Summer Camp Pt 4

True Story

Well, Gina and Jill and I had been sneaking away a lot to take advantage of our friendship that had grown so much that we were very very friendly and some were thinking that we were more than friends. Dona had mentioned to us that we needed to cool off some but we found it so difficult to keep our hands, and mouths and bodys of each other that we were all but "out" for all purposes at the cabin. More then once we moved apart as one of the other girls came into the cabin or the showers.

Well, one day I can in and three of the girls had Gina nad Jill cornered and were really after them with questions and they were on the edge of tears. "so, what is it like to only want to be with a girl? Not woman enough to do a guy? Can't get it with a guy?" and lots of stuff like that. I came in and they all moved some. One girl, Brenda, started on me, "And speak ing guys here comes "no tits" to the rescue. " she said almost spitting out the words. I looked behind me, "Is there a guy in the room?" I said laughing. "Just the one that walked in just now. " she said. I knew the way to go with this and so came back, "Oh, so you been looking at me in the showers cause I look like a guy? Or cause you want some pussy Brenda. " and I laughed. Breanda had a nice body, a cheerleader with tits I always thought. If they were natural I would be surprised. They looked like someone put balloons in and blew her tits up.


   "So how much did the tits cost dady?" I said not letting her recover. "They look so fucking fake, bet they feel fake too. " I said starting to reach out for them. She moved back and now Gina and Jill were back to the other side of the room away from them recovering.

Brenda did not know what to say, "Yeh, bet if I got them out here for us to see and massaged them they would be as fake as hell. " She still id not say anything and now I thought, "I bet they are fake, well, let's see how far this will go. " and so I moved to her. "Come on, let's see them, we are all girls here. " THe other girls were now looking at her and she was looking for an escape. "Come on Jill, show them what real tits look like and then we can compare them. " I said and she smiled knowing I would protect her. She stepped over with Gina close to her and pulled her top and bra off and her lovely natural tits came into view. "Move them for us and show us what natural tits look like Jill. " I said and she did massaging them and moving them and so it was obvious hat they were very natural. "Well Brenda, let's see them, come on, show them.

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  " I said. Then I saw that the other girls were really waiting. "Come on, everyone of with the tops, let's see if the bitch Brenda had dady buy her some tits. " I said and pulled off my top. Even though I was flat they were mine I told them. The next thing I knew all 7 of us stood there naked from the waist up except Brenda. The whole cabin of 8 of us were there and Brenda the only one not showing her tits. Soon the girls were really after her to show them off.

I stepped closer, "Come on sweetheart, she us the tits. " I said as I got closer. "Don't call me sweetheart. " she protested. "Why not, I have seen how you look at the other girls, you are the lesbian, aren't you, come one, admit it, we can all enjoy some fun. " I noticed that the other girls were now licking their lips and I knew that there were some wet pussies cause there were really some hard nipples all over the place. One of the girls was behind her, Kay, and she had her hands at the waist of the t shirt Brenda had on.

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   "Come on Brenda, we are all almost naked. I wanna se them. " and her lips were so close to the side of Brenda's neck that I knew that would be all it would take. Brenda was suffering the feeling of warm breath on her neck and she was beginning to melt. I stepped closer to an inch from her face and my lips were so near her's and I decided to just brush our lips together. "Oh please stop, I can't. " Brenda whined and then Kay kissed her neck and she closed her eyes and her top came off all at one time. The bra was next and fell to the floor and her plastic tits stuck out. Kay wrapped her hands around her and had them in her hands massaging them. "Yep, they are fakes. " she said and kept kissing Brenda's neck. "Let me see. " I said and my mouth was on one nipples sucking it. Brenda was geting hotter and her eyes were closed and her head back against Kay as she was giving herself up. I moved Gina to her and I sank down to her hips.

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   Gina kissed her deep and slow and Brenda responded. I pulled her shorts off and her panties and she stepped out of them. Looking around Jill had locked the cabin doors and come back and only one girl still had any shorts on. All 8 of us were now naked and from what I could see, all were soaking wet.

We laid Brenda across a bunk and Gina was between her legs eating her slowly and Kay had stepped up so that her pussy was over Brenda's face, "Eat it, eat it good. " Kay said and Brenda began licking it the way Gina was licking her. Jill walked to one girl that has beautiful red hair, Kathy and began kissing her and they melted into a bun totally naked and kissing and then in the 69 position and wet as hell. I went to one that I had always wanted to kiss and began kissing Reba and she hesitated and then I said, "Come on hun, it will be good. " and she began kissing me back. Soon all of us were enjoying what Brenda had started and meant to be a really cruel thing to do to Jill and Gina. I got my camera and began taking picures of everyone kissing and eating and sucking and Kathy and I let Gina take pics of us as we went back to it. Soon all of us were with different girls and we all swapped off till we found who we most liked to be with and then it got serious. The scent of sex was all over the cabin and then Donna came is quietly.

Soon she was naked and was in the midle of three girls all of them on top of her eating sucking and kissing her all over. Donna has huge shattering screaming orgasms and so she hada towel in her mouth to keep from screaming.

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   The girls all watched as she let us all change off taking care of her. Soon we were all done in and so we dressed after Donna told us, "No showers. I want everyone to smell the scent of pussy all over us as we go to supper. Anyone ask, just smile. " and so we all went to the dinning hall together and there were questions. Jill said, "Must have been the snack I just had. " and we all laughed. After supper Donna gave the official sounding announcement that she would be over to inspect our cabin after an hour and that we had better all be dressed properly and have the cabins ready. As we walked out Jill and I asked her, "So that means we are to all be naked?" and she smiled, "Of course it does. " About 8 she came in and we were all sitting around, close, holding hands, kissing and Kay was eating Brenda again and so Donna came in and said, "Okay, everyone in the shower, if anyone comes in we are just getting cleaned up. We all went in and the steam was coming from us and the water. It was a wonderful night and the rest of the week was really great since if anyone needed to they could feel free to have something to eat anytime they needed it. We were all very happy and satisified the rest of camp.
Bi all, talk to ya later.
chat with me on my email sometime.

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