Teaching Sexual Parts practically

True Story

Hi friends
Its Danial, 30 male working as a senior manager in a reputed company. Today I am narrating my experience with my neighbour girl nadia.

Let me describe you Nadia. She was 18 years old at that time and have a very sexy figure of 34, 24, 34, with very fair complexion and attractive eyes. We are living in an apartment building nadia’s apartment is on the same floor as mine. We have 2 separate doors for entrance, 1 for regular use and the other for guests which open directly in the drawing room. The drawing room is closed from the other end through a separate door, which we normally closed when some guest are sitting in the drawing room. If any girl interested in friendship from Karachi may contact me at silent_magma@ hotmail. com, I will be more than happy if I receive ur respose regarding my story.

We have very good terms with the family of nadia. She is living with her mother and a little sis who was 18 years old at that time and also developing towards a sexy baby. I will tell u more about her younger sister shumaila in my next story. Her father was in USA so they always request me to do any task for their home or outside work.

Nadia was in Inter Science and I was doing Masters at that time. One day nadia came to my house in afternoon around 3. 00 pm , at that time my family was sleeping in one bed roomand closed the door so that Ac cooling will be appropriate.

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   I opened the door and saw her in black skin fit shirt and tights. She was looking dam hot and her cleavage is visible from the deep neck top which she wore. She gave me a sexy smile and asked that can I help her in her studies a little bit. I agreed instantly and took her in the drawing room. She said that she is studying Medical (male sexual organs) but as she never seen any male sexual organ so she cant focus on her course and unable to study properly. She is blushing when she said this to me. She asked me can I help her in this regards.

I was in 7th heaven when I heared this from a young sexy girl who wanna discuss sexual organs and their mechanism with me. I said nadia what do u want from me ? should I explain u its shape or what? She said if I don’t mind she would like me to explain in detail and show her my dick. I got a shock when I realized that she wanna me to be nude in front of her. I said okay , but for that I have to lock the room, which she happily agreed. I locked the room and come close to her.

Then I told her her man get excited when they see a girls boobs or touch girls and our dick immediately erect and become rock hard if we do such things. Then I removed my pants. At that time my pennies was soft and not yet erected.

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   When she saw it, she blushed and asked me can I touch it? I smile and said okay u can touch, When she touch my soft dick she said how can I believe tht it becomes hard and enters into girls pussy. I said ya I m telling u the truth but Nadia is not believing me and said okay show me in practical. Then I asked her to hold my dick and rub ur hands softly and stroke my pennies. She did it very softly and I got rock hard erection in a minute. Now she is totally excited and feeling honry and admire me and said its unbelievable. I further told her that now I can show you another magic that if I will kiss on ur lips and rub ur breasts my pennies again get erected. She wants to see that magic for that I pull her towards me and hold her face in my arms and kissed on her juicy lips. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that’s very sweet and when I insert my tongue inside her mouth till that time my pennies again erected and I took her hand and let her grab my dick to confirm that its hard. Now nadia is very much excited and said that u gave me practical lesson and now she can please me and do whatever I like, and kissed on my lips and start sucking my lips. I then took off her top and then removed her bra. Ummmmmmmmmmmmaaaaa her 34 c sized breast are very sexy and her nipples are pinkinsh in color. I started rubbing her boobs and in the mean time sucking them . She is enjoying a lot and sounds like aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…. . ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .

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  . which made me more wild.

Then I suck her nipples which erect in few minutes now she is breathing heavily and pushing my head more towards her breasts so that I will suck them more as she is geeting pleasure and satisfaction in that game. I then removed all my clothes and her trouser. Now we two are totally nude in the closed room. Then I took nadia in my arms and lay her on the carpeted floor and come over her. Kissing her juicy lips and my rock hard pennies is touching her tight pussy lips. Then I moved down and again sucking her boobs moving towards her navel, licked all her body and then started rubbing her pussy from the outside, She is now moving like a fish out of water and sound very sexy which also seduce me to the limits.

Then I started inserting my fingure inside her tight pussy. I realized that she is 100% untouched and virgin girl. Then I slowly inserting fingure in and out which makes her wet in few minutes. She is moaning and breathing very heavily and sounds like aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……. . ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm pls do it now , ya baby I m loving it, and her wordings excite me more. After few minutes of fingering , she released her juice and I also exploded all my load over her body.

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   We then clean the bodies of each other and dressed up as my family may wake up and knock he door. Then she went to her house after giving me a deep French kiss and with a promise that she will again come to meet me in the night when everyone will sleep.

Dear readers, after that we did the same with more aggression almost daily at night after everyone sleep, she came to my room and I then locked door and we both sleep half night together in naked position and enjoyed a lot till 5 year after which nadia get married. Any girl from Karachi wanna give her comments join me at silent_magma at hotmail. com for their comments on my story. Luv u all and write my other story very soon, don’t forget to comment and mail me. If any one interested in friendship from Karachi may contact me at silent_magma@ hotmail. com , I will be more than happy if I receive ur respose regarding my story.