Next Door Neighbors

True Story

We live in some kind of duplex apartments and there are lots of different people moving in and out all the time. I was alone for a week a while ago since my girlfriend had moved out to get married to the guy she was dating. It was all for he money she was telling me since she really enjoy girl on girl better than a man but even though he does not know she said he will let her come over to stay some since he travels a lot. Anyway, our neighbors moved in a month ago and I had gone over and said hello and all the nice things you do for new neighbors.
I saw Lane (him) walking a beautiful Lab one day and went to say hello. It was a red lab, full grown and really beautiful. He was really something else and as I petted him his cock was peeking out of his sheath and Lane warned me that he got worked up easily. I thought I would drop a hint, "Oh, I would love o have him around in that case. " I blurtted out and when he asked what I had said I got shy and said "Oh, nothing. " and said goodbye. His wife, Paula was a really good looking woman. He is 25 and she is 37, yes she married the younger man. Both look great in shorts and bathing suits.

I dropped by one evening with some wine and generally Lane ignores me and with Paula around and her awesome figure with nice 40EEE all natural tits I can see why he would not be interested in me. We opened the wine and sipped it slowly and then Lane had to go do something for a few hours. So, Paula and I continued with the wine and talking and their Lab, Simon, laid in the floor watching us.

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   We were on the second bottle of wine and I thought I would see what my new neighbors and friends were interested in. She had no bra on and a loose t shirt and shorts and I was wearing a tank top and shorts and no panties. We were in the kitchen and she was behind me and at the right moment I turned and bumped into her very lovley chest. I spilled my glass of wine all over the front and since it was chiled and poured over the nipples that got hard and really big suddenly. "Oh I am so sorry. " I said and reached for a kitchen cloth and gave it to her. She got the really wetness off but did not go change the top of shorts and just smiled at me, "It is okay, don't worry. " she said and we went to the living room and sat on the couch facing each other. "I really am sorry. " I said and sipped more wine and she was doing the same. She tossed back her brown hair and smiled again, "Oh, well, I thought you were just trying to get a feel. " she said and laughed. Simon had followed us to the living room and sat again at the feet of Paula. Paula was now looking into my eyes as if trying to read my mind. "Well, who knows, it is not like I have any to play with.

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  " I said and she laughed and so did I. We got quiet now between sips as if she was trying to decide the direction to go. She gulped down her wine and it was a half glass and then looked at me, "Well, if you are ever really in need, mine are available. " she said and then waited for me to say something. I took a long time to see how she would act and it looked like she was expecting me to get up and leave but then I leaned closer. I looked into her eyes and my left hand went to the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up and then to her left tit and cupped it gentley massaging it slowly and then to her nipple and it got hard instantly. "MMM, yeh, this is nicer than mine anyday. " I said and she took her glass and put it on the table at the end of the couch and then pulled her shirt off over her head and it was on the floor. "Well, enjoy the pair. " she said and laid back and her dark nipples both hard. I stood and undressed all the way and laid next to her and began sucking one then the other massaging and kissing and sucking her tits and pulling the nipples as far out as I could and making her moan.

Then my face was right there with her face, looking into each other's eyes. "I have never done this with a woman before. " she said and then I kissed her softly on the mouth. Her lips came apart and we were teasing our tongues and I was laying on top of her and massaging her tits and alternating kissing her nipples and her mouth.

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   "Would you like to try anything else?" I asked her just to make sure. "Yes, everything. " she gasped after kissing her and sucking her tits. I went to her tummy and then lower as she raised her hips to let her shorts come off and her totally shaved pussy was soaking wet. My mouth found her pussy lips and her clit was huge. It is the size on my little finger and sticking from the hood all engorged. I began tweeking it with my teeth and tongue then sucking it soft and then hard to make her really get hot. My hands on her tits pulling the nipples and mouth licking her pussy and then her orgasm came like crazy. We laid there after and she tried to catch her breath and we kissed. "Oh that was so fucking awesome. " she finally said. I kissed her and turned my head and Simon was standing near us, his tongue out and panting and his cock half unsheathed. "He is such a bad dog. " Paula said and I said "Well, what do you do to take care of him?" "Well, ah, we don't. " she said.

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   "Well, that is the problem, he needs some attention too. " and she looked at me, "Do you mean to tell me that you would do him?" Paula said. "Oh hell yes. " I said and sat up my legs apart and soaking wet pussy exposed. I reached for Simon and he came to me and I let his head rest in my lap between my spread legs. He began lisking the wet ness and hit my clit a couple times making me jump. Paula was watching, "Well, you just gave me the best pussy eating I have ever had so maybe there is something to this. " she said and I looked at her. I slipped to Simon and massaged his cock that was growing now. He let me as if he had done this before and then as he began to move his hips and leaned over the couch and offered my ass to him. Slapping my ass he finally got the idea and mounted me.

I saw that Paula had gotten her camera and had the camcorder going. Simon jabbed a couple times and then hit the target and was in me. His hips began working in and out and filled my hungry pussy. Then he was all the way in and his knot was hitting the outside of the lips.

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   Paula said, "Oh my god, is that going to fit?" Just then his knot went in and I moaned and began really feeling hotter. He was now doing the short hip humping and his knot had us together and then my fist orgasm came making me spray pussy juices all over his balls around the knot. Paula kept saying, "This is fucking unreal, I can't believe it, oh my god. " and I kept enjoying Simon in me filling me up. Finally he finished and slipped out and I licked him clean. "He is huge" Paula said looking at him after I finished. "Bigger than Lane?" I said. "Oh fuck yes, lots. " she said. "Well then, your turn. " I said to her and slapped her ass some and Simon looked at us both. "Come on Paula, get into position. " and she looked at me, "I can't he is a dog. " she said and I looked at her and said, "And he has a great cock. " She got on her knees over the edge of the couch and had her ass towards Simon.

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   Simon sniffed her some and then licked her a few times making her shiver all over and her nipples got hard. "Oh my god, that tongue alone is worth money. " she said and then he got on her back and I guided him to her sweet pussy. Wish a thurst he was in her and she began moaning like the slut that I am. She was moving against him and then the know went in locking them together. Her orgasms kept coming and coming one after the other and she was helpless now. I was under her chest sucking her hanging tits and fingering myself. The good thing was that I had placed the camera so that it continued to record and she did not know it and was really letting her inner slut come out.

With Simon locked in her really tight the door opened and Lane came in and she tried to move but Simon kept her there. He stood there looking at his wife with her dog in her pussy and his mouth wide open. "Oh no, oh my god, Lane, I am sorry, Lane, really please don't hate me. " Finally Simon dismounted and Lane stood there looking at her and me totally naked and dog cum dripping from his wife's pussy. She tried to cover up but then he stepped forward and took the couch throw from her. "Get back in the position. " he said as he took off his clothes and his hard cock stood up.

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   "Why, what are you going to do?" she wimpered. "Well, if the dog can have your pussy then I am going to have your ass. " Lane was on his knees and behind her lovely ass in an instant. He rubbed his cock in the slippery dog cum and then put it to her ass. "Ready or not. " he said and pushed into her making her moan. "Oh yeh, that is tight. " he said and grabbed her hips and began moving in and out. I motioned for him to move so that I could slip under her and we could 69 making me licking her pussy and his cock and balls as she was forced to eat my pussy that was full of dog cum. He smiled and said, "My wife, the slut all in one day. " After he got her going she took to eating me like crazy and her pussy convulsed as she had several orgasms and he filled her ass with his cum that leaked down and I swallowed. He moved to the couch and we collpased on the floor. He saw the camera and picked it up, "Well, you two ladies keep on going, this is great. " he said and we kept kissing and then she lost track that he was there and was telling me how good our sex was.

After a long time we laid there weak from our orgasms and Lane was kissing her all over.

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   Simon laid there watching us and then fell to sleep. "Well, it is time that you came out of that shell, now we can have some serious parties. " Lane said. His cock was growing as he looked at us. "You know, I could use some man cock. " I said and opened my legs. He gave the camera to Paula and grabbed me and shoved his cock into me. It was not huge but good enough and so he fucked me for a good while and then filled my pussy and as he got up and I grabbed him and cleaned him off. Paula leaned to me and kissed me. "well, I guess that we are going to see a lot of each other. " she said and I agreed. I stayed the night and so there was a lot more that we enjoyed. ONe thing is that we all laid around watching the video we had just made. That got us hot again and so, we had to take care of that problem too.


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