a further moved down to her belly and finally to her legs.
next thing i did was to remove her jeans , there she was right in front of me in just an underwear , my goodness this girl was beauty full, her fair legs, i grab hold of her feet and started to kiss her toes. further moving up kissing my way upto her soft thighs.
then to her underwear. There was already a wet patch on her underwear, i teased her a little by continuing to kiss her thighs. But finally when i saw that she could not resist anymore i further moved towards her womanhood, she was already smelling intoxicating.

Now the time had come to remove her underwear. when i removed it i saw such a wonderful her pink pussy , very firm and soft , her hair were completely shaved of a nice and clean pussy.
As i guided my tongue onto her vagina. she bucked a little as she was very sensitive there.
slowly and steadily i licked her when finally she got on top of me and removed my pants and underwear revealing my 8.

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  5 inch cock(Grew a little from last time).
she now engulfed it and returned the favor back to me , Now we were in the 69 position making each other wet and lubricative for what was going to happen next.
    At a certain point she left my cock and grabbed my hair pulled it tightly against her pussy closed her eyes , she had finally reached her orgasm.
    after that i got up and got prepared for the missionary position( My favorite position)
    I got on top of her looked in her eyer and gentelly kissed her and said , Do you want to do this.
    Her answer to my surprise was, "Do you think i want to do this" with the same grin on her face.

    she said I have wanted you for a long time Now Akshay, I was attracted since the very first day i saw you and i want this more than you do. The only thing I am afraid of is that your cock is too big , Im only afraid of the pain but i think u will make it easier for me.
    I asked her if she had a condom because i did not imagine this happening today or any time soon.
    she told me not to worry as she uses oral contrasecptives.

    i touched My cock on her pussy and played a little outside only, she looked at me in a helpless way and said please put it in.
    I continued doing so she got a little pissed and gave me a little angry look which soon turned back into the helpless look , without further delay i guided my cock inside her, carefully not to hurt her. She was very tight but yet i managed to push all the way inside.
    i stayed in her for a while, feeling her warmth looking her close her eyes and enjoying every moment of it.

    I started to buck hips now slowly and steadily so as not to hurt her, but soon she opened her eyesand in a naughty voice said, Akshay, Fuck me harder, this encouraged me quicken the pace .
    she matched my rhythms perfectly every thrust lead to my balls smashing her ass.

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    I was having th time of my life, Having sex with this princess who was also giving me perverted looks side by side,
    1minutes into it , it was time to change the position. Now i lifted her up from her thighs and took her to the nearby chair. One of her leg was on th chair giving me clear access to her pussy from behind.
    As i guided my cock into her again she got wetter , her juices were now gushing out now i knew that she had another orgasm. But the quantity of juices amazed me. her juices reached my balls and were dripping from it to the floor. By this time i was happy that she was wet enough to not feel any pain during intercourse. So i got the feeling that things need to get rough now or im never going to cum.

    Now i started to pump her harder and her moans became louder. This was the time of true pleasure for me, now i insisted the cowgirl position , as i lay on my back this angel came on top of me guiding my cock into her hot pussy, as my foreskin stretched further down i felt my prick becoming even harder than before. To tell you guys the truth there was alot of pain but the pain had taken the pleasure to new heights.

    our moans were becoming louder and more aggressive by the minutes, It was time for the next level, so i told her to get off me and sit in doggy style.
    I stood behind her with my cock in my hand which was dripping wet. I felt another jolt of pleasure as i inserted m in her , by the time both of us had become completely insane and i knew i was going to hit my climax soon.

    after a good 18 minutes in doggy style i got on op of her again in missionary position (NICE.

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      . . ), This was the finale of out beauty full date.
    As after a few thrusts i felt the sensation building up in me, I had now completely bent my back and my chest was touching her soft breasts. and her arms wrapped around my back. I saw the expressions on her beauty full face, she had the expression of pain and pleasure on her face, I got to know that she was about to reach her next orgasm as she had further dug her nails on my back.

    Now my climax was inevitable , but she spoke the words before me,"im about to cum".
    this gave me the extra strength to further thrust my cock in her. As i had reached the point of no return now , my cock was deeply buried in her pussy and quirted my load deep within her , thrust after thrust i had filled her with hot semen. i collapsed on top of her my cock still inside her.
    still feeling her warmth as my cock became loose again .
    i saw th expression of satisfaction on her face. After about 18 minutes of lying down on the bed istarted looking at her and admiring this beauty full girl that had just made my day. I had never in my wildest fantasies had expected to have sex with such a beauty full girl. I guess she was asleep while i was watching her, i lightly touched her soft arms which were as soft as silk, i might have disturbed her by touching her so she tilted away from me with her back exposed towards me.

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       and got close to her and grabbed her from the back hugging hr tightly. taking in the aroma of her hair, with such a sensation i soon went off to sleep with her .
    we woke around 4 hours later after which we decided to take a shower we guys needed it from all the nasty things we had done yesterday.

    Now we went for the shower together , for some reason pranika was a little hesitant to get naked before me , Dont know how she became shy all of a sudden. But i had no problem. Both of us got naked and went n th shower. bot of us applied soap on each other when suddenly she started rubbing soap on my cock. i looked in her eyes and saw the same look(Ok guys 4 hours is enough time to get horny again). My cock grew as she massaged it with water now i applied some oil on her pussy as i knew what was going to happen next(water takes away natural lubrication , so had to apply lube in alternate way)soon we were deep kissing in the shower. water flowing on out heads while we were exploring each others mouth.

    Massaging her had made her hot enough now now she faced the wall with her boobs touching it and her big ass facing me as she said with a lusty look on her face ,"FUCK ME".
    these words had now made me hornier now , even i could not control my urge to fuck her so i got behind her and inserted my cock in her. This time i started of with a fast pace, It did not take her time to get wet . With each thrust her boobs were further driven into the wall. Loud moans escaped her mouth but she continued to tell me to fuck her harder.

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       our session lasted for more than half an hour after which i could no longer control myself. The shower had become very steamy by now as i was about to cum, My pace quickened as i finally released hot steamy cum deep in her pussy. thrusts of big loads cum released my cock and i enjoyed every bit of it looking at her twitch her body. I removed my cock from her vagina and then she faced me and gave me a deep kiss as a reward for the wonderful date( As if yesterday nights reward was not enough. lolz).
    soon she cleaned my cum and the got dressed. after having breakfast i left her place.
    I kisser goodbye and the final words came out of my mouth,"The COFFEE was NICE. . . )

    Well it was obvious that our first date was a success so a couple of days later i asked her out again.
    It has been 3 weeks now and i have at least gone on 18 dates by now, even yesterday .
    Each date is different from the other but the ending is the same.
    we now have sex on regular basis. Every alternate day.

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       I still am not sure whats between us but i guess its turned out to be a relationship.
    We go for lunch , dinner, clubbing , i introduce her to my friends and she introduces me to hers.
    and we have the best of times, So i guess im falling for her but theres nothing wrong in it.
    Thats all i can tell you guys about the relationship as it has only been 3 weeks by now and it takes time for a relationship to mature. So ill update you guys in my next story(whenever it will come, but i dont think it will be coming because i look for a future with pranika, But if it doesn't work out i will be starting my new tale of seduction with a new girl(NICE. . . )LOLzzz)

    My email address arun_malhotra85@hotmail. com ,
    Do give me feedback if u like my story