Sandy Creek Park

True Story

I like to go to the park. There is a nice one on 441 just inside the Athens/Clarke limits tha I like to go to. There are woods and a lake and lots of places to have privacy and that day I felt like being alone, maybe taking of my top and shorts and just sitting next to the lake. Well, I drove to the park and said Hello to the lady at the gate and paid the $4. 00 to go in. She smiled and said hello back and I drove turning right around the center and then right again over a kind of bridge and to the parking areas. There were a couple cars at the first one so I went on to the second one that had no one there. I got out and took my bag that I carry a blanket and towels and lotion in and walked down the path and to the left at he lake. There is a little place I go to sit that is protected from anyone seeing but I can see the lake.

I spread out my blanket and sat down and pulled off my top and put lotion on so I did not get burned. I laid backfor a while and napped a little. I woke up very soon and decied to take off my shorts and begin to work on a tan, not that I tan easily cause I don't. I put lotion all over myself and laid back down. I was dreaming and so when a rough tongue licked my leg I did not move suddenly until I heard a woman, "Butch, butch, where are you boy?" and footsteps. I pulled a towel over me to try to conver myself and then a man and woman appeared and at first said, "Hey butch, bad boy. " and then looked at me tryin to cover myself.

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   "Oh shit, sorry to interrupt. Come one Butch. " the guy said. "Oh not really a problem. " I said and there was something in my voice that told them that they could stay because they stopped and walked towards me, butch now on a leash. "Good thing you got here, Butch looks hungry and might have eaten me alive. " I said laughing. "Well, if he had not we certainly would like to. " the woman said and they both were now at the foot of the blanket. She was very tanned already and a nice athletic figure and he was too. No fat on them at all, both very trim and sexual. She had a halter top on and was about 36C and shorts for her botom that were really short. He had on baggie shorts and tank top and the tent in his shorts gave away what he was thinking.

"What do you think Jim, she we let Butch eat her alive?" She said. "Well, he does look interested.

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  " he said back. "Let him go and see what he does Joy. " Jim said. They took off the leash and he came back over and was sniffing around my legs and as I opened them a little he went higher up. My towl had come down so that my hard nipples gave away my excitement. The towel fell to the side and now my legs came open more for Butch to enjoy licking me and so I could too. He went to my slit and soon I was squirming all over and laid down with my legs up so he could lick me really good. An orgasm was building up and then I moaned and let them know it was there. I sprayed Butch's face and muzzel and he licked even more. He made my hips jump since I was now so sensative. I looked up and Jim and Joy sat on each side me me now naked. I was looking thru the slits of my eyes and they were watching and each was massaging themselves slowly. Butch moved back and laid dwn just off the blanket and Joy leaned over and kissed me passionatly and her tongue was really long. Jim was moving to my pussy to take the place of Butch and his mouth found my pussy and he began eating me really slow, making sure to hit all the necessary places. Joy was sucking my nipples and kissing me and I looked at her, "I would love to suck yours too you know.

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  " I moaned and she moved so that her tits were over my face and I took them into my mouth sucking them slow then harder and bting her nipples as she told me what she liked.

Suddenly Jim had his cock in my pussy and Joy was sitting on my face and they faced each other and were kissing and playing. His cock was deep in me and it filled me very well considering the size I can take in my pussy. Her juices were all over my face and I licked them up as much as I could and then he filled my pussy with his cum and I had a wonderful orgasm. Jim slipped out and Joy paid the lengh of my body and we were in a 69 position and so she began eating my cum filled pussy and I ate her. We went thru I do not know how many orgasms and she rolled off and went to Jim kissing him. THey said, "Roll over hun, time for Butch, poor guy has been watching and waiting all this time. I rolled up onto my hands and knees and Jim brought Butch to me. He needed no hel mounting me and finding my pussy with his cock. In it went and I moaned loud. "Oh yeh, now I get a good fucking. : I remember saying as he went into my pussy and then his knot popped in too. We were stuck for a long time and after he slipped out I watched as Joy cleaned the dog's cock with her mouth and then came over to kiss me. Jim was hard again and mounted my ass since I was still on my belly and drove deep into my butt hole. He took a while to cum and finally did as his wife kissed him.

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   After they had finished they sat on the blanket for a while and we talked and got phone numbers exchanged and then they dressed and left. I stayed on the blanket naked and dripping cum from my two holes and laid back to tan somemore.

I love days in the park, don't you?