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True Story

Im Hannah,
and this is my story,
i tripped over a man in the shops'
Pretty good looking.
I Appoligiesed but he grabbed me and took my to his car.
He put me in the back,
and he drove he locked the doors and drove into anabondoned place.
He got out and got in the back with me.
i didnt say anythink as he stared at my boobs with a naughty face.
He ripped off my top, releving my black new lace bra, which you could see the whole boob accept the nipple.
Stop' He said dont move.
for 7 minutes he looked and my boobs.
Suddenly he undid my bra' He graped me and put me on his lap.
He started sucking my boobs, playing with them touching them squeezing them,
i moaned,
you like that do you? he said
YES!!i said
He laid down and pushed me on him.

He took my pants off showing my black underwear and tights.
He started chewing my tights ripping them off sliding his hand up my leg.
'ARE YOU MY SLUT' he said'
YES MASTER, i said.
He took his top off , and his pants.
i licked my lips
'May i '
Yes madam he said only if i can'
I started licking his six pack. I Got on him and started humping him realy fast.

defranceska gallardo 

   vibrating back and forward.
He took my underwear off reveling my shaven pussy.
i took his off seeing his 7 inch dick.
I Jumped on in and started sucking it

part one ,
want a nxt one.