The Camping Trip

True Story

This is a true story about a camping trip I was on last summer. A big group of us went from school. All of us were college students, out for a good time. Naturally it was mostly guys. But there were 5 of us woman along. Me and a friend Julie were sharing a tent. The other three ladies had boyfriends.

We had a great time that first day. It was hot, sunny out. We did a lot of swimming, drinking. With it being mostly guys, got flirted with a lot. Not that I am a super model. But I’m 19, 5’3” 115lbs, long blonde curly hair, blue eyes. Nice flat stomach, 34B perky tits. I got to admit I made the yellow and blue flowered bikini I was wearing look pretty good.

Everyone was sitting around the fire, talking, telling jokes, getting drunk.

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  As the night wore on, people started to wonder back to their tents. About 2 in the morning, I decided to go back to mine. I get there and go to enter. My tent made Julie is in their past out with 2 guys snoring away. Everyone was naked. I wasn’t climbing in there to go bed.

So back to the fire. There were a few guys up drinking, and naturally they all tried to get me to sleep with them. I wasn’t going for it. But I was worried about where I was going to sleep, at least it was still warm out, muggy actually. The guys realized they weren’t going to get me into their tent, so they disappeared. I was left alone by the fire. Was sitting there with my own thoughts when from the lake walked Brad.

Brad is a nice guy. He’s really shy.

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  He’s nothing special to look at. He’s maybe 5’10”, 150lbs. He has short blond hair, has a few pimples, but he does have a pair of the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen. Brad was one of the few guys that hadn’t hit on me all day. I don’t think he said a dozen words to anyone all day. But he was the guy that built the fire, always seen him coming out of the woods with more fire wood. He went fishing by himself during the day.

I smiled and waved at him, he came up and asked what I was still doing up, so I told him about my tent and my inability to go to it now. I asked him what he was doing up, he said he was checking his trout lines, not that I have a clue as to what they are. We sat there and made small talk for a bit when he told me his tent mate didn’t make it to the tent tonight; I wonder if he’s one of them with Julie. He offered me his sleeping bag. Brad was so nice and shy; I figured I would be safe. So off to the tent we went.

We got there and he went to his sleeping bag, I went to mine. It was still muggy out so I just laid on top of it.

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  For some reason, I couldn’t fall asleep. Was laying there for awhile, when I could hear some movement from Brad. I glanced over and was shocked at what I seen. It was dark but I could see the outline of Brad. He was laying there masturbating. For some reason, I was embarrassed. I didn’t say anything, figured he would be done soon. Tried to ignore him, but I couldn’t help but stare at him.

It wasn’t like he had a monster cock or anything, but watching him masturbate was turning me on. I don’t know if it was because he didn’t know I was watching, or the fact he was only an arm length away. But he was defiantly making me wet, my pussy was on fire. I called his name. He stopped and was quiet. I told him to cum here. He quickly crawled over.

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  As he lay down next to me he started kissing me. He moved a hand right to my breasts, fondling them, as he pulled my bikini top down below them. I thought to myself, he’s not that shy after all.

I reached behind my neck and untied the top of my bikini. Brad stops kissing me and moves his lips down to my breasts. He sucks on them roughly. First one than the other. His hands move lower. Pressing in between my thighs. I gasp as I feel his fingers running over my pussy. His mouth sucking on my tits. I can feel his hand moving higher, he slides it inside of my bikini bottoms. He pushes it lower and inserts a finger inside my hot wet pussy. I gasp in pleasure as he finger fucks me. His mouth never leaving my breasts.

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  I have sensitive nipples, and he is sucking my tits hard. Never have I had a guy so rough on them before. He’s driving me nuts.

I tell him I need him inside of me. He stops and rolls off as he gets undressed, I take off my bikini. I lay there and spread my legs wide. Telling him to put on a condom. He says he doesn’t have one, he sounds so disappointed. My pussy is on fire, I need release so I tell him to just make sure to pull out.

He rolls over on top of me; I reach down between us and grasp his cock. I guide it to my pussy and line it up. He rams it in with one hard deep thrust. It feels wonderful as he rises up on his hands and fucks me hard. He’s thrusting his cock in and out of my pussy hard. The sleeping bag doesn’t soften up the ground much as he slams himself down on top of me.

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  I’m so horny it doesn’t take long for me to start to cum. The added wetness really allows him to go faster, harder. I can feel my boobs bounce, he’s fucking me so hard.

I can’t help but moan every time he thrusts into me. The whole camp ground probably knows I am getting fucked, but I can’t help it, he feels so good in me. I’m rocking my hips up and down, meeting his thrusts, allowing his hard cock to go deeper inside of me. I can hear his hips strike mine as he smacks down on me. He pulls out of me suddenly, and jerks his cock a few times. Big thick globs of cum land on my stomach.

We lay there catching our breath as someone yells about time; if you do her again stick a sock in her mouth, trying to sleep over here…