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True Story

I was feeling really horny one day and was bored with watching ordinary porn on common tube websites. So i searched the Internet to try and find some real hot webcam girls to perform for me. After searching for over 3 hours i was unable to find a girl who would show for free as there are so many horny guys on the Internet and so few girls. So i decided to sign up to a website which allows you to have 1to1 webcam sessions with a ton of hot girls for only $4. 99.

So i browsing through all these girls and i had about 5 1on1 sessions in which i commanded the show and told the girls what to do. The 5th girl had a really tight virgin pussy which made me cum all over my self as she moaned with her finger tightly in there. Normally with porn i would turn it off once i cum but with this being a real hot girl on webcam i decided to talk to her some more. I learned that she was from London also and that she was performing from her home. With London being such a expensive city she explained how she may get kicked out from her rented home soon as she can't afford the place. I told her if she needed a place to stay for a few days i had a extra room in my flat and i gave her my phone number.

She didn't seem that interested in my offer so i left the site and went to sleep.

One week later i receive a phone call from a girl called Katie about a room. I had forgotten about the girl i had met on the website at this point and was confused until i suddenly remembered who it was. I agreed to let her stay for a few days after the phone call and she said she would arrive later that day. My second room was a mess with a lot of useless junk i had gathered over the years so i decided i would stay in that room and allow her to sleep in my room.

defranceska gallardo 

   Knock Knock. I ran to the door and opened it at which point i was hypnotized by her beauty. She was 19 with a slim sexy body with a beautiful face. I didn't get to talk to her much that night as she said she was tired so quickly went to sleep in my room while i was sleeping in the horrible spare box room.

The next day i go to work only to find out i am being made redundant along with some of my co-workers. Me and my co-workers spend the rest of the day in the pub getting wasted after receiving the bad news. At around 1am my friend dropped me off at my home were i was very drunk and unstable.
    I walked to my room were Katie was as i had forgotten about her staying with me. I got into my bed without realizing she was there and i started to move about. Upon turning my head i saw Katie but in my confused state i was unaware of what i was doing and who she was. I started to touch this person next to me to try and see who it was. She turned towards which gave me a sudden boner as i was looking at a hot sexy young teenager in my bed. Thinking it was a dream i decided to fondle her gently and i played with her tits and pussy which made her moan. I don't remember what happened next but i assume we had sex. The next morning i wake up to find her on top of me sleeping with both of us naked.

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       She has been staying at my house for over 2 months now and we regularly have "fun" but we never speak of it. I have been having sex with her for over 7 weeks without saying a single word about it. Not only that but she also pays a small amount of rent for allowing her to stay in my flat. All i can say is thank you wecamclubfor helping me find this girl. .