sweet friend

True Story

part one : It had been 2 years since i had been friends with a girl Ann , she was kind of hot and very pretty.
One day we were both alone in the after hours of college. . she was wearing this sexy elegant dress with a shirt and trouser. we sat along a wall of the college building . . . wheni suddenly looked at her and saw her looking at me. I moved closer and kissed her on the cheek. . i proceeded to carress her thighs . and saw her getting aroused by thhis.

in a swift action i lay her down undid her trousers and gother naked except for bra and panties. the sight got me hard as ever. . i removed my pants and let go of my throbbing cock.

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   she couldn't taker her eyes of it. .
i moved towards her panties and saw they were soaked . . . i removed them and let my cock splash onto her pusyy, she jerked at this motion. i repeated this several times. before i started rubbing the head of my cock on her pussy lips. she was burning with fire , and couldn't resist any longer. . however i kept teasing her and knew she wud thank me later. . she told me "i can't take it any more , please put it insidE ! "

FINNALLY the extremely wet pussy started shaking , and as it did i held back a momment and inserted my cock into her WET PUSSY , we were in ecstesy, in another world . . she was mowaning aloud with pleasure, her tight pussy on my cock felt amazingly great.


  , i started to pound her, her hands and slender body was touching mines, in the mean while i kissed her all over her body, while i undid and threw away her bra. . . with this i saw her tits and hardened nipples,this sent her into an overdrive. . .

her moans grew more intense and i could feel her pussy cumming, with gathering speed she thrust her body into mines. . . and i saw desperation in her eyes whilst she started to cum (as before i had held back) . . however i let her her come.
    . . her pussy tightened for abt 3 minutes on my hard penis.

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      . . and i couldn't take it any more i thrust hard . . she went hyper when i did this . . . and sed she loved me . . . and not to stop, my dick started to vibrate with the juices coming out, i sent one shot in her pussy, quickly pulled out and the rest on her breast mouth and body. . .

    after that . .

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       we went to a near by water hose and i washed her body off. . . the sight of her wet shinning bodymade me wanna fuck her again . . . i paid special attention while washing the cum of her clit ;), i moved closer and let the water drip directly on her sore pussy, she loved this and kissed me , i let my hands carress her pussy. . she suddenly grabbed my hand as a reflex action , and with her fingers slid my finger into her. . .
    i couldn't get over that day. . . and hoped we meet again.

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