To Prove Myself

True Story

I am posting this under true but it could be under forced, rape, gang bang or other catagories.
I was 19 at college and lived a couple blocks off campus and enjoyed most of all that I wanted to do. As my name says, I am flat and was then too. 34 and nothing to fill an A cup is very flat. Well, there were several girls that always messed with me, called me a "dyke" ( I was bi at the time) and a "cute guy" and other names. Most of the time I did not care but one day it really pissed me off. We had gotten dressed after an exercise class and I was walking out and was in jeans and a t shirt, no bra, after all, I really did not need one. Well, there was a group of the "girls" there and they began to rag on me and called me names and all. I looked at them and said, "We all just came out of the showers and you all know I have a pussy between my legs not a cock. " I started to walk on and one said, "But you would not know what to do with a cock if you saw one much less had one. " and they laughed. I walked up to her face and told her, "Not only do I know what to do with one but I can do it better than any of you. " "Prove it. " she said and as I walked away I said, "Anytime. " and walked on.

A couple days later there was a car that had two guys that I knew in it driving and offered to give me a ride to my apartment.

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   I said sure and got in. That day I was wearing a sun dress, no bra and a thong and it was a nice day to be out in. Well, the guys asked how I was and they said that had heard about my exchange the other day with the "girls" and they laughed. "So you really do like guys?" one said and I told him that I did and that I was just Bi. "Wow, that is hot, two girls together. " one said and I laughed, "Yeh, most guys will pay to see that. " and we all laughed. They dropped me off and said Bye and I walked into my apartment and sat down for a while. I had some wine and kind of just buzzed out. My cell went off and it was one of the "girls" and she said, "Hey, ready to prove yourself bitch?" I was buzzed enough to get mad and said, "Anytime bitch, I can out fuck any of you and the men will like it more. ""Okay, soon then. " and she hung up. Well, I went out later to the store down the street and got more wine and was walking back and a car came up and it was the same two guys, "Come on get in. " they said and I did not thinking anything of it. They turned and went down another street and I said "Ah, guys, I live the other way.


  " "Yeh, but that is not where you are going. " they said and I began drinking the coolers I had. We pulled into a yard that was fenced or gated I guess and the gates closed behind us. We pulled to ah small house and they got out, "Come on in, we have a good time waiting for you. " I was even more buzzed now and a little wet and so got out and we walked into a living room. The "girls" were there and about 18 guys or so. The head bitch, Karla, came up and said, "Well, undress and let's get started. " I looked at her and said, "Hold this" and gave her my wine. I dropped my dress to the floor and then of with the thong. There was a cusion on the floor which I supposed to be where I would "prove myself" so I went and sat one it. I had the wine bottle and decided to put on a show.

I laid back and moved my legs apart and began rubbing the bottle along my pussy which was really wet now. Then slowly I slipped it in and in kept going in till all but the bottom was in my pussy. This was a full size wine bottle mind you and the guys had been quiet and now began cheering me on as I moved it in and out. Soon an orgasm washed over me and I pulled it out and laid it on the floor.

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   "Okay, who is first with the real thing?" I said laying there my legs spread apart. Several guys unzipped and began to get over to me and I told them that the only rule I had was that the persons fucking me had to be naked too. They looked at each other and stripped and then one was between my legs and slipped inside me. He was not huge but felt good and so I squeezed his cock inside me and made him moan. Another was near and I took him in my hand and began massaging his cock and then took him in my mouth and deep throated him. The room had some cheering and some talking. The one in me got off and I moved the one I was sucking to my pussy and took him in. Another was in my throat after he moved and I kept that up for several guys.

I sat up after a litle and said, "What I really need is three in me at one time. " and the guys got closer and one sat on the pad and I sat on his cock, slipping it into my ass and then leaned back for one in pussy and grabed another for my throat. Orgasms were washing over me as I was filled first with cock then cum and I kept demanding more. All the guys had fucked me at least two times several hours later and I stood up and walked to the "girls" and said, "Well, guys, how good do I fuck?" and they all applauded. "And how well do these supposed women fuck?" and the room was quiet. "It seems that no one has ever had any of you, you must be lesbians, don't like guys at all. " I laughed and they all protested.

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   One guy said, "Had anyone ever fucked any of them at all?" and no one said that they had. I grabbed Karla and pulled her up by her hair and puled her to the pad and threw her down. Before she knew what was happening I sat on her face and made sure that the cum in me was gushing out of my pussy. "Come on bitch, you must be a slut lesbian. " and she began protesting that she was not. Now the three other girls were surrounded by men that had hard cocks, "I think they need to either have sex with me or with you guys, they have to be one or the other. " The girls began taking off their clothes and laid on the pad. Guys got between their legs and began proving they liked women. One girl came to me. Jan, and said, "Sandy, I think I prefer girls. " and we walked to the pad and laid down and made love all the time eating each other and watching as the other "girls" got fucked over and over again. The next day at classes a guy came up and gave me a DVD, "Here is of the party last night, all of it. " and I took it home and watched it. It began with me doing the guys and then the girls all naked getting fucked and Jan and I making love. The best part was that the "proper girls" were moaning like the sluts that they are and they no longer played like they such good girls.

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The DVD spread around campus and soon no one put up with their shit anymore.
Talk to ya later . .