The randiest schoolgirl

True Story

He, the teacher, was only 7 years older than her. There were many girls of her age and a little younger he fancied. some obviously fancied him as well. But it was Sonia who had his main attention. The little 18 year old was sex personified. She was quite short, budding and developing breasts under her school blouse. But it was the skirt that stood out in the crowd. It was one of the very shortest, but had a zip right down the front.

One day he was in his room without a class when Sonia came in. She talked about nothing in particular for a moment then told him that Maria, her friend, had a crush on him. Maria was a taller, Latin-looking girl with long black hair. She was gorgeous, but as he looked at Sonia, her face flushed, her lips full, her eyes sparkling, the swell of her breasts obvious and with two buttons undone, he thought 'I wish you had a crush on me'.

They talked about Maria for a while - he would in fact love to make out with her too. But he asked Sonia whom she
fancied. 'None of the boys,' she said, 'for they don't really know what to do. ' He looked into her eyes and said, 'But they must find the zipper on your skirt handy.

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  ' She replied, 'Not really, for they don't know what to do when they get there, and by the time they get there they've cum in their pants!'

She carried on boldly (and he was hard just imagining getting his hand between her young [virgin?] legs) 'I've notice you looking at my legs, sir'. 'What man wouldn't?' he said and smiled at her. She poked her tongue at him and swayed her hips. 'I'm going to the park - the ones by the mountain side - at 7. 30 tonight,' she said, 'I might see you there. '

They were both there - he in his car, it was quite dark already, and she in a very short white mini-skirt and a tight top. She came into the car and he drove in silence to a quiet place. He parked and looked at her in the soft light of the dash lights. She was really something, like a little flower ready to be picked. He leaned over and put an arm around her. She moved towards him. 'I think you have a crush too - let's forget Maria'. 'Yeah,' she replied, 'she can fuck someone else tonight - but if you want her I'll arrange it, or you can have both of us together, but she is younger than me. ' He said, 'Sonia, I just want you - you may be too young to fuck, but we can have lots of fun'.

With that she was a small bundle of white in his arms, her arms around his head and their lips smashing together.

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   He poked his tongue and her mouth opened and soon their tongues were locked in battle as he sucked and pulled on him. He small hands held his head to her face, but his hand had gone to her breast. Soon her tight top was off, and his hand was inside her bra. She moaned a little as he felt her and rubbed her nipple. 'Sonia, I've wanted this for a long time, since you were in my first class'. 'Sir,' she said, 'I want you too and want you to go all the way'. With that, she pulled his other hand to her legs, her skirt had ridden up and he was at her wet crotch and her tiny panties.

His hand went to her mound and fingers found slit. He rubbed her and then took her panties off, his head down and began eating her out.
    She bucked and said no one had done that before. She'd only seen pictures. She was full of Ohs and Ahs as his tongue filled her hole and as he sucked and fondled her clit. She was hot for him.

    'I have something here for you too, Sonia - take it in your hands'. His thick cock was in her small hands and instinctively she was rubbing him up and down.

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       it was incredible as he kissed her madly and long, two fingers in her cunt and she rubbing him. He was hot for her. Without either saying anything she spread her legs and sat on his legs. He rubbed his purple knob in her wetness. 'Please, please,'she moaned, 'Fuck me sir'. He lifted her young body, brought his mouth to a nipple and then slowly dropped her on his cock - she guided with her hand likde a pro and the head went in. He held her there until she began pressing down and then lifting up. Soon he was half way in, and then a good hard push and he was all in - no sign of hymen, but her hole was fully stretched and so gorgeously tight.

    They were humping and moaning and she was saying something about a good fuck and he could feel her approaching her climax and gripping even harder. He wanted to cum in her face, he didn't want to risk it. As she came down, she seemed to faint a little. He took his hard cock out and brought her comotose face to his cock. She opened her mouth and he stuffed it in. He fucked her face for a minute and then told her to take his cum. .

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