Summer Camp Pt 3

True Story

Well, the Summer was turning out to be really better than I had expected. Gina and Jill and I were now slipping off with Donna covering for us and joining us sometimes and we were having the best times. Gina had really taken to Donna and loved eating her so much that Donna had to remind her to be under control when she was on the job and all. Jill and I enjoyed each other more and more until we could just look at each other and begin to get wet.

One afternoon Donna came up to the three of us and said, "Why don't you take of for the lake and enjoy the afternoon. I might join you if I can get away. " "Sure" we all said and went to get our suits, not that we needed them at all. We waited till after lunch and left for the lake to a place Donna had told us about that was definitly safe to be naked and play. We got there and then went right in the water naked. Jill and I attacked Gina and began kissing her and sucking her lovely tits and she began doing he same for us as we all were all over each other. Finally we were fingering each other and an orgasm went through us like a wave.

We heard a noise on the shore next to our towels and looked and there were about ten men standing there holding our clothes and suits. "Well guys, looks like they have gotten warmed up for us. " the older looking one said. The others all began calling us to come out for some fun and that they were going to take advantage of the situtation. I walked out and they looked at me, "You a guy with a pussy?" one said.

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   "My pussy can take care of all of you. How bout letting my friends go. " "No way they said, we like women with pussy and tits, but don't worry, you will be taken care of too. " and they pushed me onto a blanket. They called Gina and Jill out and told us that they may as well get it over with and they were not going anywhere without fucking us. THey came out covering themselves as much as they could and were soon on the blanket next to me and the men getting undressed and all had hard cocks. Gina began crying and Jill was nervous but was going to try to see if she could enjoy it she told me later. Suddenly Gina cried out and I saw a man ramming into her pussy with a good size cock. It was hurting her and I yelled, "How about getting us ready first ass hole. " and the guy said, "Okay, who wants to eat some pussy and get them wet. " A couple guys got to them and began eating them both. Jill was getting hot but Gina was still crying. A guy got on top of me and rammed me hard and said, "This one is always ready I think. " and shoved into me. I laid there letting him fuck me with no response.

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   He finished and pulled out and I looked around, "Can someone with a real cock please fuck me?" The men laughed and another got on top.

Jill was now enjoying then cock in her and another man was eating Gina as if he really wanted to get her hot. He ate her for a long time and an orgasim shook her body. "This one is ready now I think" and he slipped into her. She wrapped her arms around her and began sliping in and out and she was enjoying it finaly and he filled her. He pulled out and she looked, "Oh damn, I almost had an orgasm. " She reached out her arms to another and he slipped into her and she made a sound, "Oh damn, that is nice. " and he began fucking her slowly and said, "I will give you what you need baby. " and she closed her eyes and had a smile on her face, "I hope so. " and then I heard Jill moaning louder. The guy in me filled me again and then he did and said, "Damn, for a skinny woman you have a huge cunt. " I laughed and said, "Maybe you have a small cock. " Then I turned over and said, "Wanna try the other hole?" and another man dropped down, "I will" he saidand he slipped in and fit really well. After he finished I sat up cum flowing from my pussy and ass. "Can I get three at a time please?" and a few men came to me.

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       One laid on his back and I slipped it in my ass and then leaned back for one into my pussy and then grabbed one for my throat. An orgasm shook my body as I rode the wo in my body and the one filled my throat. I let it flow over my niples and asked for another in my mouth.

    Gina had several men around her and was patiently taking care of their hard cocks and Jill was really going crazy with each one in her. Finally she said, "Let's try that" pointing to me and the three men in me. She slipped down on one for her ass and said she had to take it slow and then leaned back for the one in her pussy and then took one into her mouth but could not deep throat them. She began letting the men move her up and down and as one filled her mouth gagged and still tried to swallow the cum. "Oh fuck, I love hat, it tastes great. " she said. "Have another baby" a guy said and she sucked it in. The men seemed to be more than at first and looking around there were more, maybe a total of 20 for the 3 of us to take care of. All afternoon we were busy getting fucked in al kinds of ways. Gina threw up after trying to swallow cum so the guys let her suck until they would unload on her tits or body. It was getting dark and they were all finished and so we all kissed and licked and played and went to the water and washed off. They gave us our clothes and we dressed and so did they.

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       One was leaving and said, "Damn, Donna knew they were hot. "

    I asked "Oh, Dona told you we were here?" "Oh shit. " he said. "Well, yeh, she said you all needed fucking. " We all looked at each other, "Well, we will take care of her, don't tell her you said anything. " I said and we walked to the cabins and showered. We got even with Donna, but that is part 4.