Summer Camp

True Story

This is a true story and has a couple other twists to it so it can be lesbian, animal and a little gang bang too. You all know me by now so there should be no surprises to it really.

I went to Summer Camp in Georgia one year when I was 18 I think. It was all a blur that year, lots happening. Mom thought that it would be good for me to get out and so had found a camp near a lak in north Georgia. She set it up then told me about it one day and since I was boed and had no plans I said okay. It was two weeks and was supposed to be for enrichment and recreation and so I looked forward to it. I packed lots of shorts and tank tops, no bras since I did not need them, LOL. Thongs and a couple bathing suits, one that had a thing bottom and the other a regular full suit. I was growing my hair then after haing it really short and it was past my shoulders. Mom dropped me off and after looking around, before I got out of the car I kissed her deep and felt her tits and she got red faced, "Stop that or we have to go somewhere private. " she said laughing and I did and got out of the car. See ya. She said and drove off.

I went to where the others were gathering around and stod in a line with my registration in hand and was watching all the guys and girls that seemed to know eacg other. I was one of the few that had not been there before.

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   A counselor came up and looked at me, his eyes going up and down and said, "You are a little young for camp aren't you?" I handed him my stuff and he said, "17? No way. " "Yeh, afraid so," I said and then looked at him. He was nothing that I was interested in and there were several girls that did look delicious. They assignd us cabins and there were 8 to a cabin. I got to mine and 4 or so girls were already claiming beds and lockers for their own. I found one that looked god and sat on the bunk and put my stuff away and some of the girls loked at me. Finaly all 8 were there and we were all talking and exchanging names and stuff. We had a meeting that evening after supper and they told us what to expect and that there would be no close contact with the opposite sex. I was a little worn out and so I mumbled a little too loud he wise ass comment, "So then it is okay for same sex?" and some laughed and some did not. One of the women counsolers wrote something on her pad asshe looked to see who had said it.

After we all left to go back to the cabins and so Jill and I walked together on the trail. She was cute, bown hair and very nice curves. I found myself looking at her deep brown eyes and thinking of a nice kiss but kept myself from acting on it. Gina was he head in the cabin and seemed to like being in charge. She was not very attractive and so she acted like she knew everything.

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   I walked outside for a while and so did Jill, she came to me. "Was that you that made he comment about sex?" she asked me. "Yeh, big mouthed me. " I laughed. She looked at me, "can you keep a secret?" she said. "Yeh, considering you don't really know me yet. " I said. She got close and whispered, "I have only had sex five times and four times were with another girl. " she said looking at me. "MMmm, that is nice. "I told her. "I don't know how many times I have had sex and a lot of them have been with another girl. I guess we will be close friends. " I said. "I hope so.

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  " Jill said and we leaned close into a kiss, soft at first and then full tongue and hugging. We moved apart with a counsoor coming near and walked back inside. It was time to have lights out and so we got under the sheets in separate bunks and she looked at me across the isle.

"Lots of guys too?" she said ad I said, "Yes, guys and who know what else. " I said and she looked at me. "What do you mean?" she whispered. "Well, there are lots of ways to have sex if you have an imagination. " I whispered back. She was quiet, "Will you show me?" she said and I said, "Oh yeh, I am sure we can find a way to have some fun, this is a big place. " and we both finaly fell asleep. The next day we all had some planned stuff, meetings for camp rules and all that crap. Jill and I made sure to be alone as much as we could but nothing gave us a chance for close contact most of the day. Gina was playing little Hitler and trying to run everything and wanted to organize stuff for our free time but we quickly put an end to that by asking our counsoler to shut it down.

We had an evening swim time at the lake and so Jill and I managed to find a deserted place that was hidden from any eyes that may want to see us. We went into the water and son were kissing and going into each other's suits and her wnoderful nipples were huge and very sensative.

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   I had her top down and was sucking them and she had her first orgasm with me. My fingers were in her pussy and she was moaning and moving all over almost making me swallow a lot of water a few times. We got our suits adjusted and left the water holding hands as we walked to the cabin. She was a very romantic type, holding hands and touching when she could and I was doing the same with her. Gina was watching us and so we had to be careful but later she found that she wished she was part of our little relationship.

A couple days later we were swimming again and now totally naked and really enjoying each other on the blanket we brought with us. I was teaching her how to 69 and we were fully into orgasms when we heard someone near us. There was no way to dress so we tried to grab our suits and jump into the water. One of the counsolors, Bob, was there, and he was smiling. We were in the water and trying to hide the fact that we were putting our suits on. "Come on back out girls. " he said and so after we had them on we came out of the water. Bob was good looking and it was obvious that he was excited and that he had watched us a while. "Well, I was wondering how long it would take to catch someone at it this year, but you two were seriously eat each other. " he saidand Jill was nervous.

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   I said, "Yeh some of the best I have ever had. " I said. He looked at me and knew I was not shy, "So you just girl on girl or into more?" he said and I knew what this was going to be. I moved to him and looked up into his eyes, "Well, we both have done it with more than a girl, but Jill is new at this and I have had lots of experience with girls, and guys and, well, there is variety to life. " I said and he was looking at me waiting for me to fill in the blanks. "Oh really? Like what kind of variety?" he asked and I looked at him again and said, "Well, men are not all that have cocks you know.
    " and I took Jill by the hand and we walked off with our stuff.

    We walked to the dirt path and he said, "Ah, hold on a moment, you two have broken our rules and I have to do something about it. " "Oh really?" I said and began carressing my pussy thru the suit. "What do we have to do to make sure that we do not get into trouble?" I walked back into the trees and took off my suit and found a nice place of soft grass and dropped the blanket back down. He came to me while Jill stood near by and I was on my knees and unzipped his shorts and set his cock free. It was a good 8 inches and he was already hard. I took it down my throat and made sure he felt all of it as it slipped into my throat. "Damn, for a little girl with no tits you sure do know how to suck. " he moaned.

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       "That is not all she knows how to do" Jill said now standing close and watching me suck him. Soon his hips moved a lot faster and his hand was on the top of my head and he filled my throat with his load and I had an orgasm from it. He started to zip up and I said, "Oh no, now take care of me. " and he dropped his shorts back down and I massaged his cock back to fully hard and laid on my back and spread my legs, "Now give me a good fucking" I said slapping my pussy hiting my clit. He sank into me and I wrapped my legs around him and he drove into me over and over again and after a while, I felt him tense and he filled my pussy. " "Oh yeh now that was good. " I moaned as he got up. He stood up and Jill was there next to us her hand in her bathing suit bottom fingering herself and her tits out of her top. I kissed her and told Bob to wait. She looked at me, "Suck him for me Jill. " I said and she took him in her mouth with his cum and or pussy juices on his cock.

    Soon he was moaning and she was feeling his cock grow again. I was there telling her how to make sure to tongue his shaft and run her tongue all over his cock up and down it. I had her suit off of her and then as soon as he was fully hard, "Lay down hun and let Bob fuck you. " I said and she laid on her back and spread her legs.

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       He began pushing into her and she cried out, "Oh, it hurts, it is too big. " and he moved back. "Time to grow up hun. " I said kissing her. Bob moved back to her pussy and I whispered to him, get it in and then just sink it in all the way. " and he did and Jill cried out and I kissed her to quiet her. He stayed there a while and then began moving in and out and she slowly matchd his movements and then after a little her orgasm came and he felt her squeeze his cock and he filled her pussy. He finally slipped out and I ate her pussy to get her cleaned as much as I could and then we went back to the water to clean up. He had left before we got out and we walked back to the cabin, a little sore but happy. "That was great" Jill said as we finally got there. "I want to know how to do everything that yo do. " she said. "Are you sure?" I asked her and she said, "Everything. " I looked at her, "well, tomorrow will be a fun day. "
    you all,

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