The Plane Ride Fondle

True Story

Flying solo, returning from a business trip, the window seat was usually my sleep space. 2 seats to my right filled when a family of 4 split leaving a mom and son across the isle with dad and daughter next to me. Daddies girl was nerdy looking with a slender, barely pubescent, frame. I will call her B. B.

Plopping lazily into the seat BB's skin had an oily sheen. Her innocent tight body romped around on the last vacation day without time to bathe before their departure. A slightly musky aroma wafted towards me. I slowly inhaled the little breeze B. B. created by quickly sitting to take in her young scent.

Before we even began to taxi her whole left side slumped against me passing out. I wonder if mommy and daddy dosed her for the flight. Her curly, shoulder length, brown hair rested on my neck and shoulder. Daddy looked over with concern thinking I would ask for her removal. I just gave him a shrug and hand gesture assuring it was all right.


I had retrieved a blanket before sitting, so graciously draped it over BB and I, letting her share. I gave daddy a look for approval. He gave a thankful, almost relieved, smile for my actions. He soon dozed off while reading a book.

My sleeping beauty wore denim overalls and a T-shirt. The true taboo desire and purpose of covering both or bodies arose from my deviant urge to caress her budding body. BB's overalls formed a pocket of space away from her under-shirt, hiding my hands slow movement. With expert timing of her breathing, along with our occasional shifting, I let my hand slip onto her thin t-shirt. Using, slow, light pressure, I moved my left hand across me. Not knowing what I would find my fingers moved upward patiently until catching a tiny rise. Timing her next big breath I placed 3 fingers gently atop the smallest, most tender, umps I've ever fondled. My heart, already racing from the thrill of wrongfulness beat with marathon pace. No more then a few months was the point which her glands began development. Delicately my fingers found there way around her bump, mapping it's complete dimensions. Experimenting with the tenderness I brushed 2 fingers quickly down the bud.

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   BB's entire body shuddered from my light graze. She didn't wake. The level of sensitivity must have been from soreness a girl experiences early in development. The majority of my 2 hours were spent staring at her unconscious face so as not to miss any of the aroused looks I caused. What a treasure she has given my lust for little boobs. I knew after and hour of touching her what limits my fondling could reach.

I had to make her quiver from a squeeze once more before landing. I wrapped my fingertips around the tiny glands entire perimeter, giving her titty its first intentional, sexual, squeeze. My farewell fondle caused her to spasm followed by a huge shiver from head to toe. BB woke from the deep slumber as my hand bid farewell, slipping unseen from her beautiful chest.

As we stood to De-plane our eyes met. BB looked at me bewildered. Her subconscious knew something was amiss. I returned a sexual smile and gaze. She must have been shocked such an older man would do this.

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I would love to have seen the erotic dreams BB surely experienced. This sneaky exploration only deepened my passion for tight bodies in the rare moment of pubescence. .